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  1. Yeah, I know, quoting myself is not cool, but since we're talking about vintage... I'm still pretty proud of ^this little post I made It contains some of the million reasons why I love this couple so much. I popped in just to add it to today's beautiful posts I also wanted to say that I'm perfectly aware not everything is going okay in the show as far as Lenny are concerned (I'm a positive person, but neither deaf nor blind). Something is clearly missing and I'm a little disappointed. BUT... precisely because I'm a glass-half-full kind of girl (call me naive, if you want), I've decided that I will never give up. Even if it will be a small piece of Lenny cake (better, Lenny Pop-Tart ), I want to eat it all. #longlivethehofstadters * goes back to hiding in her corner, eating a delicious Strawberry Pop-Tart, of course *
  2. Hey guys! I've been more of a lurker lately... Unfortunately, real life is taking over I stopped by because... ...I love this thread so much! Thank you for keeping it alive with these ^ adorable tidbits I want to share a little thought I wrote down on Tumblr: Even if many people (first of all, the writers!) often seem to forget about it or try to prove otherwise, these four are friends. Best friends. Their understanding, support and love for each other -no matter what- is one of the reasons why I love this show so much. I’ll never give up… #stopthehate #superpalsforever Sorry, I just felt the need to say this. Love y'all
  3. Yes!! I've been thinking about that, too... She seems to be very good at pharmaceutical sales -she was one of the best reps of the year, if I remember well-... Okay, not exactly a dream come true for her, but a good job where her worth is recognized and that makes possible financial independence for her. Why don't keep her 'creative juice' alive by giving her a creative hobby? Maybe something to be really passionate about is what's missing in her life (except for Leonard, of course, who actually is her greatest passion ). She just needs to find out and unleash her own geeky side
  4. Hell, yes! Come on, guys... The girl is entitled to stay away from Sheldon when he "escapes and terrorizes the village" (to quote Leonard from 3x14) Joking aside, I think there's no need to be worried about this. Radar made some excellent points here! Amy has always been by Sheldon's side when he needed it and she'll always be! He was there for her, too, pretending he was due to the contract, but we know that, deep down, he's always cared a lot about his little vixen Let's not forget that TBBT is a sitcom (even if sometimes the writers themselves seem to forget it LOL)... It sounds like this episode is built around Sheldon's quirks: showing that even his girlfriend, who is known to be head over heels in love with him, wants to avoid him when he's sick is just a way to increase the comedic effect. As for me, I strongly believe I will be laughing during the entire episode I was very interested in the conversation that was going on between mirs1 and April... If I may put my two cents in, I myself, like mirs1, found the promo a little too redundant (it practically revolves around Sheldon). But I really think the point of 9x14 is to 'reassure' all the fans: the show is the same, Sheldon will always be Sheldon, but at the same time a lot of things have changed! That's why he's trying his best but fails miserably we'll see! Woah! Again, wth is happening???????? Anyway, have fun at the taping, tsnt100!!
