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  1. For what reasons? I agree about Lucy, only because her brand of weirdness didnt mesh well with Raj or the group overall, even Sheldon is not as anti social as Lucy, her characters chemistry just didnt mix well with the others, but Emily does. So why dont you like her?? I would just like to know so I hear both sides of the discussion/coin
  2. I didnt even think about that element, good point! Both Bernadete and Amy drool over wanting to be friends with the "prom queen" and Penny has ben an unchallenged leader thus far, another girl who clashes with her would make for some interesting comedy possibilities. Great catch kerrycec03, I hope they do keep her on and would look forward to these scenes I agree that Emily seems to have allowed Raj to grow personally, I liked when she told him about the date with the other guy and he said something like "it does bother me but its my problem, not yours" this was a very mature reaction for Raj, he didnt freak out, he has been more normal and grown up, I think she is good for him as you say. The only thing I'm not sure about is the corpse bride theme...lol I heard one person say they didnt like that she likes gore fest movies, and that she was too dark since they turn her on, but lets be real, it doesnt matter what a girl is into, if a guy likes her, he will pretty much do, watch, say, go anywhere/anything to get with her....just saying....
  3. Ok so it is what it is, many people are focused on the relationship between Leonard and Penny and we should be, however, for 7 seasons now our poor Raj has met heart break after heart break and lonlines, it was funny but now that everyone is married, engaged, or advancing in their relationship (Shamy), its now sad and no longer funny. So with this new character Emily, are you for or against her becoming Raj's permanent girlfriend? And why? I will start, I am PRO EMILY, she seems to really have chemistry with Raj, her weirdness and akwardnes only works with Raj and his unique brand of weirdness. By far Emily is the BEST character/girlfriend they have written for Raj, I truly hope they keep her on permanently so our beloved Raj will finally know love. Also it will give the writers new possibilities on scripts besides the obvious pending wedding and engagment build up. Just my two cents
  4. Ok so this is how I think S8 and some of S9 will go along with two major opinions on what I would like to see happen: Leonard and Penny will not get married until S9, S8 will just continue the Shamy story line/relationship development Sheldon and Amy will make a "big" stride in their relationship, well big for Shedlon Howard and Bernadette will get pregnat at the end of S8 or possibly in S9, they really need this to have new material and add new story lines, etc as it is begining to get a bit stale I like EMILY for Raj, I think they should keep her as a permanent character, it is sad that he is now the ONLY character without a girlfriend, and I really like the on set chemistry between these two characters, by far the best girl they have paired with Raj. Again this will allow the writers more freedom with the storyline, allowing for more fresh scenes, new romantic scenes and blunders in this new relationship Stuart Blue will be a more active participant in the S8 and S9 seasons I dont feel introducing Leonars dad or Pennys mom will be a MUST, after all Howard and Burnadete got married with only one parent, so it is possible for them to write the wedding with only one parent for each Even Stuart has a last name, I dont think they will ever give Penny one but it would be a "cute idea" for the clergy or judge (though I think it will be a BLOW OUT WEDDING) to mention it at the ceremony, then it can become obscure BBT fan knowledge If they decide to keep Emily with Raj (I hope they do) they will likely give her a last name They will probably introduce Pennys brother since he is mentioned as being important for the setting of the wedding date Pennys career will actually begin to take off Leonard will get tenureship at the University, I know they are competing for it but I think Leonard will get one of the available spots, either by his qualifications, or maybe his friends will back out in order to allow him to be able to provide in his new role as a husband since Bernadete already banks, and Raj's parents are loaded, and Sheldon's expenses account for only 49% of his after tax income (This is where the advancment of his relationship may play in if needed, ofcourse with a new room mate agreement) Lastly, the only negative opinion I have so far is I DONT LIKE PENNYS SHORT HAIR!! WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?? Well thats it, sorry its so long, I just joined and I have been waiting to talk to other fans about this AWESOME show BBT Biggest Fan
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