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  1. In this instance, Penny and Shelly-boy are the bad guys. Both are using the R/A against Leonard. Only Shelly-boy is a giant baby and a pain in the ass. Penny is just being a pain in the ass.
  2. Baloney! Penny got things added to the R/A that were pawned off on her husband so she wouldn't have to do them. She went behind Leonard's back and used the R/A against her husband.
  3. If you remember the episode with the Games of thrones marathon, she took Shelly's side in the roommate agreement meeting. Actually leaving her husband and taking Shelly to 4B to watch that show. Two instances where she took Shelly's side. Even Amy told her that she is always taking Shelly's side.
  4. Yeah about that, What happened at the end of the episode? She told him to give in to the giant baby and eat around the coffee table again. She bowed to Shelly like a he-bitch and not standing up for her husband. Shelly last remarks, with a stupid grin, sometimes the baby wins.
  5. chucky


    For me, it's after they were married. If you remember in episode 10/1 when they got married the love was there. Now, not so much.
  6. chucky


    There was never anything funny or interesting about a wife who supposedly loves her husband who then takes the side of an arragant ass against her husband. That's truly sad and makes me wonder why the hell did she marry him in the first place?
  7. But then they wouldn't get the awwww response!
  8. You can like, get and enjoy their friendship. I don;t like the fact that she cares more about Shelly's feelings than her husbands. That is the amazing and stupid part of the show. When he talks about being bullied, she wants to hug him and make him feel better. Then tells her husband he deserved to be bullied. That's ridiculous. The writers must think that's funny since they repeated this action 3 or 4 times. Everything about Shelly is one sided. I so do feel sorry for Amy in their supposed marriage, Hopefully she comes to her senses and dump Shelly and marry Raj. Now that would be funny.
  9. chucky


    And she's been taken the wrong side. How many times has she said when he (Shelly) talks (being bullied) like that, I just want to hug him and make him feel better. Then tells Leonard that he probably deserved being bullied. I think I counted about 3 or 4 times.
  10. Let's hope we get those beautiful babies. Whether they are smart or not, we may never know.
  11. "Shamy Folk" has never bothered me. In fact, I am both Shamy and Lenny fans. Sometimes it's Shelly's actions that get me riled up and going ape crap. But, I do have fun with it as well.
  12. chucky


    I have to disagree, before she got the job, she called him a wackadoodle and treated him with indifference. Now she has taken his side against her husband and cared about his feelings more these days.
  13. Shelly actually believes, what's good for him is good for everyone. Shelly is an egotistical, condescending jerk! The writers and writers alone think it;s funny this way. It's definitely not real life is like, but then, this isn't real life. It's just a tv show.
  14. I'm not blind as well, but sometimes you have to hope that the writers get their heads out of their asses and do the right thing. Also hope that Johnny and Kayley get the writers to see Penny having Shamy's babies is just wrong and that Penny would never think about doing that. I hear hope springs eternal. '
  15. That's okay, I've left a few lame jokes out there myself.
  16. My intention was that the baby would be Leonard's, as in he would he the father of their baby.
  17. Again, as I stated before. Yesssss! I think this time they said no and mean it completely. If Shelly wants 15 kids, then I hope Amy is up to the task. or get ready to adopt. Lenny will definitely not bow down to Shelly's wishes this time. If Penny carries a baby, it will be Leonard's and Leonard's alone.
  18. Bingo! Totally agree. Notice I didn't say Bazinga! YESSS! Hopefully Amy realizes that as Shelly obviously doesn't. But then, Shelly always says what he means and means what he says.
  19. Too bad it's fantasy land. In the real world Leonard would have kicked his butt, or at least put him on his ass.
  20. Soooooo not! But then you just can't trust them there writers! I had to throw a little Alabama red-neck verbage there.
  21. I totally agree. It is extremely insulting to his future wife and his best friends wife. But then again, when is Shelly not insulting people? Whether he realizes it or not. If Amy really cared about Penny's feelings, she should have said something to Shelly. Hopefully she does.
  22. He wouldn't have so many lines if the rest of the cast were properly utilized. The show would then probably be funnier.
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