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  1. Which is something she didn't do for him during that episode with her being buddy, buddy with Raj and ignoring her husband. Only her suggestion of doing things they all enjoy was doing things like shopping and Make-up crap that only she and Raj enjoy. Leonard was her bag handler. What about that crap of buying the same shirt as Raj. Don't get me going on that episode. I don't think those expressions had anything to do with Leonard. I believe it's her opinion of the scripts that they had to endure lately.
  2. I agree with almost everything you said. I do believe that seeing Leonard without the infamous hoodie, the thermostat has been raised. The other point in difference is Sheldon has no problem calling her stupid still. Not as often though. But then, he believes everyone is stupid compared to him. More than likely all the tenants prefer Leonard over Sheldon.
  3. Gotta love Kaley's facial expression choices.
  4. I remember the one from 3A, when Penny was leaving after that drunk night of loud sex with Leonard. I remember she said Yeehaw to Penny and Penny just said Oh My God! I think the one you are talking about was when Penny were leaving the morning after they broke her bed. I remember penny saying something was said to her. That's the "Yeehaw" lady. This was late season 3 or early season 4 after the breakup. The episode of them shooting the laser at the moon and Zack thinking they would blow up the moon.
  5. I believe that mentioned the names of the women that live in 3A and 3B. I can't remember their names. As do I when she is working, but being at home, you'd think she would wear what she use to wear around the apartment. Especially since they are alone in the apartment. They did change the locks on the door.
  6. Well that's true. I personally don't think they live in the building. I wouldn't be surprised is Sheldon didn't hire them so he get the election slanted his way. They have to be as weird as Sheldon, I haven't seen to many normal people wanting anything to do with Sheldon, unless they needed something.
  7. Yes, Penny did warn her, but did Amy listen? NO!
  8. I think if Frank and Alicia lived in the building Leonard or the guys would have net them. I think the other tenants probably do their best to avoid the crazy guy from the fourth floor.
  9. I still remember that episode in I think season 2, where he called all the models in that in the TV show the future Mrs Wowlowitz.
  10. OK, now I remember Frank and Alicia. Sheldon's faceless friends.
  11. I'm not complaining or saying she's not looking good in what ever she wears. Just miss them nice dresses she use to wear. I mean she wears pant suits at work. I remember when the girls ragged on Pryia for her pant suits. Who's Frank? I think Alicia moved out of the building already.
  12. Can't wait to hear if lil Mickey sounds like sis.
  13. But apparently with these writers, Sheldon will be right. As they will probably be imaginary.
  14. Okay. Off and on for 8 years. You have to admit, some of those dresses were riskee.
  15. You have my sympathy and respect for lasting that length of ?. I just couldn't think of the perfect word to describe that episode.
  16. They're probably doing an outstanding job escaping being near the craziness that is Sheldon.
  17. Hey, don't be spoilin my fun! You know with these pro- sheldonian writers, that is probably a reliable outcome. But, the way Sheldon irks everyone, they'll probably pick Leonard due to not having to deal with the crazy dude in 4 B!
  18. Why not? she did for 8 years. NICE, VERY NICE!
  19. What the hell happened to Penny? She went from dressing cute and nice to plaid shirts and loose jeans. Is that her choice or TPTB trying to make her look ordinary?
  20. Did you make it through the whole episode?
  21. Sarcasm? Actually I love the red dress from the Valentine Day dinner disaster.
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