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  1. Kite fight, in honor of "The Nerds" of TBBT. Raj is still upset with Howard for making him lose his favorite kite!
  2. Sad, but true. I saw the writing on the wall early Season 10. It was cute Shamy and Lenny had mostly spats and those snide remarks from Penny toward Leonard. In the earlier seasons, those snide remarks were directed at Sheldon, Howard and Raj. To be honest, I thought the writers would give the tenure position to Sheldon as well.
  3. Even if the direct line happened, the writers would just ignore he suggestions or just not acknowledge the line. They were too fixed on "Shamy" and their Nobel, they didn't care about the other cast members. They were just window dressing for Shamy in "The Shamy Show".
  4. True, but they did get paid a lot of money to hold up that kitchen island bar. 😉
  5. Season's 11 and 12 were all about Shamy. Add most of ten as well. The writers threw a few bread crumbs to the remaining cast members. Well, I guess if the producers were ok with paying Kaley and Johnny a million dollars an episode for two minutes of air time, then they were probably ok with it as well. For me, I recorded each Season 11 and 12 episode and fast forwarded a lot. I found many of those episodes boring. I'm sure many people enjoyed them. My enjoyment was in bits and pieces. I enjoyed Kathy Bates, Teller.
  6. chucky

    Episodic Errors

    As I said, for me the show is over, so mistakes don't matter to me. Your posts are enjoyable and I get a kick out of reading them.
  7. Is too, always was and will be forever!
  8. chucky

    Episodic Errors

    Does it really matter? It's just a Sitcom. Even on dramas mistakes are made. I 've moved on and I'm just enjoying watching the show, mistakes included.
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