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  1. Except 5miss NEVER said he was making an assumption. He said it was a CLEAR MAJORITY as if to suggest you can quantify those opinions to mean they represent more than half (or most of what specific people thought in this case. At least that's how I interpreted his statement. If he had said a clear majority of the members ON THOSE SITES AND ONLY THOSE SITES, I would agree. But he didn't, he said "a clear majority of people who are invested in the series"
  2. -no because even if I did do what you asked it wouldn't prove its a majority. It would prove its a large sum like I pointed out. -I didn't move any goalposts, you used a term (majority) that is used to define as more than half or most numbers of a specific quantity (in this case, people who hated the wedding out of all people who have an opinion about the wedding). This would mean that you know the exact amount of fans/viewers who have a specific opinion of the wedding. But neither of us will likely never know the exact number.
  3. -at best that's a large sum of people, but that doesn't prove its the majority. -theres a large sum of people out there on the internet who calls the show offensive to nerds. Are those same people right as well?
  4. Why is that a reason for her mother not being mentioned as to her whereabouts?
  5. -one parent for each is harldy something worth noting. What was the in story reason for Bernie's mom not being there? Also you would've wanted Beverly there? -not everybody feels Lenny got shit. Some People whined about the 100th episode being about Lenny and no one else. So the show can't win with anyone apparently.
  6. Well molaro suggested they weren't doing anything ambitious for the 200th, so there you go.
  7. -more like they were writing what is IC for bev. -they didn't give howardette a reception either. That must mean they hate them too. [/sarcasm]
  8. Maybe not financially, but living space wise they get more closet space.
  9. I want to see Leonard, Howard, and Raj debate with Adam West who the best batman is NOW!!!!!
  10. In retrospect if shamydawson was typing from her phone I can forgive that slip. Also Leonard and sheldon have seen each other pantsless, the VERY FIRST EPISODE. also find it cute how Leonard and Amy are fighting over who should console sheldon.
  11. In chat trina reconfirmed, that it was "now your one of my favorite people".
  12. Well we can wait for more corroborating reports, or for the final edit of the episode. Especially since the final edit is what's canon.
  13. Your assumptions WITH YOU hanging this claim as if it were FACT on it: "Forgetting wasn't IC, it was a regressed Penny."
  14. -Your assuming she remembered that for a long time in the first season, as opposed to maybe she learned it in the same week, and is not capable of forgetting it later on, or getting the dates mixed up. -What makes you think she remembers them all the time and doesn't forget some of them, and then has to relearn them? In the episode she entered what she assumed to be his birthday into his table. She was nonchalant about it, suggesting that she assumed she knew. Turns out she got the date wrong and was embarrassed about it. I got my mothers birthdate mixed up in 2007 with October 13th (it's the 12th), WHY? because the year before that (2006) was her 50th birthday on FRIDAY the 13th we all threw her a big party that I helped organize, and we all made jokes about how she would be cursed for having that party on FRIDAY THE 13th. But because I remembered Friday the 13th being the BIG CELEBRATION that year (as opposed to her actual birthdate) & because of FRIDAY THE 13th, I assumed that October 13th was her birthday, I got it wrong BECAUSE I associated specific information with her birthday. Why is it unreasonable to believe that she might have got his birthdate mixed up with another date in that same month? Daredevil is a part of the Marvel Franchise, not DC.
  15. -Sure they have in the first 2 episodes & the 2003 approximation, but still I see this as more moving the goal posts. -Again moving the goal posts, just because they weren't THE ONES WITH THE MOST FOCUS, doesn't mean they had no focus PERIOD. -Why does that matter, whether it was separate or not? -Pretty sure they never said that. -Didn't you just get done saying they weren't the centric plot in that episode?
  16. I could get that for, something like say The Earworm Reverberation, but even the 2003 Approximation, The Thanksgiving episode or the Therapist episode? Those last three episodes had plots that revolved around them as a couple, and their actions drove the episodes directions in their plots.
  17. What characterizations? Again I see that as moving the goal posts. What difference does it make if he's involved this season compared to the previous ones? I don't see why Sheldon being involved in a Lenny plot in in some way makes it count any less as Lenny having focus today, than it did back in previous seasons episodes, like The Bad Fish Paradigm, The Guitarist Amplification, The Decoupling Fluctuation, The Spoiler Alert Segmentation, or The Status Quo Combustion.
  18. And nothing bad came of that, the characters weren't damaged beyond repair with that.
  19. He never took it out on the fans without the actor pissing him off doing it first. Unless Johnny pisses him off and leaves the show (which I don't see happening), the chances of that shenny dream happening are smaller than jeb bushs chances of becoming the Republican nominee IMO.
  20. When did the writers become "characters" on this show?
  21. So why is the separation oscillation not a spotlight on their relationship? Or the bachelor part corrosion? Or the 2003 approximation? Or the platonic permutation? Or the earworm reverberation? Or the sales call sublimation? Honestly I think you know that deep down they've had more than 1 episode. But I guess that wouldnt support stretching the truth of Lenny being treated unfairly.
  22. So Lenny getting a focus on their relationship in half of the episodes to this point this season (7 out of 14) is a bone? So when they got back together in the beta test episode in season 5, and had only 2 episodes out of the 10 remaining season 5 episodes focus on their relationship. What was that? A lick of salt?
  23. Positive, his type of character flounders WITHOUT someone to play off of his absurdity.
  24. As if Sheldon could survive as a character without foil to play off of. Not to mention he's ALWAYS sharing the screen with someone.
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