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  1. Well, that is so dang good. Absolutely love it. Why can't we see this in the show?
  2. Tell you the truth, this discussion is getting to be a bit tedious for me. It's time for bed. Since I'm in my sixties, I tend to need an early bedtime. Good night.
  3. It wasn't planned! Bernadette was exasperated and just said that Amy was it. Sorry, to me that is not planning. That's a pissed off decision.
  4. They didn't plan it they just basically gave up and named her MofH. Basically because Amy was being a stupid pain in the rear as she always is being. Penny should have beaten the crap out of her for trying to go in the changing room with her and then try to record her while she was changing.
  5. Oh well, you need to some take risks to enjoy life.
  6. I'm thinking that it is payback time for Mrs. Hofstadter. She should take a video of Amy changing clothes. That would be hilarious.
  7. They discussed that they had been. Did you see them plan going dress shopping? NO! You got the past tense that they went shopping. I'm sorry that's not planning in the episode. That's planning off screen. I'm talking on screen planning where they say they will do this or that on a certain day or who will take care of what for the wedding.
  8. Wow, the discussion was about wedding planning, not prenup discussion or children discussion. I'm easy, just point out one episode where they talked about when they would dress shop or tuxedo shop or when the bachelor party was going to be. Just one episode when they said what day they would put the gifts together for the out of town guests, that's planning. Everything was planned off screen. No one witnessed it, did you?
  9. I'm not saying nothing was planned. It most definitely was "off screen". Nothing was planned on episodes as we are subjected to with Shamy. It was not planned on screen. It was planned, but we were not forced to watch it.
  10. They talked, but didn't plan. Especially the non-sense that Shelly and Amy are pulling. But then, they are sooo special. The writers seem to bend over backwards for "Shamy".
  11. Your examples are not wedding planning. In the wedding dress and tuxedo were shopping for the clothes to wear at the wedding. All I remember of the tuxedo deal was Howard talking up his near trip to space. The bachelor party wasn't planned on air, they just went to it.
  12. Thank you! If I remember correctly, there was not too much wedding planning for Howard/Bernadette's wedding until the plans to hold it on the roof. The wedding was discussed,but no planning. Of course the real reason we have to suffer, and I do mean suffer, through the wedding planning is because they are Shamy. They are the darlings of the writers. Remember that according to Shelly, Shamy has the best relationship on the show. They did score an 82 on that relationship quiz.
  13. Oh my Lord! It boggles my mind thinking of that. Sheldon, Mary and Missy, but no more is needed.
  14. I agree with your opinion on Young Sheldon. Haven't watched any pieces of the show. When commercials come on I leave the room. For me a grownup Sheldon is more than enough.
  15. She is never put in her place because she is part of "Shamy". In the eyes of the writers, they can do no wrong. It's kind of tiresome watching her and Shelly getting away with so much crap. In real life, they would have been beaten up and abandoned by their "friends".
  16. As I said, it makes no difference what you are putting out. It matters not, Whether you think it's right or wrong, the birth of Christ will be celebrated on 12/25. As for you and others, you can celebrate any day you want . The christian world will celebrate 12/25 as his birth date. You can argue about historical or theological reasons all you want. But, in the end, it doesn't matter. Your arguments will fall on deaf ears. I couldn't agree more. That last part about Raj was a masterpiece. He has the body for Best man and the sensitivity to be MofH!
  17. The real question is will they celebrate in the Christian or Jewish style? Or will they celebrate it both ways?
  18. Who really cares? As far as I'm concerned, I'll continue to observe his birthday on 12/25. Feel free to celebrate whenever you want.
  19. I'm not so sure. He's grown a little back bone since being married to Penny. Of course dealing with his wife, the back bone tends to disappear.
  20. To be perfectly honest, after they found out they were being tested for the perfect participants in the wedding, I just wish all 5 friends would decline any interest in being in the wedding party. Let Missy be the Matron of Honor and Georgie Jr be the Best Man.
  21. Here's hoping everyone had a nice and enjoyable Christmas! I knew exactly what you meant! I was just trying to be cute and sarcastic.
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