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  1. Well, the weather was beautiful yesterday. A bright sunny day, not too hot with a nice cool breeze. It reminded me of why I moved to Florida. The beaches were open with that beautiful white sand. People seemed to be acting reasonably smart. As required, no groups any larger than 10 people. Alot of folks on the fishing pier, but were keeping their 6 foot distanting. All in all a great day to walk on the beach and enjoy the weather. We need to enjoy it while we can as hurricane season is quickly coming upon us.
  2. She sure loves her rabbit.
  3. Yeah Happy Birthday! The first post TBBT era Birthdays.
  4. chucky

    A-Z: Boys Names

    Gavin - Scottish
  5. chucky

    A-Z: Girls Names

    Natalia - Latin orgin meaning birthday
  6. Hurry Sundown - The Outlaws
  7. I agree. It was a very nice and thoughtful thing to do. Not only for the restaurant, but for the people who got the meals.
  8. Yeah, but it is one of her favorate restaurants.
  9. I enjoy reading your new stories and rereading your earlier stories.
  10. Great start to your new story.
  11. Fast Company - The Eagles
  12. chucky

    A-Z: Girls Names

    Lainey - Old French Elaine meaning bright or shining light.
  13. chucky

    A-Z: Boys Names

    Diego - Spanish equiavlent of James
  14. I whole-heartedly agree with your entire post. Especially the bold sections. They wasted so much time on the silly Nobel angle. The other scientist involved was never needed and the Penny not wanting kids was rediculous. As was how they handled Raj and Anu. Would it have been so bad for Raj to find happiness in his life?
  15. Who knows. I just go with the flow.
  16. That is a perfect example of stupidiity.
  17. As long as Kaley's good with it it's okay with me. Yeah, Johnny's comment was hilarious.
  18. That's a couple of stern stares.
  19. chucky

    A-Z: TV Shows

    X-Men: Evolution
  20. Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast - Wayne Newton
  21. chucky

    Penny's Bra

    To wear a mask or not is a personal choice. In the supermarket, I've seen just as many with masks as without masks. He's definitely not the only vain person in this country or the world for that matter.
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