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  1. You're probably right. Hopefully she will listen to herself as she has said she will not marry again. She said she's searching for a long term relationship/partnership. I hope this new guy will provide that for her. Then you have to wonder what he's looking for in a relationship.
  2. We'll see what's disclosed. They don't appear to be in a hurry to say anything yet!
  3. Agreed. Lenny love does still exist and I'm a happy Lenny shipper. Yeehaw!
  4. The non-disclosure contract sounds like something her lawyers came up with to resolve some issues. I don't think we'll ever find out what happened.
  5. Yes, it's way too early to talk engagement. I think that she's looking for a long term relationship or partnership. I think she wants the being together closeness without the marriage. That's what I think she's doing with her new guy. I'm sure Karl is really hurt right now. But, he needs to move on with his life as well.
  6. This is very true. Their delusion has been in fanfiction for a while. At least now most of the Shenny writers put in the description that their stories.
  7. I agree that she should be happy, but she could have waited for the divorce to be finalized before posting pictures of her new love life. But, what the heck do I know. It's her life. In a way I feel a bit sorry for Karl as well!
  8. It's really not baffling. The Shenny writers and fans have a true hatred for Leonard and Amy. Just read some of the reviews of the shenny stories and you'll see what I mean. They truly hate Leonard and Amy!
  9. To the Shenny writers the part that Sheldon is smarter is overlooked. But, it's fiction, so they write their stories overlooking that fact. Then they have to conform Penny and Sheldon's character traits to fit their stories. Not to mention bash Leonard and Amy. I agree that they can write what they want to write. Just please tell us in the description that it's a Shenny story.
  10. Most definitely! Thank goodness for Tensor, SRAM, and the other Lenny writers that still give us great stories to read.
  11. Could be. I don't know if I could last the amount of time to grow that long of a beard. It would drive me crazy. Plus the wife wouldn't like it either. She loves me in a clean shaven face.😉
  12. Personally, I wouldn't call you an odd duck. I'm sure that there are many people who don't find them itchy.
  13. I said they can be itchy. I have one off and on and they are for me. The beard doesn't stay on me for long. 😄
  14. I just love reading Lenny stories!
  15. Love definitely endures!😊
  16. Well, there seems to be more pictures of the couple being released.
  17. They can be Itchy as well.
  18. Already read it. Great chapter.
  19. Hopefully it will last. I'm also hoping she has learned her lesson in falling fast and hard. She deserves happiness.
  20. As you said we'll see. She has stated she will not get married again. She's just looking for a long term relationship. Maybe he is as well.
  21. Yeah, I agree. Hopefully she's not moving that fast. She needs to go slowly and make sure this time.
  22. Well, seems her new guy is getting acquainted with her animal family. Wonder if he's going to move in soon?
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