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  1. Me and my other half watched Lip Sync Battle since Kaley was on it. After Josh Gad and Johnny Galecki kissed. 5 minutes later My fiance turned to me and said "Big Bang Theory is gonna find some way to have Johnny and Jim's characters kiss on the show aren't they?" And I was like "I wouldn't shy away from betting money on it."
  2. -Just because you think I'm being a contrarian for the sake of it, doesn't make it so. Also you've got nothing to back up that THAT wasn't nuanced writing that was based on specific feelings at specific times. How about an argument to back up why Leonard being angry doesn't factor into his feelings at specific times?
  3. If I were to give it a grade, it would be a C+. Mostly Johnny & Kaley's performances along with the vows saved it. At least that's just my opinion. I wouldn't put the wedding episode with the best episodes of the series. But I wouldn't put it with the worst either (The Jerusalem Duality, The Wiggly Finger Catalyst, and The First Pitch Insufficiency belong down there IMO). Like Leonard and Penny's first time having sex, I simply thought it was "okay". Not "shit", nor was it "great", I thought it was simply "okay". Even though I voted good, since I perceive okay as being between Good-Average.
  4. I would NOT be opposed to Lenny having a reception with their friends and family, but I want to meet Penny's mom first.
  5. -Because he needed an excuse to postpone the wedding because he was unsure of himself. Thus it became a bigger deal when he needed it to be, as opposed to before when Howard allegedly calmed him down about it. -Because she was trying to keep her cool about it. She has given liars and cheats a second chance as well. Also Penny is not a robot who just reacts to specific information with just one mood. Sometimes the nuance of the situation is something she takes into consideration, why shouldn't the love of her life be of any consideration in how she reacts? -Yes he was subconsciously sabotaging himself, but that doesn't necessarily make it manufactured drama. I think many here have become bulls seeing red and have been interpreting modern day Lenny in the least charitable and most judgmental view possible. That's not how you felt about it an hour ago: What changed in the last hour? I love seeing them alone too. Believe me I do. But I also accept the fact that the show is not solely about them being alone, and that Sheldon is very much a part of their lives, and a part of the show.
  6. Sure they can, by it being believable for their characters. Like thanksgiving in the kitchen.
  7. And I can respond to these opinions with my opinions if I feel like it (within reason), just like you can respond to my opinions with your opinions if you feel like it (within reason). YMMV
  8. It was easy for him not to worry about Sheldon or look back at Sheldon with nostalgic fondness IN THAT EPISODE, because HE WAS PISSED OFF AT HIM. It's easy for people to see the worst in things/people and not see them with any fondness when your mad. Take this thread. So many people have become paranoid over what tptb will do with Lenny just because of these last two years. Where as before that, it wasn't AS BIG AN ISSUE. And shippers here in general were willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, because generally some perceived tptb were making them happy back then as opposed to today where some in general believe they are out to get them. Same with Leonard, it's easy to look back at Sheldon and the living conditions with nostalgic fondness when your NOT MAD AT THE PERSON. No, that's NUANCED writing that is based on specific feelings at specific times.
  9. Its not out of character for them though. itwasdestined put it best about that episode:
  10. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/WordOfGod And the complicated situation in how they got to that point doesn't count for anything? Why? There's more aspects to Lenny THAT DON'T involve Sheldon.
  11. So is someone who lives with Sheldon and his roommate agreement. But we are apparently willing to accept that quirk. But the quirk of how Lenny came to this living arrangement is THE LINE?
