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  1. I don’t want to assume negative motivations on Amy’s part without more information. It seems likely to me that she would’ve told Mary not out of a desire to try to run his life, but rather because she was nervous about how his mother might react, and because she wanted to soften any potential blows. An attempt at kindness feels more like Amy to me than an attempt at being controlling or domineering. The fact that he pushes back against all of it is still a reasonable reaction, though, because she did meddle, regardless of her intent. This sounds like one where we will need more details to get a good sense of it.
  2. Yeah, if it wasn't clear, I was mostly making some guesses based on the bits of information we have. You're right that we'll need full context to know what really goes on. I like the idea of more Amy/Mary interactions too. They're such fun characters.
  3. There are a few more Shamy details on instagram. It’s not difficult to find them as long as you know how to view a user’s instagram stories. One interesting thing posted is that Sheldon is upset because ‘his mother thinks he can’t find a mate, and his mate thinks that he can’t run his life.’ (A big fangirl squeal from me that he calls her his mate, btw). Anyway, Amy gets him to admit to Mary that they are living in sin together ‘like two New Yorkers’ . Apparently it is also later revealed that she told Mary about it ahead of time. Anyone who has watched this show and paid attention knows that narrative 1 is the truth. Sheldon is pretty adultish these days, but his mother doesn’t necessarily understand that. In this episode, it looks like narrative 2 is somewhat akin to Mary’s point of view. She knows more of him as the child he once was than the man he has become. If Sheldon is hurt that his mom still sees him as a difficult child who needs taking care of, then the show itself is actually pushing back on that idea. Also, his anger with Amy sounds like it is for similar reasons. He didn’t want her to make that decision for him or to coddle him by talking with Mary ahead of time. Rebelling like a teenager by piercing his ear might be his way of trying to get everyone to stop treating him like a child. It’s ironically immature, but I suspect that helps make it funnier. I don’t think this is the first time this season that Sheldon has made it clear that Amy is not a mother figure to him. Since I’m not a fan of the times when the show has treated him like a child (or pet), I think I like where this is going.
  4. There were a few nice moments, but I found a lot of this episode disappointing. I’m not fond of these episodes where there’s lots of infighting and bickering among the characters. It tends to make everyone involved look bad, and worst of all, it’s just not that funny. There was potential in the idea of Sheldon and Leonard sorting out their stuff. The way it was handled, though, felt sloppy and illogical. For weeks (months?), Sheldon has been compromising well enough to succeed at living in a tiny apartment with Amy. He hasn’t shown any previous interest in taking stuff from 4A, not even the couch with his beloved spot. For these reasons, I found his sudden, extreme selfishness out of place with what we’ve been seeing. Leonard’s responses felt off to me too. He gave in right away, even going so far as to tell Sheldon to take anything, not even trying to suggest they compromise. The reason given was that he didn’t want to bother arguing. But then seconds later, in the very same scene, he helped create a big fight anyway. None of it made sense, and their ensuing attempts to upset each other didn’t seem to have any purpose either. It all came across like a forced, manufactured scenario. And then we got the nonsensical resolution of Theodore claiming it was all about love to finish things off. The bright point of the week, for me, was the stuff with the painting. That kind of mild conflict is funnier to me because of the underlying good nature of it. On one hand, there was Amy, returning ‘the greatest gift she’s ever given’ to its rightful owner, and on the other hand there was Penny, obviously not wanting it back, but too kind-hearted to be willing to hurt her friend’s feelings. That fit their characters well, felt natural, and was fun to watch. Raj, Howard, and Bernadette have been feeling like a separate show this season. I haven’t really enjoyed Raj’s sad role in all of that, and now they’ve doubled down on the awkwardness by cramming in Stuart as a fourth wheel. All we seemed to gain from that addition was some more petty bickering among characters and Howard left looking lazy. I like these characters, but they weren’t at their best this week. I’ve enjoyed most of the episodes this season, so I’m hoping this week’s subpar episode was just an anomaly.
