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  1. Happy Birthday @batman75. Hopefully there will be many more to come.
  2. Tensor, hopefully all is well there.
  3. Good luck and stay safe. My prayers are with you and everyone else on the west coast of Florida!
  4. Well, Hurricane Ian is now sporting 100 MPH winds which makes it a Cat 2 Hurricane. It's also making a shift to the East. As I've said in an earlier post, if live on the west coast of Florida, take care.
  5. Well now Tensor, according to the Weather Channel, Ian has shifted more to the East. They are looking at the Tampa area as Ian's target. I guess it can still shift again. I think everywhere from Fort Myers to Mobile can expect something from Ian. Everyone on the western coast of Florida and the Panhandle take care stay safe. This could be a monster hurricane.
  6. Agreed. Right now it looks like Apalachicola might be the target. But, that could change between now and Thursday. If it hits Tampa, it'll be Thursday morning. If it's Apalachicola, it'll be Thursday evening or night. That's according to The Weather Channel, as of right now.
  7. Yep, that he was. 😊
  8. You'll probably get your fair share as well. Since you'll be on the right side of the storm. As we all know, the right side is the strongest side. That's my plan. Will decide later on whether to evacuate or not.
  9. Yeah, the path has shifted more to the west. It appears the landfall could be somewhere between Fort Myers to Mobile. It could shift farther to the west as well. Already making plans.
  10. Happy Birthday @Chrismo. Hope you have a great day.
  11. Yeah, Happy 15th TBBT!
  12. Yeah, Jim was the only single winner. I remember the time Kaley presented Jim with an Emmy. I think that she was more excited than Jim.😄
  13. Well now, it seems like the lull in the Atlantic Hurricane Season is over. Hurricane Fiona is over by Bermuda and headed to Canada. Now Tropical Depression 9 is proceeding to the Gulf of Mexico. Once there, probably headed anywhere between Miami and Pensacola. Every one in Florida should keep an eye on the Weather Channel for updates. Next week will be interesting indeed.
  14. Finally watched it and thoroughly enjoyed it. Found out her had that front part cut before she she went with out for the cameras. Loved how she drew the corn maze. Also her self portrait. An artist, she isn't. Great show!
  15. I recorded the interview last night but, haven't seen it yet. Can't wait to watch it.
  16. I agree. She has everything going for her except her personal life. She seems to be a real life Penny in her relationships. Going from guy to guy. Hopefully this one will be the right one. She needs stability in her personal life.
  17. Wow, I agree that there were glowing comments on both actors abilities. Thanks for sharing.
  18. Very interesting. I never thought of that. You could be right.
  19. I thought there was something familiar with that scene.
  20. So true. But, she was adorable and a good friend.
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