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  1. -He still operates under rules of internal logic. -But why take Sheldon's word's as 100% gospel truth with no reservations? He's been shown to exaggerate/be full of shit on many things over the years, why should this be the exception? -Also Missy and Mary never mentioned Meemaw. At least not according to the transcripts I read with the 8 episodes that featured those two characters, the closest we got was the season premiere, "Well, honey, don’t send it back yet. Your sister’s married, and I’m not letting your brother give my grandmother’s ring to that whore he’s dating." But I think it's pretty obvious Mary Cooper is not talking about meemaw in that quote. -So if a character has flaws, it means they're not worthy of looking up to?
  2. Yes because faults are NEVER with the viewers, the customer is always right. "Whoever said the customer is always right, never met the customer." --Mozzie (White Collar)
  3. Yeah this episode was probably the cutest they've come across in what seems like forever. My favorite bit was Howard's out of nowhere magic trick and then she pulls out her sarcastic smile just like she did.
  4. -Ahem -Like I mentioned before, "they" didn't build past expectations around Meemaw, so much as Sheldon described a warm hearted saint. Of course Sheldon has been wrong about things he described in the past (such as the haircut records in The Werewolf Transformation), so why shouldn't his description of Meemaw (or anyone else for that matter) be taken with a couple grains of salt? Personally I thought we saw EVERYTHING in Meemaw that he described over the years. But we also SAW MORE THAN THAT. We saw that Meemaw is a flawed individual, with her own unique perspective. You know, an actual character that comes across as a person.
  5. Maybe those apartments are in another mailbox. My apartment complex doesn't have every apartment mailbox located in just one area.
  6. My favorite part with Sheldon tonight was that he was being cautious in terms of what he wanted to say to Amy, he didn't automatically assume that he was right, and everyone else was wrong. Compare that to behavior like him in The Habitation Configuration or the season 7 valentines day episode, where he was so convinced in his belief that he was right and anyone else was wrong, that someone had to spell out for him how wrong he was. And it actually DOES come across like Sheldon has taken some baby steps in how to approach his relationship. Sure he doesn't have it all figured out yet (hence him going over to 4B to avoid Amy and Meemaw), but he is getting better at grasping that SOMETIMES he's not always right, and that he shouldn't always say the first thing that pops in his head. Baby steps like that are always things I like to see from our main characters, cause it reminds us that change does sometimes come slowly, but its better than no change at all. But that's just my take on things.
  7. 2. Meemaw's not allowed to be a hypocrite and/or have flaws that makes her imperfect as a character? 4. Because she realized what she really wanted from a relationship (the simple things that made them shine as seen in the Platonic Permutation). But that's just my take. Lots of people would prefer the former to the later, some would prefer life to be conflict free. But I think her words can easily be written off to Amy being defensive. We as people don't always say the right things when we feel we are backed into a corner. But that's just my take on it.
  8. To be fair, meemaw's description through the years came through Sheldon, and I wouldn't call him the most objective witness when it comes to him describing someone HONESTLY.
  9. Meemaw came across alot more empathetic in the episode than the TR seemed to imply. AND Meemaw was at least willing to hear Amy out. I liked that we got some background on how Constance's husband (much like Sheldon) was far from a walk in the park. Love Howardette's new kitchen, I'm impressed Bernadette was able to get Howard to budge on THAT MUCH remodeling. Also love how Howardette playfully tease Raj about his relationship with Emily.
  10. Leonard and Penny saying "because she can just eat him up." in synchronization was adorable. Not to mention them standing at the door with Leonard and Penny- arm in arm was cute as they coached their "son" through what to say. And finally we see Lenny spending time in 4B and allegedly sleeping there that night, because where else was meemaw gonna sleep? Sure we should have seen them spending time in 4B sooner in contrast to their roommate agreement with Sheldon, but at least it's being shown.
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't Kaley married at the time during Johnny's relationship with Kelli? Of course with THAT door closed more people would seemingly be accepting of Kelli with the "Kaley door closed", but now that the "Kaley door is opened" supporters of Johnny/Kaley seemingly aren't willing to accept anyone else when they perceive a big fat carrot in front of them.
