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    Big Bang Theory, anime, music, gaming, reading good novels or short stories, writing my own stories.. a lot more :)
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    Born in Philippines but currently residing in Thailand ^_^

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    Jim Parsons
    Johnny Galecki
    Kaley Cuoco
    Simon Helberg
    Kunal Nayyar
    Mayim Bialik
    Melissa Rauch
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    Season 6
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    The Re-Entry Minimization
  1. It's been a while since I last opened this forum. So excited to see the first episode of Season 9  ^_^

  2. We got us a voucher -- free 1 week premium stay at a well-known hotel at Pattaya, Thailand. Looking forward to it :)

  3. Breakfast: oatmeal and coffee. Do they go well together..? :)

  4. Ah yeah... I have to admit -- that helicopter thing was indeed hilarious..!
  5. Has everyone seen the flash mob video clip and the season bloopers of BBT..? I have and they're really cute and funny. My favorite is the video clip on Season 5 bloopers. And the flash mob -- it was an interesting twist to their day's filming. What's yours..?
  6. I'm so looking forward to our summer vacation. Can't wait to go back to Philippines and see my friends and family again :)

  7. And I quote: "I can't catch a break." -- as Leonard said. It's work overload for me -- school paperwork, that is... x.X

  8. I have a collection of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes for both Season 1 and Season 2 -- though Season 2 is still ongoing and currently updating. But yeah, I love this series as well. I love the quirkiness of Jake Peralta
  9. Anyone who can maybe suggest another sitcom series which is just as good as Big Bang Theory..? Looking forward to your replies.
  10. Monday - workday... Wednesday - National Holiday... hmmm... must plan for a one-day adventure :)

  11. Allow me to say this "You're very Sheldon." Smarter than the rest of them
  12. Re-watching Season 8 episodes 1-16 while drinking vanilla tea and eating chocolates ^_^

  13. Just finished downloading BBT Season 8 Episode 16. I'm getting my favorite cheese crisps to eat while watching it. ^_^

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