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  1. I think that Claire or Yvette, the vet were the best options for Raj. I think Rucci was the Indian girl that worked with Bernadette.
  2. Gotta love all the speculations going around. I was kinda hoping it would be Shelly having a check-up because he's having issues since he did slip and hit his head on the water fountain. Maybe he's blaming that for his recent failure at Dark Matter .
  3. Maybe, maybe not. We weren't allowed to see the kiss, so we only have Leonard's drunken memory of it, The writers seemed to let The only other person who was there, Mandy, conveniently not remember the kiss. So we have to take Leonard's version of the kiss.
  4. Sorry, but that was Ramona that kissed Sheldon in the Season 10 Finale!
  5. It must have been not much of a kiss, seeing as Mandy didn't remember it. Her biggest fear was that she slept with him as well. So, Mandy must have been getting drunk and "busy" a lot. No, Stephanie just did her kissing with Leonard.
  6. We're tired of the Sheldon and Amy (Shamy) show. There's already a Shelly boy show, it's called Young Sheldon.
  7. This is not the first time Penny showed her ass and was mean and disrespectful to her husband, Hell, she treats Shelly boy, Raj, Amy and Bernadette better than her husband. She takes him for granted a hell of a lot more than Leonard does her.
  8. basically because that is allowed.
  9. I still love the show and enjoy watching it. That said, I think 12 years are enough. Now they can do a victory tour and tie up loose ends.
  10. But enough is enough, I will end my side of the argument before it escalates.
  11. I'm not rude, just giving you my point of view.
  12. To each their own. I find S&P totally unlikely unless major changes are put in their characters. For proof, read any Shenny story and notice the characteristics of S&P are majorly different. I myself don't read that trash unless it's not labeled as Shenny. Even then I might get thru 2 to 3 sentences before I puke. Who's being short? I wasn't sure if you knew they were married.
  13. Here, here. What an outstanding post and thought.
  14. Best supporting actress in a comedy series or something or other,
  15. I beg to differ, Leonard and Penny need more meaningful screen time. They are married you know.
  16. I know. This is just me stirring the pot and having fun.
  17. What is and isn't cheating is up to the individual. I, personally, don't think he cheated. I'll say it now, loud and clear, NO ONE can convince me otherwise.
  18. I think he was explaining to Penny the reason for his iconic knock.
  19. Correct me if I am wrong, I do believe that was the last of sweet, innocent Bernadette.
  20. I believe we have proven that Howard started out a creep and now he's just a hen-pecked creep.
  21. It matters not who controlled the monster trucks. I said Japanese just because 3Ku11 said Japanese. My point was creepy Howard had control of the red car, He was the one that chased Penny to her apartment trying to look up her skirt. That is the definition of the word creep! Nit pick all you want to, my observation was about Howard only. Not those other idiots on the trucks and lights. By the way, congratulations to Mayim on her win tonight.
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