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  1. No that is you making your own ASSUMPTION that I don't feel is true. Completely missed the point Imo. The point was for them to start off being married on a rocky foundation. Then realizing a rocky foundation/clean slate/etc. won't make the marriage happy. It's choosing to be happy together in their marriage PERIOD that will determine the state of their marriage NOT how happy their wedding day is.
  2. Hence why I used the word TECHNICAL. As in technicality, for me I didn't lose that much sleep over what wasn't seen simply because the I do's were a formality, I cared more about the vows than the formalities but that is just me.
  3. The scene itself was interrupted, as in we switched to a different scene while coitus was going on is what I was getting at.
  4. -Now your just moving the goalposts -Well if you want to get technical about it shamy coitus was interrupted in the middle with guys at the movies but for obvious reasons that can't be shown on television. That's nice but what does that have to do with the point that i made in my post you responded to?
  5. Yeah Lenny changed their minds JUST LIKE THE OTHERS.
  6. By cbs's advertisers yes it was portrayed that way. But the producers have nothing to do with how a network promotes them (remember the ad for the Bakersfield expedition, and the backlash that came with that?)
  7. None of those characters ruled those possibilities out.
  8. Minor digression, but they saw the vows, it was the standard "I do's" that they missed. In other words it wasn't all wine and roses. But 8 months later, they are still happily married. I saw that "dumb kiss" as obviously tptb INTENTIONALLY getting them off to a rocky start by EXPLOITING THEIR BASE FEARS about each other that have always been there since the beginning of the series, to accentuate that DESPITE ALL THAT they want to rise above their fears that were brought up on their wedding night. I see it as us meant to appreciate them overcoming a rocky start in the long run. Even if that rocky start was sabotaged by themselves. They're not wrong to want something. It's not wrong for me to want to have my lottery tickets to be winning lottery numbers, but IMO it's best to be open minded about what you might get given the circumstances. Just like I tried to keep an open mind on what kind of wedding Lenny would've had GIVEN the two people in the relationship and their history. I just think some shippers had misplaced expectations and were setting themselves up for disappointment.
  9. There's nothing wrong with that in a vacuum per say. But given Lenny's history of doing things in non-traditional and non-elaborate manners; I honestly think some Lenny shippers were expecting apples from a pear tree in terms of expecting a typical sitcom wedding.
  10. So basically you wanted a typical average sitcom wedding. The kind of thing that's been done before on a million sitcoms? Lenny have avoided doing things in traditional manners in the past, When they got back together in season 5, they didn't throw a parade over getting back together. They did a beta test before going further, something not at all traditional. Penny's "I love you" for the first time came out in a non-traditional manner. When Leonard challenged Penny to do something romantic she slightly botched it, only to stumble into doing something romantic without realizing it (all of Leonard's gestures that Penny kept), which ended up being even MORE romantic than her elaborate attempts were. It was hardly traditional in how it turned out. Lenny had 3 different proposals that were turned down by their significant other, before the real deal came about. Hardly traditional either. Why should Lenny's wedding break the mold from the non-traditional history they've had, and be traditional and elaborate? Because those two words when I think of Lenny don't really fit with them and their history and how they have done things. They've always been a couple where they've come out in one piece and looking beautiful, despite taking non-elaborate approaches to their relationship and doing things on the fly.
  11. Eh I saw it more as a phase that Amy was going through in terms of testing the boundaries of what is and isn't appropriate for their friendship; that she eventually grew out of. But that's just how I saw it.
  12. I'm aware of that, I was making a point about SRAM's point, about how they're not a sideshow attraction like Howardette are.
  13. Like what? They wanted the vegas chapel to seem as legitimate as possible and I assume that includes last names. What would the odds be that this random minister that doesn't know who they are would just use first names and not go through the motions of doing last names as well? I'm assuming you and itwasdestined had a minister who at least knew you and your S.O. personally on some level? I don't necessarily disagree, but it didn't bother me that much. Turk and Carla's nuptials on Scrubs where implied to have happened with an ordained minister in a hospital room (he was Turk's patient earlier in the episode), just the 3 of them; we don't hear their vows or their I do's (JD's monologue was going on as the episode ended, OMG JD hijacked Turk and Carla's wedding [/sarcasm]) BUT we do see their commencement kiss. And before that in the episode they had the reception BUT NOT the ceremony because Turk had to work that day and was late to the ceremony (they had the church only until 3 p.m. you see). Honestly that's the only thing I would've changed, that after Shamy's breakup, the next time we see Lenny, it is them doing their commencement kiss THEN waving hi to their friends. Has anybody considered asking any of tptb (like Bill Prady on twitter)WHY they didn't show us a commencement kiss at least? Also considering how some couples chickened out in other sitcoms (like Eric and Donna in That 70's show; they built it up all of season 6; and they both get cold feet and it doesn't happen. For the rest of the series they never got that close again. Or Robin and Barney had all of Season 9 dedicated to their wedding story, and they get divorced 15 minutes after.) Lenny got it WAY better than some other couples in other sitcoms when it came to matrimony.
