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  1. Yeah, I agree. I can read but not write. I was always told, people who can write should write. Those who can't write, should read. 😄
  2. Yeah, it has too many windows and they're so big. She probably loves the view, but still, those windows are huge.
  3. Of course a bedroom has to be saved for Johnny and son.😉
  4. Totally agree. It's a great start.
  5. I've already read it and it is a great read. I really enjoyed it and totally recommend reading it.
  6. Probably one of the factors in deciding to purchase that particular house.
  7. Good to hear she is moving on with a new home for herself. Wonder if it's big enough for her animal companions. 😂
  8. She does have an affection for Hofstadter. Probably for the dude who shares that name with her. 😉
  9. Yes it is Hofstadter now. 😂
  10. Agreed. It's probably more memorable, but she won't admit it.
  11. Good to know. But, it may be a matter of time till they are gone ad well. You never know what will happen.
  12. I believe that as well. It's probably a tit for tat. One deletes then the other dose as well. I see a very slim chance of them reconciling. Just my opinion though.
  13. I think both have done some deleting. I guess that's a form of moving on for them.
  14. Yep, life does go on whether we want it to or not. I don't think Johnny's upset about Karl's actions.
  15. Definitely a good job for @Tensor!
  16. Enjoy her looking happy. I haven't heard about anything Johnny did to warrant Karl's action unless it because Johnny is Kaley's friend.
  17. Interesting question. But alas, I can't help you as I have no idea of his identity.
  18. Right, but she appears to really enjoy the promotion process. Maybe because it keeps her mind off other things.
  19. Another great clip. She's really enjoying herself. Thanks for sharing as I forgot she was going to be on that show.
  20. Sooo, she's making the rounds promoting TFA2. 😄
  21. Yes she did. She was really enjoying herself.
  22. Good to know. I enjoyed her recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel's show. She seemed so happy and animated. Especially talking about that scene with Sharon Stone.
  23. Man, you are a wealth of Science knowledge as well. I guess I'll never be too old to learn something new.
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