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  1. Had she been drinking?! LOL Totally unexpected from Mayim! I was surprised by the shorter-than-normal and slightly revealing dress, but then flashing Piers Morgan!? Wowzers
  2. LMAO. I'm ashamed to admit I'm a lightweight. A box lasts me weeks! I *may* have been a little tipsy in chat last week and that was just 1.5 glasses!
  3. I've instructed the husband to go buy me a new box of wine for tomorrow. I like to keep things classy
  4. I think they secretly live in the island. Sheldon cuffs them there at night so they can't leave LOL
  5. Yes, saw that after I posted. I was still holding out hope it would be Lenny related for once. Would this be a *big* birthday for Sheldon? Like 35 maybe? Wonder what Amy will give Sheldon for his birthday
  6. My plan to go spoiler-free lasted all of 5 days. I've just realized I'm going to be away on Feb 25th and won't be able to see the episode until the 29th. So no way am I going to be able to hold out now
  7. That looks WAY too dressed up for a birthday party IMO
  8. Do we know what Johnny's longest relationship has been? I have no idea how long he 'dated' Sara Gilbert. He was with Kaley and Kelli each for around 2 years or so, and as far as I can tell he's publically been linked to Ariella for about 5 months now. Have there been any others?
  9. Reading through here, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who didn't love this episode. I felt like a "bad fan" for not really liking it. I laughed maybe a few times at best, and it's the first ep in a looooong time that I haven't watched for a second time after it aired. Agree with pretty much every one of these points.
  10. Me too I wanted so badly to go to a taping this year, but looks like that won't be happening. And unless I go to one of the first few next year, I might not get to go then either
  11. The guest stars don't make much sense if it's Sheldon's birthday. I still secretly hope for a Lenny reception. A girl can dream right?!
  12. He'll make over $1 million in profit... nice
  13. I'm so tempted to go spoiler-free for episode 200 only (as much as possible anyways - I wouldn't stay off Twitter or Instagram, and I've already seen some things). BUT I really don't know that I have the resolve to do it LOL
  14. I don't think it starts with a C or an E - if you look at the way Chuck and Eric are written, the C and E look different than what is in the title. I'm thinking maybe a "G" Whatever it is, we're getting the comic book store this episode!
  15. Yup, I also just read that in the TR and thought "unplanned and spontaneous"? That certainly doesn't describe their first time... they must have done it again!! Then I realized I was grinning like an idiot and people on my train were staring LOL
  16. I'm pretty sure 99.99% of the people watching weren't paying much attention to her lips...
  17. Is that Kunal's wife in the background (sitting down)?
  18. I wondered if that was Arielle at the table with him. Damn Guess that means it's getting more serious between her and Johnny ....
  19. Who's beside Johnny (in both those photos)
  20. Oh FFS. OINTB won the comedy ensemble award. That makes 0/5 for Big Bang on that one too I thought rules were changed so that OITNB wasn't a comedy any more. Or was that another awards show?
  21. Nope, this was his third nomination, and third loss
  22. HOT DAMN!!!!! ------------------------- Jim didn't win
  23. Kunal in the opening... so adorable!! Jim and Briana sitting next to him - is she filling Kaley's place for some reason? Has anyone seen Johnny?!
  24. Melissa is wearing a pretty tight dress at the SAG awards tonight. Definitely doesn't look like she's pregnant
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