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  1. So this is my second attempt at self-advertising. Well well... I wrote a little New Year's Special. It's a three-parter. I'd love it if you read and reviewed. Also, Jan 1 2016 is my 27th birthday so... pretty please? =)
  2. Thank you so much queenfisher, I love it. Such a wonderful surprise to find in your inbox! And I have to admit I could never create anything like this! I can sing, cook, write, and drink myself under the table... On a good night I can do all four at once ;-)
  3. I can't remember if it was in this thread or somewhere else, but I just remembered someone asked which book Amy was reading (when Sheldon called her to tell her he intended to spend her birthday with her), and I did some digging and it's Wedding Cake Murder by Joanne Fluke... Now that title gives me all sorts of deliciously sinful ideas on how to write a Shamy Wedding Episode *rubs hands together*, oh, the possibilities. Now excuse me while I go cook up my evil master-plan...
  4. Thank you so much!! Now excuse me while I go tend to my theoretical epic sex hair...
  5. While we're on the topic of losing one's virginity, I thought I might lose my "essay virginity". Whoa, I'm a little nervous actually. Okay, here goes: What I enjoyed most about this episode was that in the midst of all the jokes and laughs (and there were plenty of them! Good ones at that!) there was a healthy portion of realism – in writing as well as execution. As Sheldon himself tells Penny and Bernadette he’s struggled with intimacy throughout his life, and the concerns he voices are valid. “It’s an important night for both of us” he tells Professor Proton, “and I’ve never done this before. I’m scared I’ll be overwhelmed and ruin everything”. As hilarious as some of these scenes come across they are also surprisingly poignant, at least to me. It’s a big step for anyone to share one’s body with another person, but for someone who’s essentially spent his entire life in fear of said body it’s a gargantuan task to undertake, one that might actually force him to re-evaluate who he is and how he’s chosen to lead his life. As always, Sheldon approaches this with pragmatism and organization – it’s how he’s always done things and this is no different, and when he has a feeling he knows it. Without hesitation he once again proclaims his love for Amy and lowers his guards enough to actually ask for advice on how to make it perfect for her. It’s incredibly brave, mature, and unselfish of him, and really does confirm that he is – as he says – ready to be intimate with the woman he loves. Amy cannot believe her luck of course, and for a few blissful seconds she is so wrapped up in her cocoon of love and euphoria that she forgets to stop and really think through what is going to happen. It’s like when you’ve dreamt for years to go sky-diving and you’ve seen pictures and movies and read books, and you’ve imagined yourself up among the clouds and it’s all so beautiful and mind-blowing. But once in that plane you realize it’s four kilometers between you and the ground and what you thought would be a liberating experience becomes frightening instead. Once in bed together, Amy is so nervous she’s on the verge of crying. She hasn’t had more than a day to think this through, unlike Sheldon. And one tends to forget that while they’re very much alike, they are essentially different people. Sheldon’s expectations are realistic: he knows it might not be perfect – after all, none of them has any experience whatsoever and some fumbling is to be expected – and he also know that it’s okay because they will learn, together. It will be alright. Amy however is afraid she might have set her expectations too high and she’s just realized Sheldon might not be the one who “ruins” it – but Sheldon steps in (for once acting as the voice of reason) and assures her that the most important thing is that they’re in this together. The rest will come in time. Amy’s smile couldn’t say “I love you” more if she tried, and they lean in for a tender kiss that seals their bond and opens the door to a new era in their life together. The aftermath is both sweet and hilarious, but it still gets a very important message across: they’ve overcome this obstacle together and they were both happy with the end-result. Sheldon quietly but happily contemplates the events of the evening while Amy is lost in her bubble of bliss. They’re different alright, but they’re different together. And that’s what it’s always been about with Shamy.
  6. I'm extremely myopic too and of course it's a lot nicer when you can see and all that but like you said (for purely scientific purposes, naturally), you don't need eyes to f*ck
  7. Haha I just have to reply to this because it's so cute! As a bearer of both glasses and contacts I can tell you that glasses during sex is not an option, for practical reasons. Her sight might not be too bad and in that case it's not a problem for her to go without while they're going under the covers.... I myself am blind as a bat and I need to wear contacts during... *ahem*...
  8. I know Leonard based his statement on observation. I fail to see how that makes it the truth. The only thing it proves is that Leonard has observed certain behavior that he feels indicates that Sheldon isn't sexually attracted to anyone - but it says nothing about Sheldon's own feelings or thoughts or desires or attractions - or lack thereof if that's the case. Once again, this is just Leonard's own interpretation of the situation, NOT THE TRUTH. You yourself say that this is what Leonard "believes", not what he knows. Sheldon's sexual orientation is of no concern to me, no matter what it may be. I was arguing against the use of Leonard's phrase (which, if I may point that out, was paraphrased to fit your arguments) to prove a point, namely that Sheldon is asexual. The fact is that we don't know because Sheldon hasn't said anything, and as long as he hasn't we can't accurately place him anywhere on any scale. We know that he's in a relationship with a person he himself claims to be in love with and sexually attracted to, and as long as they're both happy with their situation I see no reason not to believe him. That discloses my opinion on the matter and I shall leave you to yours whatever that may be.