  5. I’m one of those who found those scenes cringe-worthy, but even so, it’s some of my absolute favorite moments for Penny’s character. Amy’s behavior got very inappropriate at times, and I don’t think anyone would have blamed Penny if she had chosen not to be Amy’s friend. But instead we got to see that she has a big heart and tremendous kindness even for someone as awkward and different from her as Amy was. She was able to see how much Amy needed a friend and gave her that much longed for acceptance. That friendship did great things for Amy's character growth as well. For a show that so often focuses on Penny’s appearance, I enjoy any moments where we get to see her other character qualities shine. Personally, these other qualities are the things I find most endearing about her.
  6. Yup. I'm bored, so I image searched a couple of the pictures on the wall. The robot one is obviously in black and white in that room.
  7. If we ever get a good look at that MRI, I am enough of a dork that I'm going to look up what the lit areas of his brain correspond to. You know, for science It’s such an amazing gift for him to give a neurobiologist. Whatever doubts she may have ever had must be completely gone by now—she can read his feelings directly out of his brain.
  8. I can think of quite a lot of sexual things that a person can accomplish with one hand, but regardless, I'm not interested in arguing with your personal definition of this term. My definition is the one shared by wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Making_out
  9. I wonder what Sheldon's reactions will be in this scene when Amy glances over at him each time. There must be something interesting about his demeanor for Leonard to read the situation as both of them wanting to have sex. It's nice to have the other characters help drive home the point that things between Amy and Sheldon are mutual.
  10. I was spoiler free for about a year and a half, and I’ve got to say that the conversation in these spoiler threads is interesting. It’s more negative than I would’ve expected, but interesting. I’m a huge nit for using the correct word in the correct spot, so I can’t resist joining in for a bit. Coitus is a very narrow term that refers to intercourse, more specifically of the man/woman variety, and nothing else. Sex is a broad term that encompasses all sexual acts, even though people like to use it interchangeably with coitus. Making out is also a fairly broad term that includes a wide variety of sexual acts, but it does exclude anything penetrative. The show has been very clear that they haven’t had coitus in a year, but the show has also told us that they both enjoy making out. There is no reason, imo, to presume that either of them have found the activities that they do engage in to be… unsatisfying. If anything, 10.04’s tag scene showed us that they are both quite enthusiastic for whatever it is that they have been doing. Coitus, or PiV sex, is not the be all and end all of sexual activity. A sexual relationship does not need to contain that act to somehow ‘count’ or be legitimate. I think Amy has been shown to be content about waiting for coitus because she is, in fact, content with the extent of their physical intimacy to date. From the recent taping info, of the two of them, it sounds like it's Sheldon who is shown clock watching. And yes, I know Sheldon seemed relieved when Amy took coitus off the table in 10.04. He is the one who created the situation of sharing a bed, though, and despite being nervous, he admitted to feeling excited at the prospect as well. Personally, I think it was the uncertainty and not knowing what would be expected of him during the huge change in living arrangements that was causing most of his nervousness, and it makes sense that he (and Amy too) would feel relieved at having one less change to worry about all at once. Like many of you, I was not pleased with the gift giving aspect of “Opening Night”, but throughout this season I think it has been made clear that Sheldon is an active, happy participant in this part of their relationship, and Amy has in no way pushed or insisted on anything. That’s what I’ve wanted to see for them all along, and from the most recent taping info, it sounds like that upcoming episode will continue to reinforce the mutual nature of things for them. Sheldon sticking to his word on the one year nonsense for one particular sex act (or because the writers think it’s clever) is not that big of a deal to me in comparison to everything else.
