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  1. Yeah, I read the chapter and as usual found it Entertaining. Son-goku5 is an amazing writer.
  2. Yeah, I remember that as well. I think that was the O-grade train set.
  3. I really have to agree with you on this. They are a happy family.
  4. Who knows what will happen in the future. She has stated she didn't want to get married again, but with a baby, that may change.
  5. They were good together and looked happy. Something, god only knows what, drove them apart. I'm not sure if she's still friends with Ryan or not. I've never seen her happier than now.
  6. Thanks, then I didn't just read it in a fanfiction story. 😊
  7. I thought that they said UCLA. Maybe that's just where she got her doctorate. Maybe I just read it in a fanfiction story. Who knows? Maybe Sir Tensor can enlightenment us?😊
  8. That was 2 very good questions about H/B. The only thing that I can see that they have in common is their kids. Howard is a momma's boys and Bernadette is a daddy's girl. Even though they're different, they got a pass from the writers while Lenny was toasted.
  9. chucky

    Dart Board

    I don't think they anything about darts. They tried it only once and they broke the window behind them. 😂
  10. I agree with you on how the writers treated Lenny. Seems like they just wanted their precious Shamy to look good while Lenny was poorly treated. Another useless episode was the one where Sheldon stated Shamy was the best couple while Lenny was the worst. As Penny would say "That just creams my corn ".
  11. Yeah, I have to agree with you. He was always traveling doing shows. I think Kaley enjoyed doing that at first, but she must have cooled on all the traveling and competitions. She still enjoys riding.
  12. I haven't seen seen her happier either. I think she was happy with Karl, but that fell apart.
  13. Interesting, a week before Kaley's birthday.
  14. I really don't know. But, he's growing. Johnny is such a good father.
  15. You're absolutely right. Penny is the only one with any kind of muscular fortitude. Leonard may be a distant second.
  16. Quite possibly so. With Howard's creepy side, you can't rule out anything. 😂
  17. Yeah, Lonely Larry. Almost forgot about him and Captain Sweatpants. 😂
  18. Totally agree. But then again, I had enough of Sheldon Cooper in the 12 seasons of TBBT.😊
  19. Yeah, but I don't know where he left it.😂
  20. That's why I just posted "Interesting".
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