  9. Agreed. Also I think it's worth mentioning that Leonard did NOT say "he has no deal" - he said "we've been working under the assumption that he has no deal". I'm not arguing either way but saying that Leonard said He has no deal indicates a statement - that this is the truth, whereas to say that you're assuming something just means that this is your own interpretation of the situation, but not necessarily the truth. There is a difference there that cannot be ignored. The one thing we know for sure is that the only person who knows what Sheldon's sexual orientation is, is Sheldon. What anyone else says or assumes is of absolutely no importance. In no Universe. Ever.
  10. I personally think they've been working on this script for the past two years , and that this is the finalized version out of 928323719873923729372 drafts that have all been written and scrapped as someone around the writing table raised their hand to say "But..." and pointed out yet another reason why that particular idea wasn't quite good enough. The Force Awakens has been in the works for god knows how long (I don't know when the premier date was officially released but I'm guessing a good year or two ago?), which would have given the writers plenty of time to both think of a way to stall Shamy coitus (i.e. the breakup) so that it would coincide with the premier, and secure all rights and all the legal work needed (as has been pointed out earlier in the thread). It's kind of like when you write a book and you write the beginning and the end and you outline all the major plotlines, and then you fill in the blanks as you go. I'm guessing they continuously worked on the drafts for the major episodes and wrote the episodes in between as they went. I could be totally wrong of course and they really didn't "plan ahead" as they love to claim but.... nah.
  11. What in the.... daaaaamn you quoting functioooon! I can't quote. It just keeps re-quoting Monique's post from like 2 weeks ago. Sorry Monique :-( I wanted to reply to the poster who has mild synesthesia and say: That's so cool. I have an eidetic memory. It works for things I hear, rather than see, but sometimes I can do what Mayim Bialik does and conjure up a page from a book in my head and "read" off of it.
  12. What in the.... daaaaamn you qu What in the.... daaaaamn you qu
  13. Oh, you are right as always wowbagger, let me rephrase that then *clears throat*: I have to remind myself to add a little traditional romance.
  14. I seriously can't like that moment enough. I love their mutual giggle at the end, they're so in sync here. Whenever I write fanfiction I always have to stop and remind myself to add a little romance because otherwise it would just be the Shamy doing weird stuff together
  15. I too enjoy their partnership immensely and would love nothing more than for them to return to their mutual adoration of each other's quirks. One of my favorite Shamy moments is when Sheldon starts lecturing the group about the meaning of pontification and Amy hangs on to every word that comes out of his mouth like "isn't he just a DELIGHT?". There's always a lot of talk about Sheldon's quirks but fact is that Amy sometimes out-weirds (I just made that word up) Sheldon - like when she suggested they play Real Life Operation with a corpse at the morgue and Sheldon is like "Yeah that's creepy, even for you". The core of their love for each other is their respective admiration for the other's (to the muggles) less-than-admirable qualities. This is what makes their partnership so strong: they appreciate each other for who they really are. They don't have to be ashamed or feel like they have to change when in each other's company: Amy can bring a cup of mad cow's disease to the lunch table and Sheldon can go on and on about vexillology and it makes them love each other more. Now gimme their first FWF as a married couple and I'll be one happy fangirl.
  16. Well I had fun at that mental image anyways
  17. HAHAHAHA you know, at first I actually didn't understand what the hell he was talking about, I was like "why would they need to cover up his nipple? Did they pluck the hairs out with tweezers before putting make-up on? Otherwise there'd be a ring of hair and no nipple".... Then I laughed for about five minutes at the image of the nipple-less rings of hair on Sheldon's chest , and the sound of Jim's howls from Hair & Makeup as the makeup girls plucked off his nipple-hair ....after which I came to my senses and realized that wasn't why they applied makeup there. But it was fun while it lasted.
  18. F*ck, it's 12.44 am here in Sweden and I was just about to sleep. Better turn on my computer and watch the clip.
  19. I'm in too and my name's Sarah but I guess that won't send anyone into cardiac arrest *laugh*
  20. Oh, wow, they look really good. Both of them. And great job on the flowers Shelly, that's an expensive bouquet! (not to mention pretty....)
  21. The heart wants what the heart wants Wowbagger. As my taste lies elsewhere I must inform you that all physical contact, up to and including coitus, is off the table. Forever. Although I am willing to work something into that matrimonial agreement *picks up phone and calls her lawyer*. (If you've ever read any of my fanfics you've probably noticed that my writing style is highly influenced by that of Dougie's )
  22. Wowbagger.... *takes deep breath and goes down on one knee*.... Will you marry me?
  23. Oh no Sue, you're definitely not alone... And I know the chances of there being kissing pics are slim but a girl can hope, can't she?.... IS IT DEC 10 YET?? *bites nails anxiously*
  24. I too find myself craving these small moments of intimacy... I'm so stoked for their game of tonsil hockey, don't get me wrong, but a dream of mine is to see a comfortable, casual kiss hello/goodbye between these two. Ah, the fangirl feels....
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