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  1. Form-fitting... definitely not looking pregnant tonight
  2. Bahaha! On the red carpet, Kaley said if she saw the Bachelor (Ben Higgins) there she would "Kanye herself up to him". Also called him the "Hottest Bachelor ever"
  3. I'm curious to see what she wears tonight! I still think she looked pregnant at the People's Choice Awards. In the past most of her dresses have been more form fitting, so will be very interesting if she is in another loose dress!
  4. Raise your hand if you secretly wish it had been Kaley that Johnny made out with and not Josh!
  5. He plays guitar too? I didn't think it was possible for him to get sexier! Also, dying to know when Kaley got him the guitar... when they were dating, or was it more recently
  6. I so badly hope we get to see a situation where Sheldon has to change a dirty diaper. I can just envision him coming out in a hazmat suit or something!
  7. Definitely way too cruel to have her miscarry. Also, no way they can make that funny without looking like a bunch of insensitive jerks. My sister-in-law miscarried 4 times before having my niece in 2014, and she still gets really upset when the topic is brought up. I posted after the PCA's that I had my suspicions about her being preggo. I wonder if she is, whether they'll wait until after this ep airs to announce? To try and minimize the speculation about whether it will be written in?
  8. So I definitely fell off the bandwagon with posting the Canadian results... So without further ado; Week 15: The Earworm Reverberation brought in 4.032 million viewers (live +7, all demographics). This is nearly double the next popular show for the week, Survivor which had 2.165 million viewers. The daily repeats at 7:30pm on CTV averaged 1.177 million viewers Numeris Canada Ratings week of December 7 Week 16: The Opening Night Excitation brought in 5.088 million viewers! Well over a million more than normal! Even the daily re-runs were up slightly that week, averaging 1.2
  9. That's too funny! As I was catching up on this thread, I was thinking to myself that the next big thing would be that she's dating Paul, Johnny, David Spade, Josh Gad, that tiger/lion guy etc all at once! Then I saw this!
  10. Kaley skyped into the Bachelor Live tonight!! Along with Bri, Amy Davidson, Ashley Aubra and Melanie De Krassel. She didn't ask a "million" questions, but gushed over him quite a bit Asked him if he was in love and he slyly declined to answer. Edit: Former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky is also at Kaley's The Bachelor party as she later solo skyped in (from Kaley's house), with the rest of the ladies in the background, which included Haylie Duff and Katherine McPhee Also, Kris Jenner is guest starring on the show, and made a comment about them being in Khloe's former k
  11. Someone looks like they went a little too heavy on the spray tan...
  12. If Johnny asked me to go to Hawaii with him, I sure as heck wouldn't say no, husband be damned! Though I can't say I've ever kissed anyone on NYE other than my SO
  13. Agree 100% That scene felt really awkward. I should be happy with the Lenny in this episode, but overall it wasn't my favourite.
  14. Do we know when her Lip Sync Battle is supposed to air? I thought it was tonight but I'm not seeing anything online about it...
  15. Johnny needs to turn his face just a smidge to the left LOL
  16. I'm the opposite. I thought Kaley looked great... Melissa not bad, though TBH when she got on stage my first thought was "is she trying to hide a pregnancy?". Mayim definitely could have chosen better for her dress. I know she likes to be covered, but this one reminded me of a nightgown. Kaley is holding on to Kunal! Cue the Kaley is having an affair with Kunal rumors! LMAO Also, Johnny looks incredibly hot!!
  17. I didn't see her present anything. I only missed one award, but I never heard her name at all. Very odd since they announced she'd be presenting. Seems over half the awards weren't presented formally - do they do some that they don't show on TV?
  18. YES!!! (I can't believe we actually beat Modern Family!)
  19. Well the video doesn't play for me so I can't listen to it... just strange that the website seems to be updating regularly
  20. The PCA website hasn't listed her as the winner though http://www.peopleschoice.com/pca/awards/nominees/
  21. Her hairstylist posted on IG a brief video of Kaley getting ready. Her dress looks really pretty (thank goodness because last years outfit was awful in my opinion), but that and the tweet from Bill is all I've seen!
  22. The cast has been unusually quiet today pre-awards show!
  23. @kazzie You're famous now! http://groknation.com/news/groknation-impact-kazzies-story/
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