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  1. I don't know if I'd consider TBBT to be a "Family" TV show, and it's a bit odd seeing it nominated for "Kids Choice" awards. There's definitely a lot of inappropriate content not meant for children!
  2. I love that he actually smiled for the photos and seemed genuinely happy rather than try to hide his face and getting pissy with them. Keeps his fans very happy Could be within the country still ... I always use my passport for ID no matter where I travel
  3. Not a bad episode. Superb acting from all of them. Only thing I thought was missing was at the end of the episode, they could have had a quick "in memorial" dedication to Carol Ann Susi.
  4. This one was our first ever taping... I can't wait to see the final product! Also, if anyone is curious, this is what the premise of the episode is based off of: To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This:
  5. Wonder if the writers choosing a turtle for a potential Shamy pet is symbolic?
  6. Hi Everyone, I joined this past week after finding the site googling for taping information - we were going to be in LA for just one day and I was lucky enough to get tickets to the show! I didn't watch the show from the beginning but started up a few years ago after getting season 1 on DVD as a gift... needless to say within a week I was out buying the rest of the seasons on DVD and was hooked! I LOVE the show in its entirety but particularly Bernadette's character as her job is very similar to mine in real life! I saw "The Intimacy Acceleration" being filmed on Jan. 27th and am already trying to plan another trip back to LA next year to see a show from Season 9! Can't wait to hear more about upcoming episodes!
  7. It is interesting as it seems to contradict what she's implied in the past (that she didn't vax her kids). I don't get why people follow celebs on facebook or twitter only to bash them or argue with their posts. Seems so petty!
  8. I'm excited to read tonights report! I found this site when looking for info about attending tapings (we went on the 27th!) and was also happy to find the spoilers! I've been refreshing all night
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