  5. Yes to this! ^^^ It was not a very easy episode to watch as a Lenny shipper, but I'm hopeful about the future! As I wrote in the Lenny thread, 9x12 might be the start of something very interesting And yes, Leonard was so darn cute in this episode! Honestly, I really hope this 'Lenny sleeping sometimes at 4A, sometimes at 4B' nonsense will stop as soon as possible. I personally can't stand it anymore. As for Amy, I wouldn't be against her moving in with Sheldon soon. But IDK, I have a feeling it won't happen in the next few episodes. It'd be very intriguing, at least for me, to see Sheldon adjust to his new situation -living without Leonard, having a physical relationship with Amy, etc.- on his own. Also because this wouldn't affect the possible comedic implications at all: the main trio would still be together (Lenny across the hall and hopefully with more privacy) and Amy would be around a lot, too (a big YES to Shamy sleepovers!). This could lead to one or more SuperPals episodes, which I've been waiting for for so long!! We'll see
  6. Woah, guys! This episode was a rollercoaster for me -as far as Lenny are concerned-! When I watched it for the first time, I was a little bothered by Penny's words to the shrink, particularly by her "I guess I just miss when life was simpler" (BTW, right after that I smiled like a fool seeing my Pop Tart happy ). I calmed down, watched the episode again and got a different vibe from the whole convo with Dr. Gallo. First of all, all that hinting at bedrooms and them still living with Sheldon (and also the Stuart-moving-out plot) got me thinking... Was that -finally- the start of some change in the current living arrangements? I really hope this experience let them -who am I kidding? I meant the writers- think about it! Second of all, 9x12 opened up the can of worms that is Penny's feelings. I'm quite sure that, if tptb don't sweep this storyline under the rug and develop it well, all this "pain" will be worth it. It seems that she feels like something is missing in her life. But it was quite clear to me that her frustration had nothing to do with her love for Leonard. It's like when we grow up: we like it a lot, but we will always miss that small part of us, what we used to do and be. IMO, that's how she's feeling now. She misses her old self and kinda want it back. Maybe she'll find what she's looking for going back to acting... IDK, her line "You know, Leonard's right. Talking to you is really helping" spoke volumes to me: she's looking right into herself atm and trying to finally accept herself the way she is, which includes being in love and committed to Leonard (let's not forget that Penny has always had commitment issues, a few episodes back (9x02) she even mentioned she was still insecure). If developed well, this episode could be the start of something: the two of them working on this and other things together as a young married couple, and no longer as two separate entities who happen to love each other. Maybe they will understand once and for all why they're in love with each other (isn't it weird that we seem to know it better than them? Crazy shippers' goals LOL) and say it openly, without any more fears and insecurities. So, it all depends on how the writers decide to go with this from now on. It wouldn't hurt to explore this side of their relationship... They're a unique couple with pretty recognizable characteristics, but they're not exactly who they used to be back in season 3 or 6. And they deserve to be treated without forgetting that. Sorry for the rant
  7. Hey Shamies! OMG, it was such an intense couple of days for us! Let's start with Shamy in 9x12: they were the cutest of the cute there was the good old Shamy school (that Best Buy part, LOL) and at the same time a new, different and beautiful side of them... I liked that, so much!! And I'm still laughing at the thought of Rajesh I, Rajesh II, etc. Cooper Things are changing, and in the best possible way! YAYYY As for the big news of the week: I'm so excited for Meemaw's appearance! It was about time! I really really hope Amy will be involved in her plot, because, as one of you guys mentioned a few pages back (sorry, I don't remember who he/she was), everything is better when Amy's there! Plus, it will be fun to see the two Sheldon's fav women interact for the first time (on screen)... I'm sure they'll love each other <3 And that doll? Wth???? Can't wait for more info! For now...
  8. Maybe it's just me, but I like their hug and interactions in that sneak peek. I agree with 3ku11, it would bother me more if Penny didn't make that kind of comment! She still is the cool kid and he is the "weird little guy", after all yet, if you pay some attention, things are not exactly the same as they were at the beginning of their relationship. A few years ago, probably Penny wouldn't even have let him finish and listened to him. As for Leonard, in spite of everything, he seems much more confident around her now. IMO, she's not underestimating his issues and feelings. I've always seen her like that kind of person who likes to throw a joke even when the situation is pretty serious, to lighten the mood, so to speak. She cares about him, she just doesn't want to show it sometimes, as if she wanted to "stay IC"! He knows her and her attitude very well, so he even jokes around "blackmailing" her with the Doctor Who convention. I don't see anything else than their usual selves, maybe a little improved. IDK, I can see more understanding, connection and love here. I'm not saying that everything is perfect! They have to work on a few things. Plus, there's still the huge elephant in the room: the living arrangements. It seems like something is starting to move in that sense, according to the TR and preview of 9x12. I really really hope I'm not wrong! It's getting more and more absurd at this point Of course, I'll wait and actually watch the episode to properly judge! JMO
