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  1. And of course i agree with walnutcowboy, i love Billie/Rose But hands down, Donna was the best Companion Catherine Tate and David Tennant were so hilarious!
  2. WOHOOOOOO! Thanks for this Thread. HELLO SWEETIE! Gosh, i love that Guy more than my Boyfriend. Nojoke.
  3. Yes! i don't like the german synchro, Sheldon has such a high voice in german, i think. The laughing track is such a mess :D i'd prefer to watch it in english :D but thumbs up for "Prosieben" they send the Season 8 as soon as possible! I really thought the same with the Night, but after i read the Taping Report now, i think The Episode is okay, so I can deal with it Soon, we'll get our " OMG ASDFGHKL" Episode with Shamy, i know it And it's not a setback It's nice to see someone who's german AND Shamyfan! :D I've really thought i would be the only german Shamyshipper, cause the fandom isn't the same here, so thank god for the internet! :D
  4. The Episode sounds a little bit awkward...and i hoped it would be shamy stuff...meh
  5. So it's true....huh....uhm well...i'm disappointed a bit
  6. P.S. Tensor you make a great Job here!
  7. I don't get it O.O Is it fake or is it real? :D I can't enter the Chat and i'm too excited, i've waited the whole night here :D
  8. Hey Galaxia! I'm from Germany too and i'm waiting the whole night here for the taping Report! :D I was a silent Reader here, since more than a year! sounds a bit creepy LOL :D Anyway I'm a Shamy shipper. hardcore. Since 2011. Neverending lovestory! :D And i was too shy, to write something here, cause my english isn't perfect, although my family lives in the United States! However i love the forum here! and thank you Galaxia, you gave me the confidence to write something here! WITH my bad english hahahah :D Welcome!
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