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  1. Haven't posted here in a long time. Wondering if Johnny and Alaina are still together... Noticed recently that he doesn't seem to be following her on IG any more (she still follows him) and he hasn't liked any of her posts since the end of May, whereas he used to like almost all of them. A new baby is hell on a relationship, but I hope they're doing ok
  2. My Lenny heart is full, and my eyes are pouring. Don't think I can be more coherent right now
  3. He would majorly roll his eyes at me, but probably be fine with it. We're flying in from Ontario, Canada though, so I think I'd be more devastated if I waited all day and didn't get in vs. not even trying at all/not getting hopes up. I wish hubby could have gotten his vacation days a few weeks earlier 😥
  4. I'm devastated. April 23rd was my only chance While I would show up at 6am to wait in line if I had to, I know there's nothing in the world that would convince hubby to do the same. And we have a 2 year old, so my dad was going to fly down with us to babysit her, but I would feel bad abandoning her all day to go wait in line for potentially nothing. So so so disappointed
  5. Hi Everyone! Rarely have time to sign in and post, but still lurk all the time! Are there still folks here that still help others secure tickets on release days? I've been to a taping back in season 8, and didn't think I'd ever get to another one. Hubby surprised me for my birthday this week in that he's trying to plan a trip to California in April (we're from Canada), so we could possibly see the April 23rd taping. It looks to be the second-to-last taping so I'm sure it's going to be even more impossible to get tickets... especially guaranteed ones. Are tickets still released at set times/days? Any tips for the best way to secure them? We're hoping to be able to confirm plans in the next week or two (friends would be travelling with us, and would babysit our toddler while we attend the taping), so trying not to get my hopes up!
  6. I noticed this too! I don't have much time to post here anymore, but came here right to make sure this was legit! I thought at first I'd somehow followed a scam account. Also noticed that someone has snagged @normancook already. No doubt trying to capitalize on her followers
  7. The Juno Awards are tonight and the Barenaked Ladies are going to be inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. They will also be reuniting and performing together for the first time in 9 years! https://www.theglobeandmail.com/arts/music/article-juno-awards-to-feature-tribute-to-gord-downie-barenaked-ladies/
  8. I tried to screen shot it. This is the best I could get. Definitely looks like there's something on her finger
  9. Hi all!! So excited for the new season not sure how often I'll get online Tuesday nights, but hopefully here and there! (I need to time my baby's night feeds with spoiler release times hahaha)
  10. I think I might cry right now. Just turned on my TV only to realize that CTV aired TBBT at 7:30pm and not 8:00pm... so I missed it, AND CTV didn't mark it as a 'new episode' so my PVR didn't catch it
  11. She's recently mentioned on her blog that she continues to have hand problems as a result of the accident. Could be she was just pretending to play and they played the music from a recording
  12. Whoops! It was so long ago I'd forgotten all about MadTV
  13. Slightly OT but I just had the theme music from the SNL skit "Lowered Expectations" pop into my head LMAO
  14. I have zero expectations for a "redo". As in I don't even expect a redo to happen. At Least I can't be disappointed....
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