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  1. Johnny does know how to keep things quiet. I don't think they've seen each other since 8/19.
  2. I disagree. There are too many pictures out there of Johnny and his son. While it is possible, I just don't believe it.
  3. I also believe that if they had met, there would have been a photo posted by Kaley. Probably titled "My bestfriend and my guy". 😊
  4. That would be extraordinary indeed. Don't know what Tom would think about that. 😊
  5. Johnny's life has changed since the birth of his son. He has more responsibilities, which he is happily fulfilling said responsibilities. He's a loving father and happy to be one. I believe that they do have regrets.
  6. That makes for interesting thinking. So very true about changes due to life decisions.
  7. It definitely was a factor, for the both of them. But, I'm glad that they could continue working together and helped in creating a fantastic show.
  8. True. Even after the break up, they still maintained a very strong friendship to this day. They had a great working relationship at work as well.
  9. I feel there have always been regrets by both Johnny and Kaley. But, they have moved on and still remain best friends. Just like the Country Song, they'll always wonder "What Could Have Been". My bad, as that should be "What Might Have Been ".
  10. True, it will happen if it is meant to happen. We'll have to wait and see what the future reveals. I can't wait.
  11. Tom seems to be just as happy and excited as Kaley. Maybe Kaley, like Penny, has found herself a "Keeper ". 😊
  12. Happy Birthday @bfm! Hopefully you will have a wonderful day and enjoy yourself. 😊
  13. Totally agree. Pregnant women are very emotional. I know my wife was all 5 times.
  14. She may feel different since now she is currently pregnant. But, there is a difference between real life pregnancy and made for TV pregnancy. Personally I don't think that she would feel different as Penny stated she didn't want kids. But, she did seem to waver on that stance on getting pregnant.
  15. Agreed about him being a stand-up guy. Plus he seems to be able to remain friends with his exes.
  16. Wow, they look so young. Of course that was 30 years ago. 😂
  17. Who cares whose shirt it was, it just looked good on her.
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