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  1. Well, there's two ways to go. Either Amy was taken off the no fly list or the writers forgot they put Amy on the no fly list. I believe the later!
  2. Yes, their divorce was more amicable than her other one with Ryan.
  3. Paperback Writer - The Beatles
  4. Jerilyn - My granddaughter in the Philippines.
  5. As far as I know, there's no such list. I think you should go with that crazy idea you mentioned. I could very well be wrong, but that might be the only way to get that list you asked about. Good luck! 😉
  6. We'll never catch up to you. But, hopefully we'll get where you are sometime. 😊
  7. @Tensor, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to Tensor. Happy Birthday to you. Welcome to the 66 year old club. I hope you have a great day with many more to come!
  8. Yeah, there was no comment from Sheldon about him not sleeping on couches or that he was to tall for her couch.
  9. They even left the bedroom door open. That was an example of something the writers thought was funny, that I felt was ridiculous.
  10. That's true. Their schedules haven't changed a bit. She's still busy as is Karl. I don't see them slowing down any time soon!
  11. Columbus, Mississippi, USA
  12. Yeah we can. I ignore all ads.
  13. Maybe, But, I don't think so. Whatever the reason for the divorce, I'm thinking it's permanent. But, like you, I could be wrong.
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