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  1. I am very sure that there are plenty more out there.
  2. I'm willing to bet that some things were done all over 4A and 4B. Maybe even on Shelly's bed. If Howard and Bernadette did it, then Lenny had to have tried it as well. Probably in retaliation of sumtin Shelly did! Ehh, we've all done that!
  3. Oh no, you are soooo right. I have never thought of it that waay.
  4. Oh my god, that is so true. At least now Penny and Leonard can sit in the living room instead of standing at the island bar.
  5. She appears to be having a great time.
  6. You don't know how close I came to posting that!
  7. I'm one of those that didn't like Emily. But, I think Raj was the reason since he had to brag about spending the night with Penny and pretty much bragging about things that didn't happen. If he had kept his mouth shut, I think Emily could have lasted longer. I am finding that Raj seems to have more confidence now. Congratulations on 3000 posts.
  8. I definitely agree that they deserve a vacation/honeymoon. But please, don't let that "crazy other husband that came with the apartment" go with them! Of course that was Bernadette's line from Episode 10/1!
  9. What does Shenny have to do with the popularity of the show?
  10. If the show is continued, hopefully the writing improves. More of the rest of the cast and less Shamy!
  11. I know SRAM wrote a story, "The Complete Package", in which he named one of their twins Beverly. But still, worst name ever. Even though I do love the story. I totally agree. Leonard around the farm animals would be hilarious.
  12. But please, if they are girls, for god's sake don't name one Beverly!
  13. I believe that there are just as many people who agree with Carlos as those that disagree. I also believe that you and I are on different sides of that fence. But then, that is my opinion and you are also allowed to have your own opinion.
  14. As little as five members of the cast is used, CBS could save millions of dollars this year and next by just having every episode with just shamy. All they have to do is mention the others and we will still have the same result. Paying these members of the cast about a total of 5 million dollars an episode for maybe 1 or 2 minuets air time is foolish. SARCASM! Just in case you didn't get it.
  15. To me, the show has gone from having funny episodes to funny here and there. As I said in a previous post, I believe the writers are seeing the end coming and are getting lazy. I personally think they (writers) are being over paid for what they have produced.
  16. But, too often she is like her husband and over thinks when action is actually needed.
  17. They changed her too much. Season 1 thru 6 she would have kicked him out.
  18. Yes, if the wronged person can forgive him(both Amy and Penny), I think we should be able to "let it go". There are definitely other things to argue talk about! God it's great when you have fun while posting!
  19. In case you don't know Shelly boy and Shelly baby is Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper. But then, you knew who he was. Neither were you!
  20. Again, what difference does this make? Raj and Penny were not in a relationship with anyone. I'm done.
  21. What does it matter? Did Leonard kiss Mandy or did Mandy kiss Leonard? We never saw it like we did Shelly boy. As far as I am concerned, this has already been discussed wayyyy more than necessary. As for me, I'm done with it. Ciao!
  22. Season 10 sucked, so anything is an improvement. Except for Season 8!
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