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  1. I believe that as well. I also believe the prenup and her public image are very important to her.
  2. I agree that the story has no merit. As you said, I don't believe she would risk jeopardizing the prenup.
  3. My exact same thought. She probably expected that or discussed it when they made up their minds to file for divorce.
  4. Most definitely. But that real reason will have to come from Kaley or KarI. I doubt anyone but them know the true reason for the divorce. Unless they told their families.
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  6. Very interesting indeed.
  7. No matter what she says the paparazzi and interviewers will pester her for comments and pictures. No matter how frustrated she gets, she needs to keep smiling because they're looking to get those mad or upset looking pictures.
  8. Don't know about the meaning, but she is suppose to be a presenter at the Emmy's Sunday.
  9. For sure. I was thinking the same thing as I read the article.
  10. I read where Kaley sent Karl her congratulations for his wins in his tournament. Had some heart emojis. Great to see her support for him. I think it was in People.com. I read it in Google.
  11. Well, here we go again. Another storm hitting the Gulf Coast. Tropical Storm Nicholas is about to land in Texas. Because of the track of the storm, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama will get a lot of rain and wind. We on the panhandle of Florida will get a lot of rain.
  12. The more I think about it, you are probably right. She use to accompany him to these tournaments and even competed herself. I haven't seen her competing for a while. I guess their busy schedules have made them drift apart. That's too bad as I thought they could make the marriage work.
  13. Well, Happy Birthday @HeWolf! Hope you have a nice enjoyable day with many more to come.
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