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  1. I can see your point. But, what can we say? Hopefully she has thought this through.
  2. Good to hear that she's happy and pregnant.
  3. Probably another thread in this forum. That's my guess.
  4. The breakup could have been in Season 8, 10, 11, or 12. Up to the final 2 episodes. They were always either arguing or she was snarky to Leonard. What was with her taking Sheldon's side in the arguments between Leonard and Sheldon?
  5. That part about Leonard and Penny breaking up is something I felt was going to happen. They always seemed to be arguing. Every episode there was tension. That was until the announcement that Penny was pregnant. I"m really glad that they rethought and reversed that decision
  6. Thank goodness. I understand the importance of coffee in the morning. 20 years in the Navy drove that point to me.😂
  7. It stayed away from us on the Panhandle. Thank goodness.
  8. That's an excellent suggestion.
  9. I agree about Collision Course.
  10. I don't know. Just ask on this thread.
  11. Happy Birthday @batman75. Hopefully there will be many more to come.
  12. Tensor, hopefully all is well there.
  13. Good luck and stay safe. My prayers are with you and everyone else on the west coast of Florida!
  14. Well, Hurricane Ian is now sporting 100 MPH winds which makes it a Cat 2 Hurricane. It's also making a shift to the East. As I've said in an earlier post, if live on the west coast of Florida, take care.
  15. Well now Tensor, according to the Weather Channel, Ian has shifted more to the East. They are looking at the Tampa area as Ian's target. I guess it can still shift again. I think everywhere from Fort Myers to Mobile can expect something from Ian. Everyone on the western coast of Florida and the Panhandle take care stay safe. This could be a monster hurricane.
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