  12. Which episode and what context was that in? He was being generous?
  13. In debt doesn't necessarily mean you don't have money to spend/lend.
  14. It's possible for him to put himself in financial burden to help out penny the same way she did for Kurt in season 2.
  15. They didn't make him poor or rich, just in debt. There is nothing on screen that contradicts this past continuity. They established the former, but not the latter.
  16. I never said he was. And why does it matter if he is or not? Or maybe people are reading too much into Penny's line, and how she clearly came off as defensive at the beginning. If you think that conversation was going to end after she explains why she married Leonard, I've got some ocean front property in Iowa to sell you.
  17. -Should a, would a, could a. He's still a human being prone to error. -Why do you need Penny to reconfirm something we already know? -Why take everything on screen at 100% surface value? Sometimes reading between the lines helps. Except thats how I choose to interpret. Nobody is forcing you to interpret things in one way or another way.
  18. -Reasonable deduction. I don't truly know, its just a deductive interpretation I made based on his previous experiences Why would he tell him to tell her? -Why not? He's required to tell Raj everything he knows? -Except NOTHING you suggested TRULY contradicts anything from before, about Amy & Emily, maybe she did tell her, maybe she didn't. Does it really matter that much? Also the Thanksgiving episode this year suggests they aren't that close, since Emily asks her so. Also NOTHING from the episode The Empathy Optimization CONFIRMS Emily is a part of Penny's Posse on a consistent basis at that point.
  19. How do you know Thanksgiving didn't happen after 4x10? She also explains that she went to "one of those cheesy fake wedding chapels" and some of them out there are fake, so I don't see how its hard to buy into her mistaking which ones are real and which ones aren't, especially when alcohol was involved. And then her being pressured into the group into believing the cheesy ones might be real. He fears losing Penny more than Priya. He also told someone else before he told Priya. So standing up to her means his insecurities go away? Doubtful. She made one mess with glue, and then made jokes about herself. That doesn't prove she no longer knew how to use glue AT ALL. Easy to revise as him feeling that was not a good idea at the time. Again can be interpreted as him not feeling it was a big deal AT THE TIME. Characters are never drama queens and never do things at inconvenient times? You think Leonard fixed that? I think you read too much into that. In front of a psychiatrist who ALREADY HAD A BAD FIRST IMPRESSION of her. Now why would she be hesitant to talk to someone like THAT about her marriage?
  20. -I'm not a writer, nor do I know the actors/writers but I have met with writers like Greg weisman who always talks about not being afraid to be subtle about writing characters and/or their actions. Letting characters express themselves beyond just words, and REALLY getting inside their headcin terms of how they act in terms of complexity. Just like in real life. i see alot of that kind of writing on this show with its characters. Penny telling leonard i love you for the first time is a great example of this. It didn't directly tell us why it was a big deal for her. But long time viewers could easily know why. Also when did it become a law that viewers shouldn't be required to think at all when watching a television show? Is using critical thinking when it comes to interpreting characters/thoughts/actions/events really that much to ask? -stale jokes iyo. Remember bazinga used to be repeated alot? Now it's heard once in a blue moon.
  21. I already proved that Leonard looking back on sheldon and the living arrangements with fondness coincided with whether he was pissed off with sheldon or not.
  22. -what else would Howard tell Leonard if Leonard confided in him? -yep, just like she kept the prenup a secret from Howard and told others. -Leonards a perfect infallible mind reader who would know this and not potentially make a mistake? Also howard knows about keeping secrets from a S.O. -something that could make her more mad, and then get her mad again, once it's blown over? Yeah that's a good idea. [/sarcasm] Also again Leonards not a perfect robot. -he felt guilty about it when he needed a reason to sabotage his wedding day and needed to disclose something. For me its not hard for me to buy that after talking to Howard, he more than likely put it behind him and to the back of his mind. UNTIL he needed a scape goat.
  23. The difference is they no longer sleep in either apartment INDIVIDUALLY. Whether it's 4A or 4B they both sleep together at night. Gone are the days where they sleep INDIVIDUALLY while still being in a relationship. They now sleep together EVERY NIGHT.
  24. Except Penny living with Leonard from now on, no matter what apartment it is, IS PROGRESS. Leonard and Penny NO LONGER sleep alone. It also fits with the slow progress they are talking about. Yes this step is a baby step, but it's a baby step none the less.
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