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  1. This sounds good. Dave or Stephen Hawking could marry them. To be honest, the whole trope of having a friend ordained to marry their friends is being so overused now. I just saw it again in a recent NCIS episode, and I'm over it. If was nice to see everyone officiating for Bernadette and Bernie officiate over Lenny. I'd just like to see something a little different with Shamy, but as every one of the gang are ordained, except Howard, it only makes sense for someone in the gang to do it. Keeps it simple.
  2. Watching the whole Shamy break up and aftermath, especially Amy's remarks to Meemaw in S9 about destroyed me. However, after all the events in S10, I can go back and watch those episodes with appreciation, joy, and humor because I know now everything turned out better than ever for Shamy. Without the breakup, there would be no way to explain Sheldon's evolution into a man so much more willing to expose his feelings and weakness and desire to be molded into what Amy needs for a companion. He needed a wake up call to "shock" himself out of the false reality he had built around himself bel
  3. Regarding Sheldon's comment to Penny about Lenny needing a marriage counselor, I agree with @Kathy2611 that he was giving his opinion based on a misinterpretation of Leonard's actions as a result of trying to look after the Ramona situation. However, Sheldon saw the rocky start of their marriage. He's witnessed their battles. He has Beverley feeding him theories on the doubtfulness of Lenny's happiness, and Lenny asked him to make an RA which they aren't even holding to. Sheldon only stated what some of us on this forum already feel about Lenny's marriage, so why get mad at him f
  4. Listen, I will defend Sheldon more than anyone on this forum if I need be. However, I am of the consensus that he has been more of a jerk to everyone on the show more than all the characters combined. One of the reasons I am such a Shamy shipper is because I'm amazed Amy has stuck it out and fallen in love with him inspite of his self-centeredness and insensitivity. I enjoy seeing Sheldon become a better person because of his love for Amy and the sparring that goes on between them all the while. That being said, everyone is a jerk to everyone, but Sheldon should take the award for show
  5. If one insists on comparing, then it does seem so. However, that does not mean Sheldon is written for the purpose of making Leonard look bad or Leonard is written badly to make Sheldon look good. The writers have simply chosen to write character traits in Leonard and Sheldon they wish to exploit that have nothing to do with one or the other but create a form of sibling rivalry between the Sheldon haters, the Sheldon apologists, and those in the middle of the argument who just want peace and to enjoy the show as it is written and as a whole. JMHO. Obviously, I can't think f
  6. I watched episode 9.2 tonight. All throughout the episode, Leonard and the others referred to the kiss with Mandy as a drunken make out. Bernie even felt guilty for not telling Penny she has known all along. Even without the interview, it seems obvious Leonard's situation was different from Sheldon's. What Leonard did was as an accident due to the influence of alcohol. He participated in a kiss, something he would not have done sober. Penny considered it cheating and was even shocked Leonard would ever do such a thing to her and then cover it over the two years. While we didn't se
  7. Your scenario is just as reasonable. I just thought Sheldon might want to stay in NJ with Amy for the summer, and perhaps she may want him to. I never stated his job wasn't as important as Amy's or that Amy should return to Pasadena. It is something different, that is all.
  8. One possible scenario I'd like to see is the gang and Mary fly out for a wedding at the beautiful Princeton campus. Shamy have been together for 6 years. They don't need another year to get married. The only reason I see them dragging out the wedding planning is to finally introduce some of Amy's family, which would be quite welcome. Also, if Sheldon stays at Princeton with Amy, this leaves more time in Pasadena to focus on Lenny. Perhaps Sheldon will get involved in Amy's research or try for some more education.
  9. I really liked Amy's reactions during her Skype sessions with Sheldon over the Ramona situation. You could tell she was bothered by it. She could tell Sheldon wasn't reading the cues. She could have given Sheldon a lecture. She could have snapped back when Sheldon accused her of accepting an inappropriate call from Leonard while Ramona is sitting right there in their apartment alone with her man. Rather than making herself the bad guy by putting herself between Ramona and Sheldon, she acted wisely in relying on their friends to assist with the situation. Amy knows Sheldon is un
  10. I struggle with finding spare time to be on the forum these days, but it has been a joy to read all the commentary from the S10 finale and to see old avatars make a reappearance. It has taken two years for the events from the S8 finale to unfold as we watched the ring appear and disappear, get noteworthy mention, seemingly forgotten, and now hopefully it's grand finale out of it's velvet boxed enclosure onto Amy's finger. I got to thinking that perhaps, with Sheldon's eidetic memory and tendency to compare similar things and events, that perhaps Ramona's kiss triggered a memory act
  11. My favorite part was the "mario kart" down the stairs. I loved Amy comparing her sex life with Sheldon to getting ketchup out of a bottle and now being worried it will flow now at the mere sight of someone else's French fries. The act of Sheldon going from the stolen kiss to Amy's door with the ring was not as climatic as I had thought, but it was reassuring to know how confident Sheldon is about who he wants in his future.
  12. I agree. However, to me, having Leonard comment about it not being good and feeling bad for chipping Mandy's tooth is why I have a difficult time dismissing his situation as coersion.
  13. Sheldon was being himself. If talking about one's girlfriend all the time is considered flirting, then I need to invest in a new dictionary. If flirting was perceived by Ramona, then she read more into Sheldon's actions than was there. He was clearly constantly rubbing Amy in her face. Perhaps therein lay the problem. If having a girlfriend isnt enough to keep another woman with romantic intentions at bay, then perhaps a rock on Amy's finger will get the message across.
  14. I had to do a double-take thinking they had put her in 314 again until i realized she was on the 2nd floor.
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