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  1. I think he was explaining to Penny the reason for his iconic knock.
  2. Correct me if I am wrong, I do believe that was the last of sweet, innocent Bernadette.
  3. I believe we have proven that Howard started out a creep and now he's just a hen-pecked creep.
  4. It matters not who controlled the monster trucks. I said Japanese just because 3Ku11 said Japanese. My point was creepy Howard had control of the red car, He was the one that chased Penny to her apartment trying to look up her skirt. That is the definition of the word creep! Nit pick all you want to, my observation was about Howard only. Not those other idiots on the trucks and lights. By the way, congratulations to Mayim on her win tonight.
  5. The two Japanese fellas controlled two. Howard controlled the red car that chased Penny!
  6. I'm sorry, I give no breaks to a multiple offender. I can't find any reason to disagree.
  7. Borrowed, but we're never told he returned them. Which he probably did off camera. That shows his criminal mind. Also, lets not forget his breaking and entering abilities with his lock picking kit.
  8. I guess Howard could be considered dishonest. He did steal, the camera from the Mars Rover program to spy on Shelly in that rome in the CalTech basement. He also got that security system for Shelly and Leonard's apartment. Lest we forget about stealing the Robot Hand.
  9. Good, unlike Shelly, I appreciate it when people compromise "correctly" and come to an agreement.
  10. Leonard actually went in to pull Shelly out, but ended up helping to get him out faster.
  11. Howard was the perfect creep. I think Penny could have had him arrested for voyeurism. That would have made a great episode Howard trying to explain his actions to the police and then the judge. I laugh my ass off just thinking about it.
  12. That part was baddd! But, who can not love Howard and the robot hand? It was totally hilarious, especially the hospital scene.
  13. God help us. I've personally had enough wedding planning.
  14. How good a show is is in the eyes of the watcher.Some people see a perfectly well written episode, someone else sees the same episode as a total waste.All depends on the beholder.
  15. The content in the episode not so good, but cast's acting was great.You can't loathe that episode, it's one of the funniest since it included Howard's try with the robot hand! Amy was semi-slutty, since she didn't actively engage in coitus. (as Shelly would say). All Amy did was asked if Penny considered herself a slut. She never implied or called her a slut. Shelly did that by explaining the math.
  16. I agree that was the beginning of the end of Shenny, But, the quencher was on Shelly's first date with Amy, he pretty much called her a slut by saying she dated 93 men and slept with 31.
  17. I agree about being shocked. But to be truthful, if the writers and head honcho did make it Shenny, I would find something else to watch.
  18. Hey, hey! I totally agree. You can tell Shenny ain't dead by the Shenny stories that still pop up.
  19. Not every show can be successful. You get what you get. People are finicky about what they like.
  20. That's right, He keeps going to her for advice even though he considers her less intelligent than the others.
  21. That's why I said I'm torn about this episode. I love watching new episodes, but I draw the line at Shenny fests.
  22. I think so as well, but closest what? Friend, I think.
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