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  1. Maybe her last appearance in season 8 where she said she wanted to be more unconditional towards Leonard had more of an affect than we thought? Not that she would necessarily be good at it.
  2. 1. Sure he can, just like I can choose to hate Michael bays transformers movies without seeing them after revenge of the fallen made me abhor his movies. It just doesn't make me the most reliable witness. 2. I thought you disagreeing with my comment and liking his comment on ALL THE season 9 EPISODES being crap was sufficient enough to conclude you felt the same way he did. If im misreading this, then I apologize.
  3. For all Leonard knows IF he had taken time to sit down and explain to her why he's not touching that money (unless it was an emergency), Penny might have respected his wishes. We don't know for sure if Penny has taken anything out either way since she learned about it.
  4. Leonard should've had more faith in his wife that she could restrain from touching that money.
  5. 1. He took down his never trust Steve molaro signature THE SECOND shamy reconciled. Obviously he couldn't be that unhappy with those episodes, if they managed to get him to do that. 2. I still disagree, also I remember a post from The Bachelor Party Corrosion where you said "I really liked it".
  6. Given that the baby is coming from the couple that is third in the pecking order, I can see their side. The baby could start off being as active a presence as Howard's mom and doesn't get much beyond that, who knows. The Leonard/Sheldon odd couple dynamic has been a prime foundation of this show from day one. Howard/bernies lives, for better or worse have not. Not that I necessarily disagree with you on the show being able to survive that transition. But I can understand tptb keeping a form of that dynamic in universe/out of universe.
  7. 1. Really, then why bother watching when all the episodes are crap? Also I remember you praising this year's valentines episode. 2. That's nice, I disagree with your disagreement.
  8. Bernie never categorically ruled out kids. What is the dream wedding Amy described? Also shamy had plenty of focus this season that didn't involve fighting, like having sex.
  9. All of them? The bachelor party episode, the spockumentary, and shamys first night; rank among the best episodes IMO.
  10. After that Mandy incident and Leonards secret savings account, he's not really in a position to be throwing stones at penny. Any rude behavior on Penny's part is small compared to Leonards infractions.
  11. If there is truth to this (and ONLY if there is) than I predict a specific development that's going to make alot of Lenny's groan.
  12. One doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the other.
  13. Penny went to 4b after her husband said she wasn't a mature adult. Yes penny and Sheldon, were in specfic wrongs as well. It doesn't change the fact that Leonard signed the damn thing, and has attended the meetings in the past. Nothing was given to us saying that Leonard couldn't take some time out of his night to attend a meeting that only happens once every four months.
  14. No there was the earworm reverberation.
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