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  1. It totally is an interesting concept.
  2. Agreed. It's not a big deal.
  3. It is what it is and after a lot of thought, to me it is not that big of a deal.
  4. Personally I don't think it was true either.
  5. Who knows what lurks in people's minds. Only the person thinking those thoughts know for sure.
  6. Yeah, but finding that equal balance will be hard. Hopefully with therapy, she'll get there.
  7. So true. I just hope that she thinks long and hard about her future. So far she's had, according to her, two perfect guys. I don't think she could handle another failed marriage.
  8. Karl did seem like a nice guy. I agree that it's sad their marriage ended in divorce. Her relationship with Ryan was way too fast. After one blind date, he moved in with her. Whether this is true or not, I don't know. It's something I read in an article on Google.
  9. She is moving a little too fast, in my opinion. But, it's her life. Hopefully she learned something from her two failed marriages. We'll see if that is the case.
  10. Maybe. I think it's a little too fast.
  11. Yeah, but she has a history of falling fast and hard. Hopefully she'll take her time this time. She did say she'll never get married again. We'll see!
  12. I say it's getting old with almost every news agencies reporting about Kaley's new relationship. They're are all the same article and pictures.
  13. That's so true. 😊
  14. I liked Leslie. She just dogged the male scientists. I would say she's basically a female version of Sheldon. But, that was Beverly. Loved her putting Sheldon in his place.
  15. Leonard was lucky that the Earth didn't move. He might have gotten stuck with Leslie. Loved her "Doctor Dumbass" nickname for Sheldon.
  16. Agreed. As I've said, hopefully she'll put more thought into this relationship. I'm hoping that she's happy.
  17. Hopefully she'll think long and hard before trying marriage again.
  18. She is quite the enigma. I'm wondering if her not getting married again is still on the table.
  19. Well, now on Google, Entertainment Tonight has the article and same pictures. They're the third different news entertainment agency, I've seen, to post the same story. Its sure gaining momentum.
  20. Possibly, but probably to expose her personal life. She did spill the beans about her relationship herself.
  21. Best part for me was from Season 7 forward, I had DIRECTV. Which meant that I could fast forward thru the parts I didn't like. That function really came in handy in Seasons 10 - 12. 😊
  22. For sure, for sure!
  23. It seems like everytime I turn around I see article about Kaley and her new boyfriend. Well, she's getting a lot of press coverage.
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