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  1. Charlie Sheen ain't winning these days, I am.
  2. There's a mine in my pants.
  3. There's some thunder in my pants.
  4. She seems to be having a busy schedule.
  5. Veterans Day is November 11th. It's a National Holiday where we remember all Veterans, both alive and dead, with their service. When I was growing up, there were parades and people placed flowers and flags on the graves of Veterans. It was a good time. Now, even though it's still a holiday, there's not so much celebrating.
  6. Ya'll are lucky. Here it's just another day off for shopping, as I said. Don't get me wrong, some still celebrate, just not as many. We still see the President have the wreath placed at the tombs of the unknowns. So that is something that continues.
  7. Happy Birthday @Tensor! Welcome to the 65 Club. I hope you have a great day with many more to come.
  8. It's like Memorial Day an Veterans Day here. It used to be greatly celebrated. Sadly, now to a lot of people, it's a day off and for going shopping for discount sales. As a proud veteran, my family always celebrate both holidays by putting flags and flowers on the graves of veterans and having cookouts as a family remembering family members, living and dead, that served to help protect our country.
  9. I'm talking people with Covid-19 not businesses afraid of Covid-19. Fear makes things happen.
  10. Well @Tensor, just a couple days and you join me in the 65 club. 😉 😇
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