  12. Everything has to be noticed on the first viewing? I don't always notice everything on a first viewing every episode. That was before season 7. By the time of their engagement she is more than fine with the idea. People can change their minds, why can't Penny about certain things in regards to her commitment issues? Yes because by the time she and Leonard started leaving in the s8 finale, she was gung ho about following through with getting married. Yes the kiss issue does dampen her spirits, but she made it clear that they had put off getting married long enough and didn't want to put it off again. Yes she has commitment issues but she has gotten better at dealing with them in regards to her relationship with Leonard, even though she hasn't mastered dealing with them. "Look. Like I’m not happy this happened, but I think I can get past it. I mean, we weren't engaged at the time, and it was just kissing." "No. I want to. We've put this off long enough. Let's do it." Even word of god specify's that Penny wanted to stop getting cold feet, because she felt, they would just get cold feet again. "Even Penny, with all of her commitment issues, is in a mindset of, 'Are we moving forward with this or not? What are we doing?' And they do." " She thinks she's OK with it and she may not be" "I also understand where Penny's coming from. We've made it this far and we're just going to get scared again if we don't do it, so let's do it." Yes turns out she still had issues with it, but sometimes people lie to themselves. Even if it's at the worst times. But she was still feeling the forward movement they started in the season 8 finale towards getting married. She seemed more determined to not let things stop her like in the past. The season premiere is called The Matrimonial MOMENTUM for more than one reason. Different set of circumstances than those episodes. Also keep in mind in the engagement episode, Leonard didn't go through with that right away either UNTIL he was convinced that Penny was wanting to get married, FOR THE RIGHT REASONS. Penny convinced him that she was doing that. Just like she convinced him she was willing to get past the kiss issue. Sure it does (IMO), they both wanted to go through with it EVEN THOUGH they both had reservations about their actions.
  13. Yes because fans/ or dissenting opinions of this show don'r exist OUTSIDE of this forum.
  14. -Just because they're loyal to a fault towards Sheldon doesnt mean they arent committed to each other. Like penny said, "they're not in a rush at this point in their marriage". -they didn't reverse it so much as they ALTERED it. Lenny now live together and not seperately REGARDLESS of which apartment its at. Though admittedly this is one of my big grievances with this plot element. We have yet to see Leonard living over at Penny's apartment. If they're going to go with this plot direction then the tptb should at least follow through with the other side of the coin. (What's that, meka criticizing tptb? But according to some he thinks tptb can do no wrong, regardless of whether he criticized them in the past and that gets ignored).
  15. Why was the resolution bs? We? I think you mean "some of us". As not everyone sees this as sloppy.
  16. -where did they sweep things under the rug? They both acknowledged they were letting their fears sabatoge their marriage. But they both want to be together and not let their insecurities drive their actions. Where's the sweeping under the rug that they are doing? -they could've, but tptb's plans were to start them off by putting them through the ringer. Only for lenny to realize that largely they are the ones sabatoging their own happiness. Aka conflict.
  17. The internet doesn't necessarily equal the majority. Also where did I try to outweigh Nibbler's response to me (or try to get the last word in) above? It still qualifies as someone who FEELS a specific way about a group of people.
  18. -You know that for absolute certainty? -My aunt and uncle got married in a vegas chapel 6 years ago, just the 2 of them, and it was recorded. It was beautiful enough for what it was. 4 months later there was a reception for them. So no it's not impossible to make it special.
  19. -That's not a fact, that's an opinion. -You got that with the vows. Just not the I do's and commencement kiss. -Except the point of the story WASN'T better circumstances. -Why should internal problems be ignored then? I feel they did that when they decided to get married under less than ideal terms but are fine with them actually being married.
  20. I can't. But I can point out bs if I feel it is, and so can anyone else.
  21. -"It suggests" doesn't make it truly so. They probably just viewed their wedding and how they approached it in a different way IMO. -By that token you can't stop me from feeling that I want to respond/justify/excuse/whatever when I want to either.
  22. 100% stable foundations don't always make relationships work in the long run. You can have a rocky start but still have a good relationship. And why should they avoid internal drama since THESE characters all have issues internally within themselves?
  23. -Sigh, you can feel it's true all you want. It doesn't change the fact that I made that statement KNOWING I don't feel that way. -And there are many who DON'T feel that way. So who are tptb supposed to take into consideration when making a decision regarding that? -I didn't downplay her concerns, I responded to her "portrayed as an event nine years in the making" response with it being portrayed as that ONLY by CBS advertising.
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