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  1. writers asking themselves 'hmm how should we mark 200th?' answer: 'hey, I know, let's make Sheldon regress into socially inept 6yo again, we haven't done that for an episode or two...' massive yawn, zero laughs, zero originality, max boredom
  2. the whole show lacks humour, it's basically a Soap now
  3. I would say the show stopped being funny at least 2 or 3 seasons ago and this episode is a perfect example It's like an 'ongoing drama' (soap opera) these days; such a shame how it's gone and I can't think of a laugh out loud episode since about season 5
  4. we are behind in the UK so I've just watched this episode literally there were no funny lines, this show has simply stopped being funny come on, what was funny in this ep?
  5. only trying to get in the mind and motivation of the character not the producers and management of the show cannot believe that after spending one afternoon with Sheldon she decised she wants to get back with him and he again shows zero emotional intelligence or empathy
  6. the glory days of episodes like 'The Bath Gift Hypothesis' and 'The Lunar Excitation' are long barely laughed once in SO8 and S09 run it's course imo, a shame
  7. many of the episodes in the first 3 or 4 seasons are genuinely funny but the last 2 seasons at least are seriously not funny at all I say that as a fan from day 1, really saddens me how unfunny it has become
  8. a plain Jane like Amy isn't going to get the chance to pick her partner based on looks Cooper is clearly not capable of forming a successful and satisfying pair-bond Amy is obviously frustrated, unfulfilled and unhappy in the relationship. She knows it is faulty but has put up with Cooper's idiosyncrasies for long enough This episode shows that she is starting to question the wisdom of staying with this emotionally infantile robot & so she should. University staff is full of single folk that would be far more fulfilling partners yes I know it's TV show...
  9. she could start dating Stuart, Barry, Rajesh... any of those would be a better boyfriend than the odious Cooper
  10. no, I did not compare Sheldon to Tony Soprano I compared the TBBT fans liking of Sheldon to the Sopranos fans liking of Tony Soprano the fact that you couldn't get that makes any further discussion pointless
  11. I've just watched this episode as we are way behind in the UK anyway, let's hope for poor Amy that she really comes to her senses and realises that she'll never be happy with Sheldon. His emotional illiteracy is crippling The poor girl could do much better
  12. I appreciate you taking the time to reply, really I do no, no nerves, I'm just fascinated as to why people like a character with such a horrible personality, so thanks for trying to explain it to me although I'm no wiser lol
  13. yeah nice try but no dice you don't forgive disgraceful behaviour because of background from the way he treated the assistant Alex, his whole response to Howard going in to space, Raj's article in People Magazine, saying things like 'it's just that what Leonard does is not worth doing, deliberately making his class overly hard just to belittle Howard, his treatment of Amy especially on the train with the other train nerd, the whole parking space incident and countless other demonstrations of horrible personality traits mean that, for me at least, he is one of the most obnoxious characters on TV. I have commented in other places that this is mostly the fault of the writers who have chosen to take this path with the character. The defence of 'he doesn't know any better' simply will not wash. You acknowledge yourself that he has shown potential for 'growth' yet he remains stubbornly jealous, rude, domineering, passive aggressive, manipulative, controlling, coercive, sexist and conceited in the extreme and has not improved in those areas. I'm pretty sure Leonard and many others will have explained to him how his behaviour impacts on others yet for a hyper-intelligent guy he shows no desire to assimilate such guidance and apply it. Frankly (yes, it's a TV show) I'm surprised they all haven't told him to get lost as apart from Amy's infatuation he brings nothing to the rest of the gang. Only Leslie Winkel and Kripke have really grasped what a collosal jerk he is your reply has not convinced of why you like him and why anyone else should. As I say, he is the comedy show equivalent of Tony Soprano sociopath
  14. May be I should start listing all the despicable behaviours he demonstrates in every show? Perhaps his fans could explain them?
  15. he is an utter gimp who would do well to get through a week without getting his face punched in cowardly in the extreme yet domineers his peers through coercion and sheer passive aggression how he is loved by fans of the show is a complete mystery, in real life most of you fans would soon shun this jerk the way he treats the people in his life and virtually anyone he encounters, from Professors to shop assistants, is the rudest and most unpleasant I've seen yet you not only tolerate him but actually laugh I don't get it
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