  11. I heard that there were no spoilers this week, so I figured it’s safe to stick my head in here to see what people think of the episode I got to attend. It looks like everyone saw things pretty much the way I did, so I don’t have much to add. There were some funny moments and zinging one-liners, and the Shamy bits were sweet. It’s definitely filler, though, relative to other recent episodes. Like many of you have said, the way Amy has been written this season is fantastic. She’s funny, quirky, confident, and they’ve even let her do science stuff again. Switching Sheldon into the role of the person who pushes their relationship forward has helped provide a refreshing change. It felt like Amy’s characterization was a bit off last season, and it’s been so wonderful to have her back, even more snarky than ever! Your whole post is a good read, but I want to drop a friendly reminder in here that writing a TR is difficult. No matter how much detail is included, someone will always read the wrong thing into it or misinterpret it. That’s one of the reasons that I know some folks who attend choose not to write one at all. I chose to stick very strictly to the facts of the episode as best as I could recall—what was said and what happened. Since it is subjective, I left my interpretations of line delivery, character motivation, and tone of a scene out on purpose, and then included all of that in separate posts from the TR to help clarify when people started making panicky assumptions. Opinions mixed into a TR are apt to cause even worse misunderstandings (imagine if a Shenny shipper wrote one…), so I don’t regret doing it that way. If that was annoying, then so be it, I guess. It's worth keeping in mind that the show always needs to be seen to get a proper feel for it. Anyway, I’ve really enjoyed browsing the discussions in this thread since I don’t usually get to do that as a spoiler free fan. It’s been an awesome Shamy season, and I’m going to keep my fingers crossed for more greatness in December’s upcoming episodes. It’s less than a month until Amy’s birthday, after all
  12. I know I’m super late to the party here, but that last episode was so great. Really, this whole season has progressed nicely as far as the Shamy relationship goes. It was nice to see some of Penny and Amy’s friendship, and that scene with the languages was very funny. Actually a lot of the various friendships got to play a role in this episode, and it was wonderful to see all seven of them gathered together again. We learned a lot of interesting things this episode, like the fact that Sheldon enjoys living with Amy, that she didn’t need to lie in the first place, that he is a much more flexible and forgiving person than he once was, and that Amy is still the one who understands and relates to him in ways that no one else can. The two of them living in 4B is something that I didn’t expect, but seeing the way it has unfolded, it’s hard to imagine it being any other way. It’s neutral ground for the two of them to compromise as opposed to 4A, which would’ve been dominated by Sheldon. I’ve also been pleased with getting to see Leonard and Penny having their own space and relationship development. This episode culminated in a big decision for Sheldon, but I enjoyed the way they handled that hallway scene in such a quiet and understated way. As one choice Sheldon had his spot, Leonard, routine, familiarity, and homeostasis. Aside from his work, that was pretty much the sum total of everything that mattered to him when the series began. For his other choice there was Amy alone. But as it turned out, she alone was enough. Just one brief moment of her being herself made his difficult dilemma very simple. Sheldon choosing Amy with no outside pressure from her or anyone else is the thing I’ve most wanted for a long time now. It’s happened a few times this season already, with Sheldon selecting their living arrangement experiment and now choosing to continue it indefinitely. I’m hoping that it’ll be an ongoing theme for the rest of the season.
  13. Hey, Monique! Yeah, I was pretty sure that it was you I saw there yesterday at some point. We did meet at Paley. When you didn’t show up in the chat later that night, I thought I must’ve somehow been mistaken. Now I wish I’d stopped over to say hello. I think 9.8 ended up turning my brain to mush too. I think everyone is going to love that one, even if not the one we saw taped.
  14. Yeah, the baby thing could easily be nothing more than an excuse, but it is the stated reason in the episode. Still, Sheldon sure does like to lie to himself quite often when he takes a step forward in his relationship with Amy. - He acts like she’s an acquaintance that he can easily cut off a friendship with, but then buys a bunch of cats once she’s gone because he misses her so much. - He insists that she is a girl who is his friend, not his girlfriend for ages, but when he asks her to be his girlfriend, he already has a Relationship Agreement written and ready to go. - He starts holding her hand with the excuse that it’s under the stress of Howard’s space launch. - He kisses her for the first time with some impulsive plan to mock Amy’s interest in romance. - He gets her a thoughtful Christmas gift because it will somehow ruin Christmas for her. I mean, really? - And of course there is the coitus, which takes place with the pretense of it being a birthday gift. I’d say that’s a fair pattern to support the idea that there is more to his seduction plan than meets the eye.