  9. Especially the second point! I've wanted Lenny to live on their own for a while: it's time for the writers to buckle up and take this risk - still can't get why they consider it a "risk", BTW, they're married, for the sake of God! And the main trio will still exist anyway! I'm pretty sure that a little change in the living arrangements would be one of the best things that could ever happen to this show. Sheldon living alone for some time would be quite interesting, too. Of course Amy is in the picture, now more than ever, but that doesn't mean she should move in with him immediately. She will eventually, that's for sure. Yet he still has some lessons to learn and maybe living on his own would help... Who knows?! BTW, friendly reminder... #theringiscoming
  10. Aww the feelings our Snowflakes and Heartworms are perfect! Thank you for posting, Monique, I very much appreciated it! Happy new year, dear members of the Pals fandom! There aren't many of us here, but YKW? I don't care! Thank goodness this thread still exists! Maybe it's just me, but I honestly don't get why the split between these ships is so deep... Anyway, let's hope 2016 will be a great year for our beloved show, the Super Pals and all of us, of course! As a glass-half-full kind of person, I have a good feeling about it all
  11. Happy new year, Lennies! May all your wishes come true As for me, I really hope 2016 will be one of the best years ever for our two sweethearts! Can someone (namely TPTB) please just make this happen?! In the meanwhile, let's recall some sweet memories of the past:
  12. Happy new year, Shamies! And yes: In spite of everything, it was such a good year for them Hope 2016 will be as full of sweetness and love as 2015! Love y'all
  13. Hey guys! Hope you had a nice Christmas Sorry if I'm repeating some ideas of yours, but here's my Shamy wishlist for the rest of this season: More hugs and cuddling, please!! I might survive without some kissing and lovemaking ATM (we've had a lot in the last two episodes LOL), but I miss that totally Shamy-esque kind of sweetness. I'd love to see them live together in 4A with Lenny on their own (at last) in 4B, and the consequent comedy that situation would create. If the writers decide to let Sheldon live alone for some time, at least it'd be fun to see Sheldon and Amy try to adjust to the new dynamics of their relationship... A morning scene in the 4A kitchen wouldn't hurt Group episodes/dinners. The sooner the better. With Sheldon in his spot and Amy in hers - by his side, of course I want Shamy to do something very quirky and/or science related together. BTW, poor Mayim! Hope she's feeling better with her back. IDK if Amy's time away in 9x12 and 9x13 was somehow related to that, but... It's about time for our cute little lump of wool to go back home, isn't it?
  14. Merry Christmas, fellow Lennies! Have joyful and peaceful holidays Only for you: Cuties (originally from cbs 2012, posted today on IG by bigbangtheory_cast)
  15. I was going to post exactly the same gifs LOL Merry Christmas, Shamies! Even if I don't really know you, you're like a family to me So I wish you all the best for this holidays!!! A little gift for you: (beautiful fanart by tolla9 )
  16. YES! How things change..... and remain the same at the same time! (this scene always reminds me of what Amy said in 6x11: 'I’m used to being the girl who never gets looked at twice'... Well, sweetie, he DID look at you twice!!) And now... IDK about you, but I'm still incredibly happy for them!!!
  17. I have to admit, guys: I'm still on cloud 9. IDK, but right now I just can't see nothing negative in Shamyland. I mean, I can perfectly get the concerns some of you expressed about the future: that break-up was a wild ride for us as Shamy fans, too! I think it's normal to be worried! Personally, after watching over and over again their scenes from 9x10 and 9x11, even knowing that they're physically separated in 9x12 and 9x13, I've kept thinking about how far they've come and I'm more and more convinced that these two are in the best possible place ATM. I have a feeling that the best is yet to come! I think it's perfectly possible that not precisely everything's going to be rainbows and flowers. I'm not expecting that at all, TBQH. I feel the same way as mirs1: And not only as far as their lovemaking is concerned! All I want is them to be on the same page or, if this isn't the case, to always take the other into account (I'm mainly referring to Sheldon here) and meet him/her halfway. Not only to make the other happy, but also to make himself/herself happy. Because all they both want now is to be together, in every possible way. That's what I got from 9x10 and 9x11! JMO (source: tbbt-faves on Tumblr)
