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  1. I found this quote on tumblr btw I'm just quoting what the other person think is going to happen to Sheldon and Amy
  2. "Sheldon is essentially in Penny’s shoes right now, Amy is pretty much Leonard. And like Penny and Leonard, they’re going to make Sheldon and Amy reconcile with… Do that… Using it as a crutch. (Much like Penny and Leonard’s relationship is only about sex) that’s really awful and they’re doing it again with Sheldon and Amy." Interesting.....
  3. Sooo Im kinda understanding Amy point of view (or lack there of)
  4. Well it seems you got me all figured out yes i am a shenny I know they not going to be romantically involved but i loved their friendship i do not like the Amy character so i guess I am little bit more bias towards sheldon I could of put a third option but I already explained why i didnt want to i did not encourage anyone i was really curious to see if they were Team Sheldon or Team Amy and the shamy fandom was already divide before I even made this thread.
  5. I was going to put in a Team Shamy option but since their broken up and seeing that shamy shippers are broken up into different teams i wanted to make a thread for it and I already told you twitter gave me this idea in the first place but I wanted to make it official here so if your going to be bitchy about it I suggest to go to the moan and gripes thread.
  6. yes Kathy i guess i am shenny haha but for real i just wanted to see how many shamy fans are on team sheldon just like me (oh and btw im not the one starting it twitter did) and also i dont hate Amy i just dont care for her character and judging by the lastest TR i have a feeling thats going to change.
  7. Found this very interesting article on why Amy and sheldon should break up I have to agree with some of the points he made I dont any chemistry between seldon and amy I never did his comment on leonard and penny have the best chemsitry is laughable the only chemistry on this show that is the most geunine is Sheldon and Penny theres a reason why tptb pair these two together its because they know they know the general audicence like Sheldon and Penny JMO. http://whatculture.com/tv/the-big-bang-theory-10-reasons-amy-sheldon-should-break-up.php
  8. I still ship Raj and Amy because i feel like they have more in common i mean Amy desperate for love and affection and Raj is just desprate to find someone who loves him i just feel they have more of a connection then the "shamy" either that or Amy and Kripke.
  9. well sure after she yells at him like she has to understand that Sheldon doesn't know when he does something wrong
  10. http://disgruntledvillager.tumblr.com/post/127341071355/sheldon-and-amy she has some interesting points on the Amy character
  11. I heard there's was lip biting while they were kissing but I don't know I hope they do keep it all too.
  12. I got it from tumblr by a person who went to the taping so you don't have to believe me if you don't want too but that's what I heard
  13. so just because all other girl do it make it right... yes both Sheldon and amy are in love each other but they need to talk to each other before marriage is even considered
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