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  1. I agree. She has everything going for her except her personal life. She seems to be a real life Penny in her relationships. Going from guy to guy. Hopefully this one will be the right one. She needs stability in her personal life.
  2. Wow, I agree that there were glowing comments on both actors abilities. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Very interesting. I never thought of that. You could be right.
  4. So true. But, she was adorable and a good friend.
  5. Never too late to wish someone a Happy Birthday. 😊
  6. Thanks. I'll make sure to either watch or record to watch later. 😊
  7. She most definitely showed some lovely legs. That dress was was out there, but still beautiful.
  8. Happy Birthday @HeWolf. Hopefully you'll have a great Birthday and have many more to come.😄
  9. I completely agree. Nice to see Tom without the beard.
  10. As I've said, I don't have a problem with the tattoo. I don't believe it was done with a marker. She doesn't do anything half-heartedly. 😊
  11. It's not much of a tattoo. So, in my opinion, not that big of a deal.
  12. I'm not disappointed. She deserves to be happy. Hopefully she doesn't get engaged of married anytime soon. I am hoping she's learned from her past.
  13. Let's just say Sheldon has been intoxicated more times than even he can remember.😊
  14. I think that he likes to be unrecognized when he goes there. He's doesn't like the attention and hoopla that goes with being a celebrity.
  15. Sorry, I misunderstood. I do that occasionally. At least someone had a nice encounter with Johnny.
  16. I got that. I just added Penny's description of the finished drink.
  17. Yes, she did. But, the virgin Cuba libre was a bit slutty. Meaning she added the liquor. Your other instances are correct as well. 😊
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