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  1. Agreed. 😊 😊 yep, that seems to be true. They didn't break them up, but just provided the angst and arguments to make it seem they should break up. In the Season 10 Episode 1, Penny claimed Leonard was the love of her life and he made her incredibly happy. Yet she continued to be snarky towards him. Seems she was taking Sheldon's side in all arguments. As his wife, she should have supported him in public and discuss it in private.
  2. We'll never know because "the writers " seemed to enjoy having a Lenny marriage and or relationship that was conflicted. They had more angst and arguments than any of the other couples combined. Well maybe except for Raj's complicated relationships. Don't get me started on Penny's snarkiness towards Leonard.
  3. I think it most definitely was a commitment issue.
  4. Yes she does. She's a little angel.
  5. Heck of a name. Really proud and happy parents. 😊
  6. Really simple. The writers were looking for humor.
  7. Have to agree with your posts. Raj knew how they still felt for each other and probably knew Pryia was leaving. So Raj shouldn't have tried anything until he talked to Leonard. Even being drunk is no excuse except for with the writers. To me, their "hook up " wasn't the least bit funny. Another thing that bothered me was their agreement not to talk about it was broken by Raj because he kept bragging about it. Even embellishing the event that caused jealousy in Emily towards Penny.
  8. Thanks. I'm glad I got that off my chest. 😊
  9. That would be hilarious. 😂
  10. I agree with you on the Leonard, Penny and Raj sharing 4A. I don't understand why Leonard or even Penny agreed to this idea. There was a chance for awkwardness. Then there was that episode where Penny was more into Raj than her husband. That whole storyline was utterly ridiculous to me. Ot was IMHO a total waste of screen time.
  11. Well said! Couldn't agree more. You put it better than I did.
  12. I think Penny did think she was in bed with Leonard. Apparently she didn't mind he was cheating. The 2nd "Oh God" was from her embarrassment of where she was and who she was with.
  13. I'm not Tensor, but I will weigh in on this. I think in the earlier seasons as in Seasons 1 thru 3, he was clueless except for science and math. But from Season 4 on, he wasn't so clueless. He learned a lot, for example sarcasm.
  14. True, but another one was the dining room table episode. Where his comments about the baby winning was a sign that he knew what he was doing.
  15. Well, good morning from the chilly city of Milton, FL. Yesterday it was in the upper 70's and this morning it's 39 degrees. Go figure. But, then again, it was 39 yesterday morning as well. Guess I can't complain here while the Midwest and Northeast are getting snow. Hopefully everyone has a nice day. 😊
  16. That's why I said I couldn't on my phone. Although I might have said zoom. No worries, I believe you.😊
  17. I didn't either. I accepted the post as I was on my phone and couldn't zoom in on it. I don't think there will be either. He's a very private person.
  18. Great. Now we'll see if any info comes out on that.😊
  19. That would have been a good fit. But, alas we never got a Season 13. 😞
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