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  1. Thank you very much:) !! I had not seen it ! Wow, I'm glad that (based on what can we see in the pic) I was wrong about the hairstyle and makeup. Even though nothing can change my mind about how hideous/ bad joke the dress is nor my opinion about the writers and their very poorly way to treat amy I think that pic gave me the courage to watch the episode.
  2. I know exactly how you feel because I feel the same way, I stopped watching the show about 2 season until I learned about the wedding, I was so excited and happy especially for amy, but this is just too much, it seems to me like the writers are trying to say ey! Amy is the ugly one let's make her look like a bad joke on her wedding day because you know, it's funny! But it's not, not for me and not for many bbt fans who love amy. It's insulting, I can not find a real justification for that I just can't.. Because i've got the feeling that even the hairstyle and the make up are as bad as the dres
  3. HI guys! Oh my god! I can not even explain or describe (even in my native language) how awful hideous and horrible the dress is... The wedding was my last hope to see a "good looking amy" but no! Seriously writers?? Is it that hard? Not only one time not even on her wedding day?? There were so many ways to make her look classy or elegant, but they prefer to make her look like a gigantic pile of toilet paper. We know that bernie and penny are the good looking hot girls on the show and that is not the amy's escence but this is just.. Ridiculous and really painful to watch... Not funny at all..
  4. to quote sheldon: Thank you Kazzie for all the info!!...
  5. this... totally agree... First of all thank you to all those who kindly provide us spoilers.. really really appreciate it!!! big THANK YOU!!! Second, although there's a lot of good positive points that almost change my mind... I do think that Sheldon cheated on amy; I'm a shamy shipper (honestly not the same way that I used to be) but most of all I'm a Amy shipper, and it hurts me so much the way she has been treated (obviously by the writers in form of Sheldon and his sometimes unbelievable circumstances). Is Sheldon that stupid to not realize the real intentions from Ramona even when
  6. I agree with the lenny part, i'm not a big fan of them but still... i do think they deserve better (especially leonard), and i'd rather see something related to lenny even to howardette in the season finale than shamy drama again (if i can remember correctly season 7 and 8 ended with some shamy drama at least they were apart and not in the best way) what i'm not pretty sure is about Shamy being completely loved the past two seasons, from my perspective and many other shamy fans the writers ruined so many things we really loved about them as a couple, not to mention the way they're treating amy
  7. Molaro and Lorre after the amount of hate they're going to receive from this day on, when the episode airs and forever more if they destroy shamy again.. why do the writers hate so much to the shamy fans??? whyyyy?? we're good people...
  8. agree... the train kiss was very special probably the only one that i really liked.. but the last ones.. jesus! just no! they are not even realistic at all, they're forced, fake and again really painful to watch, i know that a lot of people disagree with me and enjoy those scenes and it's great!! but i don't... Sheldon clearly is still struggling with intimacy like molaro said, we see again that he just does it because you know it's an annual event, they have a contract and he needs to respect that agreement, sheldon had sex with amy not because he wants to do it but because he HAS to!!
  9. It's been so long since the last time i've posted something on this forum but here i go. I must say i was hoping that shamy and the show in general was getting better this season but i was soooo wrong!! in fact i had not even watched the show until now that encourage myself to do it, and i regret it so badly.. First off.. (and thanks Crismo for point this out) Why the Shamy kisses are still so forced and something that is really painful to watch? i don't know if this has to do with some "acting skills" (even though Jim and Mayim are an amazing wonderful actors), maybe they're terrible ki
  10. Mary was so sweet to amy awww I LOVED IT!!. well, i agree with @Tonstar17, i didn't like Sheldon's "our wedding" line specially because amy was there. People can say it was "a joke" I'm sorry but i don't get it either, for a long time those "jokes" are repetitive and continually used, maybe because is the perfect way to describe what actually happens to sheldon and lenny; they are "actually" a weird "three people marriage", they're living together (to quote Molaro: otherwise the DNA of the show would change so much), sheldon planned a special honeymoon for them, sheldon is specially inter
  11. Oh dear lord!! what's next? sheldon going back to kindergarten?? dressing him up like a 5 year-old?? Come on writers!!! HE'S almost 40!! this is just ridiculous!!
  12. OMG!! This!! thank you for point it out!! exactly my thoughts!! I'm glad i'm not the only one who has notice that stup*d and cruel thing, (well one of the many they write to amy). That bothers me the most, we know Penny is the "hot one" she is the sexy blond girl yes!! we get it!, but that is not excuse for the writers are continuously trying to portray amy like the ugly, "hairy" horny "female scientist", (at least Bernie gets some cute hairstyles from time to time despite her old fashioned sense, amy's hair most of the time is messy) and make cheap jokes about it; Amy is beautiful in her own
  13. I'm not a rating expert i don't even know how this works to be honest .. but i agree with the inconsistencies you point it out.. for starters if Molaro didn't like changes or take risks he shouldn't let leonard and penny got married much less sheldon having sex with amy, clearly he (and the rest of the producers and writers) is in his comfort zone with the repetitive plots we see each episode, the same jokes, the same conflicts which never get resolve, i think they're afraid to screw up the "old-good" things that made the show succesful and have worked for them during a long time that's why t
  14. yup... some "Shenny-benefits" I guess .. @Lionne and @camelliayao i couldn't agree more with your posts... the part I liked the most was definitely Beverly and Amy, i really loved finally see someone who shows a little bit of empathy, respect and sympathy for amy, for who she is without the need to make fun of her feelings, concerns or complains.. like Bev said: You're an extraordinary woman!! i loved that line and the way Christine delivered it was awesome.. what can i say about the rest of the episode that has not being said it yet?...I felt very sad when amy asked stuart if sheldon paid
  15. I agree with part of your post , and yes Amy makes a lot of mistakes specially because of her lack of self-steem (because a woman who loved herself don't get all the cr*p amy gets) that is her biggest problem.. of course was Amy's decision (fault) to get back together with sheldon, but that doesn't justify we have to see her to be treated like a doormat or we're not keep seeing Sheldon's disrespectful attitude in order to humiliate her and make some cheap jokes (i'm not blaming sheldon here i'm blaming the writers), I used to love shamy because it was precisely their quirkiness, their "non-tr
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