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  1. Agreed. They helped each other to be better people.
  2. You're worried about that, I find it hard to believe that they let Sheldon get away with all the crap he dished out. That's unbelievable IMHO.
  3. Well, 3 days into Hurricane Season and the West Coast of Florida's Peninsula is getting rain from the first Tropical Storm of the season. Here in the Florida Panhandle, it's hot and dry. Thank goodness for air conditioning.😊
  4. No, but she can make a lot of noise at times. 😊
  5. That's affirmative. I love my wife, but there are times I love peace and quiet. 😊
  6. We did. My wife went to a potluck party at her friend's house, which left my house nice and quiet. I was the only one at home. 😊
  7. Happy Memorial Day to all, especially to all Active Duty personnel and Veterans.
  8. True. I did read that article. She even posted 3 pictures of her and Norman. Great article.
  9. Thanks. But living here for over 20 years, I know what to expect. The new arrivals and complacent people need to worry. If it's a 2 or above, I'm out of here to Central Alabama to be safe.
  10. 13 days until the start of The 2023 Hurricane Season. Time to prepare. Don't dilly-dally.
  11. Well, I'm going to enjoy these days before the onslaught of Hurricane Season 😊
  12. Being truthful, although she is beautiful with any shade of hair color, I think she is more beautiful in her natural hair color. I've never seen seen her happier than when she's with her baby. 😊
  13. Quite possible. I've never heard of anything called "Frontier Scallops ". "Mountain Oysters", I have heard of in the past. 😂
  14. Before I forget, I want to wish all the mothers a Happy Mother's Day. 😊
  15. Thanks for the link.😊
  16. I agree about the timeline of the turning point. The last 3 seasons weren't that good to me since the writers focused mostly on Sheldon and Amy. The remaining cast were mostly background material. It did become the Sheldon and Amy Show. Maybe if they hadn't concentrated so much on Shamy, Jim would have stayed since there would be more time to present the material. But, who knows what would have happened. Jim may have still have quit.
  17. I feel the same way. The Penny in the first few seasons would have hogtied him and make him believe she was going to castrate him. That would have been fun to watch. 😊
  18. Well, for a day that was forecasted to be raining, it sure is raining sunshine. Great day!😊
  19. Beef and Bean Burritos for me. But, soft Tacos are great too. 😊
  20. Happy Cinco de Mayo to all and a belated Happy Star Wars Day as well. 😊
  21. Well, another beautiful Sunday morning after a foggy, rainy and dreary Saturday. 😊 I want to wish a happy 90th birthday to Country Music legend, Mr Willie Nelson!
  22. Agreed. The writers didn't care because the show was ending.
  23. There was some negativity concerning Penny's pregnancy. That's because the writers just threw that out without thinking it thru.
  24. In my humble opinion, he was the major draw because the writers wrote it that way. They could have written about Lenny's pregnancy. Raj and Anu possibly getting back together. There are so many avenues the writers could have tried. Sheldon and Amy were not the show. But Chuck Lorre and the other powers that may be, took the easy way and ended the show.
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