  15. It’s hard to make this clear in a TR, but this was really a fleeting, throw-away, nothing moment. Sheldon was obviously upset, and rather than picking a fight with him about his brief bout of insensitivity, Amy walks across the room to get a drink. The only real attachment this might have to the main plot is that when Bert is later the one to be rude with regard to Amy, we get to find out how unacceptable Sheldon finds that to be. I had great seats with most things being filmed right in front of me, so I had a great time Other than a few messed up lines, there wasn't much in the way of bloopers or behind the scenes moments. Mayim sat in Sheldon's spot and read a magazine when the audience was having pizza. It amused me to see 'Amy' casually hanging out in Sheldon's spot. As for the Shenny thing, Penny yells at Sheldon and calls him a baby. Sheldon then is the one who reiterates what Amy just said, so to be clear, it's more like Penny jars him out of his pouty funk, but it’s Amy’s words that have actually reached him. I didn't find that part funny, though
  16. All of his attempts were more hilarious than sexy, imo, but that's a very subjective thing. I mean, it's hot in an over-the-top, dorky Sheldon kind of way, so Amy's final line might show that she would disagree with me
  17. A few comments about 10.08: Sheldon is trying to seduce her right away because he tracks her cycle and knows that she is fertile for the next 36 hours. ‘Fertile as a field full of manure’, as I recall. At this statement, Amy tells him that she can feel her eggs trying to retreat back far away into her abdomen. The leap from creating a neural network together to trying to make a baby was not weird at all. Sheldon spoke of their successful neural network experiment like he was a proud father, and when he talked about the next natural step, I was sure that he would suggest having a baby. His phrasing about them both dropping their pants was still explicit enough to be a surprise, though. Amy is clear that she doesn’t feel ready to have a baby. She does not appear to be swayed by Sheldon’s over-the-top seduction attempts. The physical comedy is excellent in this episode, and something that you will have to see to fully appreciate. I laughed more at this episode than I did at the one where they moved in together. Even though Amy doesn’t appear to be turned on at all, I believe that this was just to set up the surprise of the final scene. When she shuts the door and says 'that was a close one', I think that was a sign that she may very well have been enjoying his other attempts as well. As pure speculation, I think that this episode might be a way of getting the audience used to the idea of a more sexual Sheldon, and from the audience’s reaction, I’d say it went very well. To have a situation where he makes these escalating attempts at seduction, there needed to be a reason for Amy to turn him down. While the stated reason is that Amy doesn’t want to have a baby yet, I also like to think she turned him down because she doesn’t want to have coitus with him when he only seems to want it for that reason. Just like she took it off the table while they live together so that he wouldn’t feel obligated while they shared a bed, I don’t think she wants to do it again with him for any other reason than that they both want to. I’m really hoping that this is all setting up a second time for them that has no excuses or pretenses.
  18. It’s hard to make this clear in a TR, but this was really a fleeting, throw-away, nothing moment. Sheldon was obviously upset, and rather than picking a fight with him about his brief bout of insensitivity, Amy walks across the room to get a drink. The only real attachment this might have to the main plot is that when Bert is later the one to be rude with regard to Amy, we get to find out how unacceptable Sheldon finds that to be. Penny doesn’t repeat the same thing. She yells at him and calls him a baby. It’s Sheldon who reiterates what Amy just said, so if it makes you feel any better, it’s more like Penny jars him out of his pouty funk, but it’s Amy’s words that have actually reached him. I still didn’t find this funny, though. If there’s audience laughter, it isn’t from me. Also, Amy's jealousy over Penny's looks sounded, to me, like it was an issue left in the past. She stopped feeling jealous once Penny got that haircut, and I didn't have the impression that it's something she feels anymore.
