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  1. I completely concur with your analysis.
  2. Let me explain this one more time. It has nothing to do with being sexually harassed or assaulted. I was talking about her inability to be a good friend, as others claimed she was. A good friend wouldn't have tried to take pictures of her undressed. Especially after being told to put the camera away. I wasn't thinking about criminal, just the lousey friend she was.
  3. Leonard and Howard never said or implied that they should make Amy MofH.
  4. Nope!They just explained the reason for Shelly being so tired. He stayed up all night with an upset Amy. Then explained why Amy was so upset. Bernadette decided by herself the second time they went to apologize to an upset Amy Farrah Fowler.
  5. I don't think they were made to do anything. Leonard and Penny weren't together then. They were just friends. Howard and Leonard just told Penny and Bernadette that Amy was upset because they went dress shopping without her. They then said they would talk to her.
  6. To each their own. There will be millions of tvs on watching both football and parades.
  7. It's an American tradition of college football games on New Year's Day. BBT will be on as well. I can see why they didn't tell Amy about the dress shopping that one time. Amy was a major weird person at that time and wouldn't tone it down. But Amy really over reacted.
  8. I hope everyone had a safe New Year's Eve and ready to enjoy some good college football!
  9. Who cares? What you think is funny and criminal is different than me. It's just a show, in real life tragic it would be.
  10. There's a big difference between having another woman in the dressing room and the other woman trying to take pictures or videos of one of the women changing clothes. Besides I think Penny and Bernadette were a little bit leary of Amy back then. Pray tell me what Howard and Bernadette had in common except over bearing mothers and Raj being in love with both of them?
  11. As I have been told by both You and Mislav: It's a Sitcom, it's suppose to be funny!
  12. I'm sorry, the only person Amy has shown any interest in helping is Shelly-boy. From what I've seen, she has tried to take advantage of any sad situation Penny or Bernadette was in. Lets see putting electrodes on Penny's head when she was crying over Leonard's relationship with Pryia, pitting Bernadette against Penny over that new job , we already discussed the picture taking attempts and then there was her tricking her to take tests to compete against monkeys.$5.00 for the experiment Then offering That sounds like a lousey friend if you ask me. Don't get me started with Shelly games he plays on the guys or the way he disses them.
  13. Apparently you think it's fine that Amy tried to record pictures of Penny while she was changing. People go to jail for doing that crap. Either make her eat that camera or send her ass to jail and ruin her career. That may be mean and over the top, but she needs to learn that there are boundries.
  14. You can say Shelly helped Penny a time or two, but mostly he has been demeaning and down right insulting to her. Some would argue that he doesn't understand what he did. I think he did it on purpose and to be mean.
  15. Well, that is so dang good. Absolutely love it. Why can't we see this in the show?
  16. Tell you the truth, this discussion is getting to be a bit tedious for me. It's time for bed. Since I'm in my sixties, I tend to need an early bedtime. Good night.
  17. It wasn't planned! Bernadette was exasperated and just said that Amy was it. Sorry, to me that is not planning. That's a pissed off decision.
  18. They didn't plan it they just basically gave up and named her MofH. Basically because Amy was being a stupid pain in the rear as she always is being. Penny should have beaten the crap out of her for trying to go in the changing room with her and then try to record her while she was changing.
  19. Oh well, you need to some take risks to enjoy life.
  20. I'm thinking that it is payback time for Mrs. Hofstadter. She should take a video of Amy changing clothes. That would be hilarious.
  21. They discussed that they had been. Did you see them plan going dress shopping? NO! You got the past tense that they went shopping. I'm sorry that's not planning in the episode. That's planning off screen. I'm talking on screen planning where they say they will do this or that on a certain day or who will take care of what for the wedding.
  22. Wow, the discussion was about wedding planning, not prenup discussion or children discussion. I'm easy, just point out one episode where they talked about when they would dress shop or tuxedo shop or when the bachelor party was going to be. Just one episode when they said what day they would put the gifts together for the out of town guests, that's planning. Everything was planned off screen. No one witnessed it, did you?
  23. I'm not saying nothing was planned. It most definitely was "off screen". Nothing was planned on episodes as we are subjected to with Shamy. It was not planned on screen. It was planned, but we were not forced to watch it.
  24. They talked, but didn't plan. Especially the non-sense that Shelly and Amy are pulling. But then, they are sooo special. The writers seem to bend over backwards for "Shamy".
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