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  1. 1. The return of Dale. Please! 2. Stuart Story: A new comic book store opens in the neighborhood. Specialized in girlie stuff Sailor Moon etc. The store is very popular and conducted by a woman. The girls offer Stuart their help and spy out the new store. There are a lot of possibilities: Cosplay (Amy as pirate lolita cameo of a K-Pop star (it's still popular, or?). The comic book store lady could be a love affair for Stuart :-)
  2. Maybe someone mentioned this idea before: A guest appereance of Benedict Cumberbatch! He is known for his role as Sherlock but he played also Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness. This could be a wonderful episode with a lot fandom references. Mr Cumberbatch attends a signing session in Stuarts comic book store and the girls are there to catch a glimpse of "Sherlock" too. He could be also a new enemy for Sheldon. (Khaaan!)
  3. Not my cat. This is a german castle cat named Sheldon. (Sheldon Schlosskatzi) He has his own Facebook account. The castle ground is huge. Sheldon gets sometimes lost. Visitors of the castle are asked for to take pictures of him so his owner can track him better. http://cat-news.net/schlosskater-sheldon-2699 (sorry, german)
  4. I like the idea. But I'd like rather prefer a surprised twist. Maybe a choice like this? (no offense)
  5. ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Trailer to Debut With ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ http://screencrush.com/star-trek-trailer-star-wars/
  6. I think the writers going to the same path like in "The Agreement Dissection" (Amys hangover): Amy: "Okay. Don’t really know where we go from here." Sheldon: "I suggest we treat our relationship as if it were a crashed computer and restore it to the last point we both agree it worked."
  7. I'd like to know if the last chapter/epilogue of "The chaos cognizance" already is in work? (You wanted to publish "close to season 9 premier".) I'd be very happy (and I think not only me) if you could finish this story. :-) I love new story "The sience of love" too. Thank you!!! (and sorry for my English)
  8. I'm disappointed. My first thought: Amy tries the forbidden fruits of a Bohemian life ... including kisses strangers. And Sheldon is the sorrowful and broken saint. He was ready to propose ....and has to witness that Amy kisses a other man. Now all (esp. the common audience) are sad for Sheldon. It is not fair to imply that the Shamy breake-up is only Amys blame. I think the writers will never tell us Amys reasons (too much screen time). None of them mentioned the relationship agreement in the unaired episodes, or? (sorry for my English)
  9. Fanfiction.net is UP and reachable. (isitdownrightnow.com)3 minutes later: Fanfiction.net is having problems.
  10. I didn't like the Raj/Howard (distasteful) joke about the overweight Sailor Moon. But she was good enough for a threesome at the Comic Con!! (if I remind me correctly). I would have wished me a big-hearted girlfriend for Raj who shares his interests. I liked the idea about a friendship between Amy and Raj girlfriend (now Emily). A (now) tough girl who has made similar bad experiences in her youth like Amy.
  11. Please, don't hit me but I think a girl like in "The Hofstadter Isotope" would be funny. A girl with more nerd/geek passion (maybe Cospaly?) who loves Raj cooking skills and is jealous of Raj crazy love to Cinnamon. :-) I know it's not possible but my wish cast would be Rebel Wilson (Pitch Perfect).
  12. Thank you ... I didn't know that Miss Bialik has still problems with her hand. My intension was a guest appearance of Sara Gilbert for one episode.
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