  19. I sent this to Tensor, but I'm not sure if he's around right now, so I'm posting it here. If anyone has questions about this episode or the one taped last week that we got to see, feel free to ask. I'll try to check in tomorrow and answer. The Geology Elevation Director: Mark Cendrowski Story by: Chuck Lorre, Eric Kaplan, & Maria Ferari Teleplay by: Steve Holland, Jim Reynolds, & Jeremy Howe I wasn’t expecting to write a TR, and this is purely from memory. Things might be out of order or missing or otherwise a bit off. At the cafeteria with all the guys. Sheldon is displeased and jealous about the fact that Bert has won a $500k grant for geology research. The other guys congratulate Bert, and Bert tells a boring story about winning the grant. Sheldon offers an insincere congratulations, and when Bert leaves, says something about how Bert didn’t recognize the sarcasm. Leonard says it was the best sarcasm ever. Sheldon thanks Leonard for the compliment. On the stairs with Leonard, Penny, Amy, and Sheldon. Penny heard Bert on the radio, telling the same boring story as before. Sheldon wonders who even listens to the radio anymore? Amy encourages Sheldon to read Bert’s paper. At Howard and Bernadette’s kitchen, Howard tells her that he wants to introduce her to someone. It’s a remote control mini-Stephen Hawking. It can spin in circles and has sayings in Hawking’s voice. Bernadette insists that it’s insensitive. Later at 4A, Amy, Penny, and Leonard watch from the kitchen island while Sheldon reads Bert’s paper in his spot. He makes a bunch of faces while doing so, and Penny says it’s like flipping through the emoji’s on her phone. Talking to the research paper in his hands, Sheldon asks ‘why?’ on one page, and does the same on the next. On the third he says, ‘Oh, that’s why.’ Amy says it sounds like that night when they had coitus. Sheldon realizes the research is pretty good, and Leonard suggests that he and Sheldon go for a walk so Sheldon can cool down Sheldon and Leonard are out on their walk. To symbolically toss away his anger, Sheldon picks up a rock. The scene cuts back to 4A with Sheldon’s injured feet propped up on the coffee table. Amy checks his feet and puts ice packs on them. She holds his hand and tells him to think about all the good things that he has, including love, a good job, etc. Sheldon tells her that she has all of those same things, but nobody’s lining up to be her. Amy goes to the kitchen to have a drink and rethink her life choices. Penny takes a turn, telling Sheldon to quit being a baby. That works right away, and he agrees, saying that he should think of all the good things that he has and that Bert’s success is not Sheldon’s failure. Amy is not amused. Leonard agrees that Amy should rethink her life choices. At Howard and Bernadette’s kitchen, Howard tells Raj that he has something to show him. Of himself and Bernadette, one finds the item hilarious, and the other thinks it’s offensive. Raj doesn’t have a hard time figuring out who thinks what. Back at the cafeteria, Sheldon has resolved not to feel jealous. He hobbles around on his injured feet, and goes over and tells Bert that his research is good. Bert says he’s been hearing that a lot. He also says that as a winner, he can offer suggestions for other nominees for the grant in the future. Since engineers are often overlooked, he asks Sheldon what Wolowitz has been working on. Sheldon says he’s not sure, walks out into the hallway, and we hear a bang and shout. Then Sheldon calls out to Leonard that he is injured again. Leonard excuses himself from the guys, saying that he needs to go take some pictures. Back at 4A, Sheldon now has an icepack on his head. He went to punch the water fountain and slipped on the water in front of it. I’m not sure if I’ve forgotten the rest of this, or if it ties into the next scene. All 7 are at 4A to eat. They sympathize with what it’s like to feel jealous. Raj says that he’s jealous of L&P’s relationship and H&B’s. Amy says what about her and Sheldon? Raj says, ok, sure. For her part, Amy mentions how she has felt jealous of Penny’s good looks. But then it was better once Penny cut her hair. The others all agree. Amy insists that she was still hot, but it was a ‘why did that hot girl cut her hair?’ kind of hot. Penny thought it was cute and tries to get Leonard to agree. He talks about how he loves her. There were several other hair jokes in here, but this was only shot once, and I don’t recall them. A few short scenes of Howard showing the toy to Amy at work, who agrees that it is insensitive. He shows it to Leonard(?), who asks if it can talk. When Howard proudly says yes, he says that it is definitely insensitive. Finally, he shows it to Kripke, who finds it hiwawious and asks if he can drive it into the women’s bathroom. This makes Howard rethink everything. At Bert’s office, Sheldon admits to him that he’s been feeling jealous and that he thought admitting it would make him feel better. It doesn’t. But he decides that since Bert is his enemy, and Sheldon is his own worst enemy right then, that the enemy of his enemy is his friend. Thus, Bert is his friend. Since they’re friends, Bert wants to know if Sheldon will go to watch the Ellen show with him. Sheldon decides maybe they can’t be friends. Bert says the same things that Amy did earlier, about how Sheldon should appreciate what he has—a girlfriend, etc. Sheldon remember that Bert was once interested in Amy and wants to know if Bert has been jealous of Sheldon’s relationship with her. Bert