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  1. You are very lucky not to know of anyone having a colonoscopy. All my friends and their wives have had them numerous times thru the years, as we are all in our 60's. They are not painful and I enjoy seeing the inside of my colon.😂
  2. Oh man. That's so very true.
  3. Thanks. As I said in an earlier post, I've had my share of colonoscopies as well.
  4. Her not being there is interesting. It could be that her sister will be the godmother. I guess we'll find out eventually.
  5. I don't know why the writers were obsessed (if that's the word) with colonoscopies. The only person that was really invested in them was Sheldon. I think Leonard mentioned them once in reference to Sheldon wanting to get one. As for the writers, maybe they thought it was funny. They are routine for elderly people. I, myself, have had a few. But then I'm 67.😊
  6. Either her or her costar from TFA that lived with her after her divorce from Karl.
  7. She does look gorgeous. They do appear very happy and really enjoying themselves. Good question which I have no answer for. I've seen them a month before and a couple weeks before. I don't know if there's a set time before birth to have the baby shower.
  8. Agreed. I had forgotten that episode. 😊
  9. I can't really help you. I've never been a fan of Sheldon. My personal favorite episode of Sheldon's is the one where he hurts one foot by dropping a rock on it and hurt the other one kicking the rock. Then he falls head first into a water cooler and lastly hurts his hand trying to Karate chop Bert. A total enjoyable episode.
  10. Yeah, I remembered her saying that but couldn't remember the episode it where it was said. 😊
  11. Thank you. I also want to wish you, your family and all my forum friends a joyous and prosperous New Year.
  12. We'll see. She may not attend. It'll probably depend on how far along she is at the time. 😊
  13. Yeah, but she's both happy and comfortable.😊
  14. Maybe so, but she's really enjoying being pregnant.
  15. No it is not wrong. As you said, we all know that she is pregnant. She's made that perfectly obvious.
  16. I believe that he probably is with her. Since she got pregnant, they seem to be inseparable.
  17. Enjoy your experiment. Sheldon doesn't interest me. He is what he is and I'll take the show gives us.
  18. Agreed, Sheldon ruined both weddings. One time acting like the baby he was and the other just to take the spotlight. Bernadette didn't help calling Sheldon the other husband that came with the apartment. Those writers spoiled Lenny's weddings for a laugh. I've always thought that weddings were humble, happy events.
  19. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I won't go into my feelings on the wedding and the Season 11 as whole. I have stated it before and I don't think anyone wants to hear it again.
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