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  1. Well now, my wife and I plus her plants and flowers are happy. They're getting plenty of water and I don't have to water them. It's poring down raining as I type.
  2. That might be easier said than done. It's currently sunny and toasty. Suppose to rain this afternoon and night. 😊
  3. Yes, Happy Fourth of July to you and everyone. It's supposed to be a rainy Fourth of July for us. A 60% chance of rain today.😊
  4. Thank you. She's small and premature, but she's a beautiful girl.
  5. Well now, a couple days ago, my newest granddaughter was born. She is 2 months premature. She is doing great. She weighs a whopping 3 lbs and 4 ozs. Her name is Ellie Rey. Yep they got the name Rey from Star Wars.
  6. Well, our Air Conditioner is working, but, it's hot walking from the house to the car. The temperature outside was 97 and felt like 110 on the car before it started getting cooled off by the AC. I feel your pain. Cost me $3500 for a new Air Conditioner 2 years ago. I have a couple window units in my garage in case of emergencies.
  7. Good for you. Here in good ole Milton,FL, the temperature says 96 but add in the heat index and it's over the century mark. We see no real relief anytime soon.
  8. Wow, it appears that there is very little chance of rain for the next week. Anywhere between 5% and 15% chance of rain. But the temperatures will be in the high 90's or low 100's. Add the heat index and that will be hot. Thank God for air conditioning. πŸ˜‚
  9. Well, another beautiful morning. Are Thunderstorms brewing? I guess we'll have to see. Tropical Storm Bret appears to be headed to Central America and Tropical Storm Cindy seems to be tracking upward towards the East Coast. Cindy's direction is iffy right now.
  10. So far it's been an interesting Father's Day. A Severe Thunderstorm Watch and a Tornado Warning. It almost felt like a Hurricane hit us. Couldn't see the street from the house and lots of leaves and limbs all around. The storms have left for now, but tomorrow's another day. 😊
  11. Well, let me wish all fathers a Happy Father's Day. My wife made me breakfast in bed. It's kinda early this morning, but we were already up anyway. 😊
  12. I think she expressed that she would go all Nebraska on Howard. Mostly in the fanfiction stories I read, she was grossed out by Howard and Amy talking about her children and their children dating. Those were the funny stories.
  13. What could have been? I can just see Penny going all Nebraska on Howard for trying to fix Michael up with her daughter.
  14. I know what you mean. We need a good rain here in North West Florida. It gets cloudy and maybe spits a bit, but that's all. It being Hurricane Season, I see a lot of rain coming in the next few months.
  15. Yeah, I think that Tropical Storm kind of fizzled out or moved further into the Gulf.
  16. You got me. Who knows what the writers would have done. Probably written her as having a miscarriage to retain her I don't want a baby attitude.
  17. Yeah I remember when Will Wheaton went into Sheldon's bedroom with Amy, Sheldon was on the floor with an engineer's cap on. He invited Will to play with him, but wouldn't let him handle the controls of the train. I don't believe the train was ever shown. Very possible. He probably just told her to get her keys, they were going on a trip. 😊
  18. I never was interested in trains. Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars, yeah.😊
  19. Yeah, I read that article. Interesting article.
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