says he was quite a bit until he won this recent grant. Now he thinks he can do better. Cut back to 4A, and Sheldon’s hand/wrist is wrapped in an elastic bandage. Amy, Penny, and Leonard can’t believe that he punched Bert. Sheldon says it wasn’t a punch, it was a Captain Kirk karate chop, and he’s not sure Bert even noticed that he did it. To cheer Sheldon up, Leonard brings over a laptop with Stephen Hawking on it. Hawking understands jealousy, noting that he hasn’t gotten a Nobel prize. It’s ok, though, because he’s been on the Simpsons and Star Trek. Sheldon thinks they could change the Lincoln monument to honor Hawking; there’s already that big chair. Hawking mentions how what he’s always wanted is a motorized toy of himself. Leonard walks over to Amy, leans in and says, don’t say anything to Howard. Amy says she’s right ahead of him. (i.e. she knows better than to do that) Tag scene. Bert and Sheldon are at Ellen. Ellen tells a joke and we see Bert and Sheldon happy in the audience. Sheldon decides she’s great.
  20. The long awaited Sheldon hug was adorable! In spite of their occasional squabbles, he is more comfortable with Amy than would’ve ever seemed possible in earlier seasons. He also continues to compromise for her in ways that I doubt he’d ever do for anyone else. I didn’t much care for the forced and nonsensical drama of this episode, but the resultant Shamy progress was a nice ending. One other bright spot was finding out that Raj is no longer ‘dating’ either of the girls from last season. That abrupt mention was a fitting, unceremonious end to a story that I’d prefer to forget ever happened. There was no iguana joke this time, but Sheldon once again noticed Amy’s hot posterior, albeit unknowingly, due to the warmth of his seat cushion They keep bringing up the one-time-only aspect of Shamy coitus. I suppose that’s a sign that it will be addressed when their year is up. Though if they get all the way back to Amy’s birthday, at this point I think that she should consider turning him down. If it happens again, it ought to be without any kind of gift-giving pretense, imo.
  21. Hey dana1010, it's nice to see you back in this thread! This would be great. I can’t remember how long it takes to form a habit, but I think it’s several weeks, and I’m sure there have been studies on it. Maybe five weeks was a deliberate length of time for the writers to choose, and we’ll find that Amy is now embedded (hehe, bedded) into Sheldon’s routine such that he’ll have a lot of difficulty when she moves out.
  22. I avoid promos and such, but the title for this one definitely gave away the major plot point. Since I saw the title on the forum a few weeks ago, I’ve been putting off posting here until it aired in case anyone didn’t know. The previous two weeks of episodes were quite fun, but I was glad to have a Shamy heavy episode again. Random thoughts from this week: This episode was an excellent combination of sweetness and humor. No coitus since last December confirmed. Not my preference, but as long as Sheldon and Amy are shown to be content with their pacing, it doesn’t much matter when they get back to it. It wasn’t Sheldon’s idea, but he didn’t seem reluctant about them testing out living together. In fact, from their separate conversations with Penny and Leonard, both of them were quite open about the fact that they wanted the experiment to go well. Sheldon felt excited, concerned, and a little scared about them sharing a bed. Hey, at least excited got to lead the list! The way that Amy took the coitus issue off the table was very sweet, and that scene reminded me of their D&D discussion and compromise years ago. The moments when she makes sure that he isn’t feeling pressured are so important. I think her patience with him is the exact thing that makes him comfortable enough to take new steps with her. The hug on the couch also reminded me of a scene from an earlier season (the boa constrictor hug one), but now Sheldon hugs her back! There would be no story if things went smoothly, but I wouldn’t have thought watching them bicker would be so amusing. It helped that the arguing was in the midst of a lot of nice, well-intentioned moments. I guess Sheldon doesn’t sleep wrapped up like an unmoving mummy anymore. Amy landing on the floor and then getting even by using the photo flash off her phone was great. Leonard and Penny dancing in their underwear was fabulous. It’s long past time they got to live on their own. Cinnamon! My favorite special girl for Raj. The final scene was the highlight for me. Amy and Sheldon throwing science-based insults at one another and then deciding that they should go make out was laugh-out-loud funny. Sheldon’s enthusiasm at the idea was especially welcome and, imo, in-character due to the odd source of it. Amy can add ‘sexy science talk arguments’ onto the list of what turns Sheldon on, right after ‘drawing up contracts’. Sheldon’s motive for firing off those sciency insults was to goad her into continuing with their experiment. He wants their experiment to succeed just like she does. That’s the kind of thing I meant when I mentioned balancing out their acrimony with sweetness. It’s so tempting to go look up the previews for next week, but I’m going to resist. This living situation is a refreshing change, even though I know it’s only temporary. Maybe if it continues to be funny the writers will have the courage to make it permanent. I don’t blame them for wanting to test out such a big change and gauge the audience reaction first.
