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  1. Well if you Google News search "Sheldon Amy Coitus" there's 1,080 results. Plus the TBBT and Cast Instagram and Twitter posts, as well as Mayim mentioning it in a lot of her Grok Nation and Facebook posts. I'm extremely impressed that anyone managed to stay spoiler free without even hearing a whiff about what was gonna go down!"
  2. CBS/WB actually released the spoiler about coitus BEFORE the taping of the episode was even over. I think because they knew it would be huge, they wanted to get ahead of all the people who would provide spoilers anyways There was some major freaking in the chat room that night!!
  3. Guys what happened to all the episode polls. I can't find them anymore : (
  4. When you can form coherant sentences, I'm dying to know your reaction!!!
  5. I'm actually EXTREMELY surprised Mayim agreed to do this scene... and TBH, a little surprised they even asked her to do that since I'm sure they're well aware of her personal convictions on modesty. I'm sure they could have had her covered up somehow
  6. Show of hands, who else is watching it again on PVR already??
  7. Okay... I'm desperate to know reactions!!!! This taping is the taping that BROKE the forums last month. And why everyone (including the media) was so hyped up!
  8. Anyone else feel like that episode felt like it was only 5 minutes long...?
  9. I actually just screamed at the post-coital hair. And my dog ran upstairs.
  10. So who wants to place bets on whether the spoiler free people are freaking the F out right now
  11. IT'S STARTING!!!!! I'm hyperventilating!
  12. She publically posted on Instagram a few weeks ago that she does not have twitter so any accounts on there are fake
  13. Thank you so much!! Sounds pretty hilarious Was there any good 'behind the scenes' stuff - funny or sweet interactions between the cast, line mess ups, etc?
  14. Week 13 & 14 Canadian Ratings CTV ran a rerun on Thursday Nov 26th at 8pm (Sorry I don't remember which one). It brought in 1.789 million viewers placing it in 10th spot. The weekly syndication is once again in the top 30 at #26 with an average of 1.169 million viewers. Numeris Canada Ratings week of November 23 For December 3rd at 8pm, CTV also ran a repeat which brought in 1.445 million viewers placing it in 12th spot. The weekly syndication came in at #19 with an average of 1.183 million viewers. Numeris Canada Ratings week of November 30 Anxiously awaiting next Tuesday for the Earworm Reverberation results!
  15. But wouldn't that be the song that Josh Gad was singing then, since she is on the sidelines watching?
  16. Actually? Or are you just making that up LOL
  17. Toronto and Los Angeles were the same temperature today. People here were out in t-shirts and shorts amazed at how warm it was!
  18. Wow. Quite the process to get these images to upload, but I finally figured out a way! (Ignore my FB full screen caption on the one. I didn't have the patience to re-screen cap it!) That is most definitely Johnny going at Josh. Poor Kaley and LL look horrified!
  19. From Twitter: Adam Faberman ‏@afaberman Dec 10Los Angeles, CA Please join me for a Reddit AMA on Tuesday 12/15 from 1-2pm PST to chat about the official #BigBangTheory trivia book.
  20. Hey guys, tickets for 01/19, do you think they'll go up Dec 14th or 21st? We're looking at going somewhere around that time, so I'm trying to convince the hubby to do another LA trip. Just wish our Canadian dollar wasn't so crappy right now
  21. He has tickets to see the new Star Wars on opening night, but gives them up to spend Amy's birthday with her instead (which is when coitus happens!). The rest of the guys end up going with Wil Wheaton instead. Also, Bob Newhart is dressed like a Jedi... See the post from Kerry for the full report
  22. Wish I knew how to embed videos, but this song has been my earworm today. Hilarious because although I know the song, I certainly don't listen to Motown, and it was written YEARS before I was even born. BUT looking at lyrics, I suspect Shamy has something to do with it being stuck in my head... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xGInUUwk3U
  23. Star Wars is coming next week.... The Opening Night Excitation
  24. I'm on my phone, so can't easily see if this has already been mentioned, but Mayim does make reference to future spoilers in yesterday's Grok Nation behind the scenes post. Just a heads up
  25. So I'm still nearly peeing my pants over the whole Tuba scene. To me, one of the funniest bits of the entire show thus far. My husband said my face was red from laughing so hard at that part - and I'd already watched the episode twice before he got home!
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