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  1. Yes, I agree from the back it looks very pretty. I don't know what it is about the front either. Maybe a lower waistline would have worked better? I didn't mind her hair... much better than that librarian look from a few weeks ago haha
  2. Am I the only one who hates the pantsuit look? It would be way prettier if it were a gown IMO
  3. TBH, I'll read anything really as long as it's not Shenny and the writing isn't a mess (grammar, etc). I really have liked marly4077's stories. They're VERY AU and non-canon, but her writing is fantastic. As long as there are some elements to the characters personality left, I don't mind if they're set in another time frame, or even if the characters change over time - since that's a normal part of life.
  4. I'm near Toronto, Ontario. My family lives in Ottawa, Ontario, and they hit -46 yesterday (-51 Fahrenheit)! It was actually WARMER in the North Pole yesterday than it was here...
  5. Hope everyone is staying warm... it's -40 here!!! (And that's the same temp in Celcius and Fahrenheit!)
  6. I wonder if maybe for the 200th they gave out fewer guaranteed, just in case the # of VIPs was higher?
  7. Skull and SRAM are right. As someone who works in genetics, the age of the man doesn't really matter at all unless they are carrying a bad gene. Sperm are continuously dying off and new ones being made. So there shouldn't really be a problem with quality no matter how old the man. On the other hand, eggs are there from birth, and supply dwindles pretty quickly making it harder to get pregnant as one gets older. Also, since the eggs are essentially just sitting there, they are susceptible to all kinds of damage, and the older a woman, the more damage they have been exposed to wh
  8. Just watched Mayim's segment on Carson Daly. She looked great but TBH it was kinda boring. Literally nothing most fans wouldn't already know.
  9. So off topic, but some guy wrote a "script" for TBBT, featuring himself, and has tweeted it a few times to Bill. I couldn't actually get through more than a few pages, but it's pretty hilarious if anyone wants a look. The entire script seems to revolve around this guy being a guest star LOL The Theory of Surprise
  10. Did she ever bring up smoking in an interview? Also, has Johnny actually quit, or was that only for a while?
  11. I don't know how to share instagram photos on here... but I find it VERY interesting that Johnny chose a photo of just him / Kaley to share for his TBBT 200 post, and not one of the entire cast (since there seem to be many cast photos out there) Also, I know he means the show when he says "our family" but I can't help but wish he meant something else hehe Though apparently Vonmar knows how... thanks vonmar!!
  12. Yeah, google image search "Kaley Cuoco Smoking" ... you'll get quite a few hits
  13. Any particular Lenny moments you remember? Were they just a 'side plot' again? How was Bev?
  14. Did Bev know that L/P had gotten married? How did she act about that? What was Leslie there for? Did she have much of a part?
  15. Interesting. We don't get point based ratings here, so I'm going by total viewership (always Live + 7). I've looked at other shows and they don't have the increased viewership that TBBT has the last few eps, so it's not across the board. Another interesting thing is that Ilooked back to a few episodes aired over earlier years (2011 and 2012) and overall viewership for TBBT has increased. Not sure if that's the same trend in the US?
  16. More Canadian results: Week 20: The Empathy Optimization brought in 4.470 million viewers (live +7, all demographics). Again holding a pretty steady lead over any and all competition. The daily repeats at 7:30pm on CTV averaged 1.296 million viewers Numeris Canada Ratings week of January 11 Ratings have been about 10-15% higher since the airing of Opening Excitation. I'm curious to see if this trend continues. Ratings for Meemaw Materialization should be out next Tuesday
  17. Alright peoples! I'm ready! Wine in hand, twitter and instagram open, both ready to be refreshed, day off tomorrow! Now if only it weren't just 6:30pm in California! Fingers crossed for one of the best episodes yet
  18. I'm guessing Shamy engagement. As I posted in the other thread, I think they've got more than just a bday party up their sleeves. They've just given too many spoilers out ahead of time for there not to be something of a surprise
  19. LOL I'm not so sure about a Batgirl costume, but I definitely think they've got more than just a birthday party up their sleeves. Especially since they haven't tried at all to hide the party aspect. Would not be surprised one bit if there's an engagement tonight!
  20. I'm @ashleyo85 on twitter I had already tweeted about it an hour or so ago, but I deleted it and reposted with the hashtag LOL
  21. OMG. A Lenny is going to the taping tonight!? My heart is so happy right now you don't even know...
  22. Did anyone get the full segment? My cable box was being a real peach yesterday and started downloading an update just after 'the flash' So I have no idea what they actually talked about
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