  14. -There's easier ways to do that then doing the equivalent of squashing a bug with a hydrogen bomb. You can have her be sick, or in jail for the night as a couple of options. -Knocking Sheldon down a peg makes both of them funny when Leonard does that, which has happened this year. -Lenny have had the spotlight shined on their relationship for 7 episodes of the 13 (54%) that have aired this season (8 out of 15 IF you count the aired and unaired episodes (53%)). Howardette have only had 2 episodes out of 13 that have focused on their relationship (15%) this season (3 out of 15 if you count aired and unaired this season(20%)). Over half of this seasons episodes have had a spotlight shined on their relationship.
  15. Sigh... your the one that challenged my interpretation of talking down to the audience to begin with, not the other way around. Sure they do, they have Amy's entire relationship and ALL the paper cuts/deep cuts that have added up that finally caused her to explode on their 5th anniversary. Just because something is not stated directly does not mean it is not stated/implied in any other way. I'd also add that word of god has backed this up. So appeal to popularity then? That doesn't prove either way that my posts are demanding or that the posters who challenged me (or your pm's) are overly sensitive. All that it proves is that I've gotten on some people's nerves. I've had a couple PM's that have told me that they agree with me on some things. That doesn't make me or them right or wrong it just means we agree on those things. Your view, not mine, enjoy your view.
  16. Well why should they ignore outside repercussions?
  17. That assumes I saw either instance as talking down to the audience. Also I did not confirm they talked down to the audience with Schroedinger's cat, the most I would confirm is that Sheldon talked down to penny because she didn't know what it was at first. Here is an example of what I would consider talking down to your audience. Remember when penny first told Leonard I love you? She froze like a deer in the headlights. But the audience that has followed their story knows why this is earth shattering for her. It would be talking down to your audience IMO if one of them stopped and recounted Penny's history with commitment after that moment. Or later on in the season 6 finale she says "I love you." without the weight of the world on her shoulders, it would be talking down to your audience IMO if one of those 3 pointed out why that was a big deal IN CONTRAST to 3x19 and the early parts of season 6. It's not necessary for you to know about the contrast to enjoy the show/episode. You just get more out of it if you do know about it. The need to over explain things constantly is when I consider it talking down to your audience. Not pointing out what a specific acronym stands for or things like Sheldon talking down to people which is inherant to his character.
  18. Not everybody sees the seti example as talking down to the audience. I certainly didn't. Also Schroedinger's cat was explained for penny the first time in s1's finale. Every other time it has been mentioned again it hasn't been reexplained in the same length as the first time.
  19. Why does it have to be either/or? Why can't it be all of the above?
  20. So tptb should spoon feed the oblivious even though not everyone is oblivious to the "why's" of Amy's actions? I don't know about you but I despise shows that talk down to their audience because those shows don't have faith in their audience to be smart enough to read between the lines when necessary.
  21. The years of us watching her in their relationship are physically and emotionally challenging for her. And we've seen her be incredibly patient with Sheldon because we WATCHED her put up with his shit for multiple seasons. Why does this need to be spelled out?
  22. -All people find true love right away? I don't think so. -He hasn't made a mistake like that again has he? -Yeah why would he tell someone who would likely take it extremely hard right away. Most likely the same reason she didn't tell Leonard about her feelings in 6x02, but confided in her friends. -Because he was blindsided by it and needed time to come to grips with it. You'll notice its not a big deal for him by the end of that. People don't always use perspective right away because people ARE NOT cold emotionless logical robots. They let their emotions cloud their judgement. -Because it most likely wasn't as big a deal to him, UNTIL he needed an excuse to postpone getting married. Then he most likely decided it would be a big deal because he needed it to be. Desperation because its Valentines Day, duh. Because Priya is not Penny, he fears hurting her more than he did Priya. Leonard is still married to Penny despite the hiccups, that IS progress.
  23. Why as viewers are we not capable of filling in those blanks? Why do we need to have these things spelled out when they are obvious if we actually think about them for more than a minute?
  24. I don't consider dumping people or cheating as absolute regression. People don't always find love right away, for some like Raj it takes more time than they would probably like. And people sometimes have moments of weakness. That doesn't make it regression necessarily. Also Raj breaking up with Emily I consider a blessing in disguise because he didn't really deep down love her anyway. He just didn't want to be alone. Sometimes you have to take a step back to take 2 steps forward. That includes Amy she needed to take a step back in order to discover that she truly did want sheldon.
  25. Except if you look back at the beginning of the series there has been progress for all of the main characters. Some of them develop faster than others, but that happens with real life. They've at least followed their own internal logic, when it comes to being true to the core of these charactets.
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