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  1. I've been MIA for a couple of months ... can someone bring me up to speed? What happened? I'm guessing it has to do with the fact that the "Taping Reports" thread is gone?
  2. There's talk of Mayim possibly leaving the show?? Is that why Shamy is taking a break? http://www.reddit.com/r/bigbangtheory/comments/358l7r/s8e24_the_commitment_determination_episode/cr215r7
  3. I found this on TBBT subreddit today, thought it was pretty interesting. I'm not too sure how I feel about the ending though. http://moviepilot.com/posts/2015/03/17/how-i-d-handle-the-final-season-of-the-big-bang-theory-2787183
  4. Does anyone have any extra guaranteed for 3/24? I'd love to swap a couple of my standbys for guaranteed.
  5. Since my friends and I will be camping out all day (hotel the night before, complete with "The Hotel Agreement"), we'll be bringing a cooler of food/drinks. Maybe it would be fun if we had a potluck with other members?
  6. Guaranteed + 3 standby for my friends.
  7. My favorite places to eat: Flore Vegan Cuisine in Silver Lake and Doomies Home Cookin in Hollywood. It's not too far from WB Studios, and it's really close to the Hollywood sign. Doomies is right by the Walk of Fame. I think it's only a few blocks away Both Best Western and Tangerine are walking distance to Warner Brothers, but if you'd have to leave all of your electronics in the room if you plan on going straight to the taping from there. You could always use Uber if you didn't want a rental... but you'll definitely want a car to get around. LAX isn't close to WB at all.
  8. Compared to most members here, I am fairly new to the series. I just got in to it last season because my friends kept telling me "You are Sheldon from Big Bang Theory." I finally gave in and checked it out. I absolutely love this show and Sheldon with all of his quirks. I can empathize with his internal struggles and social awkwardness, he's the fictional version of me! I've never been able to connect or relate to a character before, so discovering Sheldon is one of the more (sad) exciting things in my life. So in a way, BBT is invading my life every day.
  9. Is there an updated "Roommate Agreement" on here that's updated as new clauses are mentioned in the show? I saw the one on Wikia, but it doesn't look like it's up to date?
  10. Yes to Comic Con. I have some industry friends with hookups I'm from San Diego and moving to LA within the next six months. I'm really close to Poway - Mira Mesa.
  11. I'm curious to know how many takes they did of that last scene. I felt like Johnny wasn't acting but sharing his genuine feelings regarding her passing. It was such an intimate moment and I feel like it could have only been captured once to resonate the genuine feelings
  12. I'm from San Diego! A bit of a hike to LA, but worth it! I've been to a couple other WB Studios tapings before, but this is my first BBT. I'm really excited!
  13. Thanks so much! We're getting a hotel the night before so we can get there super early the day of! Hopefully we can all get in!
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