  23. Super late, but here are my random thoughts about the first episode: - I’m glad that they picked up where they left off at the end of last season and that Penny and Leonard got to have their wedding redo. It made for a fun, amusing, angst-free episode. - First joke of the season made fun of the ridiculousness of the living situation. I hope the fact that they’re drawing attention to it means that they plan to address it. - With so many characters, we didn’t get to see much of Penny’s family. Of what we did see, I think they overdid the drug and jail jokes. - Beverly and Alfred only got along for the briefest moment. I’m so glad it was to say something nice about their son. And it wasn’t even turned in to a joke! - The guidance system stuff has been an ongoing thing for a while, so I hope they find a way to make it more interesting if they keep on with it. I find it a bit dull. - All the little snarky outbursts at the wedding were pretty funny, more so because of the way Bernadette handled it. - I didn’t care for the interjection of Sheldon at the end of the wedding. Much as I enjoy their friendships, Sheldon as a third wheel in the Leonard/Penny relationship has gotten old. - Amy played the harp! Her dress was cute. She often reminds me of a little girl playing dress-up at grandma’s house when she tries to look fancy. - Sheldon has gone from the “She is not for you” in season 5 to the more direct “She’s mine” - “Your genitals are a joy to behold” really did sound like something Amy would have said, lol
  24. I'm glad to see several more spoiler free folks showing up! Less than two weeks to go... Wishes for Season 10: 1) That we find out coitus was not just a one-time event. Even though it’s not my favorite line, Sheldon’s comment at the end of “Opening Night” was very in-character. He always tells himself that nothing will change (whatsoever!) whenever he takes a step forward in their relationship. But there’s plenty of past examples that show us that he knows it’s not true, and once he takes a step, we’ve never seen him backtrack before. Anyway, I’m a big, chest-thumping fan of enthusiastic consent in all things coitus, and I’d prefer that they make it clear that it is something that Sheldon wants rather than having another occasion where it could appear to be some kind of obligation. 2) Sheldon to live on his own for a while, preferably with some sleepovers with Amy. After all the changes he went through last year, I’ve come to see how it might, maybe, possibly, make a tiny bit of sense that the roommate situation is ongoing. Penny and Leonard would want to make sure that they will be successful when they attempt to move out, so they might have been trying to avoid too much change for Sheldon at once. Going through the breakup, getting back together, and coitus would have already been an overwhelming amount of change in a short time for him last year. At this point, though, it definitely needs to be dealt with. Living on his own would be a good growth opportunity for Sheldon, it wouldn’t change the show too much, and seeing him try to be an adult all on his own could have comedic potential. 3) An engagement at the end of the year. We know Sheldon was planning this at the end of Season 8, so I think it would be weird to not have it come up at some point this season.
  25. I'm going to be spoiler free again this year for sure. With no breakup cliffhanger this time, I think it should be even easier to resist spoilers. Definitely looking forward to the upcoming season!
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