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  1. Thanks for sharing. Although Season 11 is not one of my favorites, I Still enjoy reading them.
  2. Dang, both you and Batman75 are so spot on perfect on your assessments on the show. You're welcome. I enjoy reading your posts.
  3. Definitely not too long, but, perfectly addressed. I can find no fault with your post!
  4. Wait, I have dibs on today. As Slim Whitman said in one of his songs, Tomorrow Never Comes.
  5. It's not only nothing to joke about, but it's just plain wrong!
  6. The day is still young and anything is possible. But still, I'm winning!
  7. Heard about, it but never seen it. I think most actors and actresses have done something bad like The Cabin, and then have asked themselves, what the hell they were thinking when they agreed to do it.
  8. I could see their son being named Wyatt Leonard Hofstadter. After Leonard and his father-in-law. Their daughter, I see being named Penelope Jennifer Hofstadter after Penny and her favorite actress.
  9. Yeah, those type jokes weren't very flattering to Penny.
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