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  1. Interesting indeed. He took the part and the rest is history. 😊
  2. It's all he said, she said. He said he did and they said he didn't. Me thinks there's some hury feelings.
  3. I think that Kaley and Johnny still talk, but there may be some tension between them and Jim. We'll see.
  4. We'll see. I've read something about Jim wanting to set the record straight on his leaving the show.
  5. I did not know that two had broken contact with him. It probably doesn't concern him since he may still consider them to be friends.
  6. You may be right. I just don't remember reading "The Metahuman Transfiguration ".
  7. That's a good possibility. 😊
  8. I bet you were. "The Chew Toy" was and remains a great story. It's a personal favorite of mine. It's the first story of yours that I read and cemented me to reading all your stories.
  9. Yeah, the good episode before "The Breakup ".
  10. I thought so. That was a personal favorite of mine. That part and the ending.
  11. It's always better safe than sorry.😊
  12. Is that the one where he took off his pants and said "Here's Uranus. "
  13. I favorite both the story and authors. It's a little bit redundant, but that's just my way.
  14. I knew it was in that particular story as it is one of my favorite stories. I may be wrong, but I swear with my 67 year old brain that it was at least mentioned in another story. I am probably wrong though.
  15. I agree. I've read about Leonard telling Penny in a fanfiction story or two.
  16. I know. I've been wondering about that as well.
  17. Man, I really miss the Games thread. It was so much fun interacting with other members.
  18. That's a good question. The main difference I believe will be their daughter.
  19. There are creative ways to hide her bump.
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