  18. Totally agree! Maybe I'm in the minority, but I'm happy for what Leonard and Penny are and have RN. IMHO the quality is there. Definitely a lot more than season 8! Just wanted to clarify that this is entirely my opinion and that everyone is entitled to feel the way he/she feels, of course. I'm not saying AT ALL that mine is the right way to watch the show or something along these lines... In this regard: A thousand times yes to this ^ Wise words! We're in this together. Let's never forget that! We might be few, we might have different opinions, but we're here precisely because we love them, for better or for worse! "Together we stand, divided we fall" JMO #yayforthehofstadters #yayforuslennies
  19. I'm a little late to the party (as usual ) and pretty much everything has been said about this episode, but I just wanted to add a few thoughts... This was an incredibly well done episode, not only because of the Shamy plot, but in its entirety! I found all of it funny as hell. The guys plus Wil Wheaton nailed it, but I have to say that Bob Newhart was incredible (his way of delivering the lines is naturally hilarious, I love it )! Kudos to the writers for doing this As far as our beloved couple is concerned, well, their scenes were simply perfect. Funny (so glad Mayim's star could shine again last night!), sweet, powerful and incredibly meaningful. I completely agree with what Mayim wrote in her Grok Nation article: This was about physical, but most of all emotional intimacy. It was about love. First love, no less. And I totally got it from this episode! In this regard, as much as I loved their scene in the living room (aww, those kisses <3 ) and their super funny post-coital moment, my personal favorite and most 'enlightening' scene, so to speak, was the bed one. Amy's nervousness was perfectly understandable and IC. Not to mention that Mayim played it perfectly, it was extremely sweet... I already knew Sheldon's line 'we can find out together', but the way it was delivered by a - once again - astonishing Jim won me over. Sheldon was into that as much as Amy was. He wanted it. For her, of course, but especially because he's deeply in love with this woman. IDK about you, but this was crystal clear to me! I saw exactly what I wanted to see, so I'm very satisfied And yes, the kiss which came next was a real gift Hope my rant makes sense Another thing: the future doesn't bother me at all, because... ... #santamolaroisback Happy Shamy Friday, y'all
  20. Absolutely yes! Dave's storyline perfectly served his goal in Shamy's reconciliation, precisely because he was so awesome and looked like a potential good boyfriend for Amy! And so did Vanessa's. However smart, fun, kind or good-looking Dave and Vanessa might be, they were not Sheldon and Amy. I used to not be happy with this date thing, of course, but YKW? Thank goodness it happened! It was an epiphany for them, but for us, too. It has showed us that Sheldon and Amy are undeniably meant for each other. Not that we didn't know that, but it kind of reinforced our thinking in a very hard moment like their break-up... #allhailthedave and also... #teamdavessa, sorry not sorry Guys, on another note, is that even normal that I've kept saying 'give it to her, Shelly' in my head all day? Is something wrong with me? LOL BTW, - 1 HOUR!!!!!
  21. Perfectly said! They had something beautiful since the very first time they met! Okay, Leonard was immediately smitten and she just found him a nice and kind guy at the beginning, and then a very good friend, but she's always known that he had something special to offer. She's always seen something more than his big mind and nerdy/quirky side (I'm quite sure she had felt for him even before that self-admission at her door in 2x23)... She's a great girl with a very big heart, even if she tries to hide it behind her snark sometimes... And that's exactly the reason why I can't get people who claim that Leonard's feelings have always be linked only to her good looks because "she's mean to him". No, she's not! She's just a girl with insecurities and fears, like everybody else, who has this particular way to 'defend' herself. She's grown so much, BTW! Season 8 and especially 9 have showed that. Leonard has grown, too. They're better people than 10 years ago thanks to the other. And that's amazing!
  22. OMG... These.two.are.just.epic.together. LOL
  23. Oh my, what a beautiful day on this thread! I have only one thing to say... I'll let Raj and Leonard do it instead of me: LOL
  24. Awwww, the cuteness YES, I'll never ever give up on these two! I'll always want the best for them Even if I enjoy TBBT in its entirety and ship the other couple, too, I never forget that Lenny are one of the main reasons why I started watching this show... They really are my first and forever love, nobody/nothing can't take this away from me! Plus, they still have so much to offer! Hope TPTB remember that... BTW, the part in bold... FANTASTICO! Oh, sorry I meant, how cool is that?! I felt we had something in common, and now I'm pretty sure I know what it is
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