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  1. Not so fast, my friend. I'm winning!
  2. Northport, Alabama, USA
  3. Samuel - Hebrew meaning God heard
  4. Quennell - French, meaning small oak.
  5. Ultimata - Latin, meaning farthest point.
  6. Otto - German meaning wealth
  7. Matthew - Hebrew meaning Gift of God,
  8. That made too much sense and the writers probably didn't think that was funny.
  9. Xylan - substance found in cell walls of plants.
  10. Being an actor himself, Johnny would understand more of what she is going thru with her career at this time. So, he will always be there for support, understanding and advice.
  11. Agreed. Don't know what will happen between them, but it'll fun to watch and discuss what we see or here. That's a very good question.
  12. Carolos - Greek origin
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