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  1. Thank you for the information, @kazzie And I'm thrilled to see the gang for once realizing how serious this was and looking out for Shamy's best interest. Sheldon is not 'clueless' anymore, no. But he will always be naive, and inexperienced as Amy was his first and only. He doesn't know how to read other women, and because Amy is not a whore-ish type of woman who'd go after another woman's man he can't understand how they could. He was raised in a home where his father was unfaithful to his mother, and I doubt he would EVER knowingly encourage that for himself, especially risking Amy's love for him. Winning her back was hard won, and jeopardizing that would kill him emotionally. I think he should have been a little wiser, maybe, in remembering just who he was dealing with from last time concerning Ramona. But I don't think he spent time with her with the intent to cheat or begin something with her. If the spoilers are what they are, then he was clearly thinking of Amy all of the time, missing her, and loving his skype sessions with her. Hardly a man who's adopting the atittude 'When the cat's away, the mouse will play.' TPTB had to throw this in at some point with Sheldon; he's spent nine years on the show celibate and boom. Hopefully it's a final obstacle for Shamy. I understand why they did this; to show Sheldon's fidelity as well as show us his desirability. He is no longer that string bean geek who annoys everyone, but he's a man now and he's grown in both congnizance and emotion. It's unrealistic to think no other woman than Amy would ever have designs on him. Let's just hope Amy understands. I don't think I could do another Season 9. This is very good news, at least.
  2. The one strange choice of wording for me in this episode, was then Sheldon admitted that one of the people he had told He and Amy only had sex once a year was Barry Kripke! I paraphrase Amy...WHAT??? He is the last person I assumed Sheldon would tell such a thing to, since he's his nemesis. I know Sheldon once discussed their (then) nonexistant sex life with Kripke, but if anything, I'd think Sheldon would either not bring it up to him or worse...brag that they engage in sex more. The only thing I can think of as to why, is he's proud to finally be having sex with Amy, even if once a year. Strange for me, though.
  3. This is just gorgeous, and every time I look at it I smile. Thank you for drawing this gem for my story, Regina. Love you, girl. xoxo
  4. Hi Everyone! Just wanted you to know I'm alive and well. I just posted Chapter 41 of the story; one chapter left and it's finished. If you're still reading, I hope you enjoy it. xoxo
  5. My sentiments exactly. I would like to add something about Amy that I haven't seen addressed yet. Her lying, and explanation/apology, mirrored the Valentines/Train episode. Her mannerisms and voice were exactly the same as they were on the train, when she blurted that she wanted romance and didn't know how to go about it without deceiving him. She was caught out once again for lying to Sheldon for loving him so much and just wanting something romantic from him (a Valentines date, living together), and this time instead of Sheldon reacting with anger, fear, and petulance, he reacted maturely. He was flattered that her lies were because she wants to be with him, not because she wants to deceive him. And he accepted her apology graciously. Don't get me wrong; I love what happened on the train, as it resulted in Sheldon finally accepting his attraction to Amy. But it took him another two seasons to begin treating her with any kind of tenderness. She had waited so long for this, that I cannot fault her for being scared and lying out of that fear. Sure, their relationship has grown and lying is no longer a good road to go down, but old habits die hard when you're in love with Sheldon Cooper. I think a part of her will always worry that he's a flight risk. Also in the hallway scene, her voice is so resigned when she says I understand. She doesn't push him, because she truly respects him and understands his fears. It was beautiful to watch, knowing that Amy was aware he may still need time. It was precisely that berth she gave him that allowed him to finally choose her. Mary Cooper said it best: You've got to take your time with Sheldon.
  6. Hello, Everyone. I just posted Chapter 40 of The Science of Love on fanfic.net. Sorry for the LONG wait. x
  7. Guys, I can't find the link. Help! Could someone post it here for me? Thanks.
  8. From what I gathered in the trailer, Jim's character seems to be a bit of chauvanist. For some reason, that makes me happy. LOL~ His roles are always so sweet. I think I'd like to see him break type casting. Even as Sheldon, he can be very innocent.
  9. Oh, goody! I'd love to vote for my faves.
  10. I've just posted Chapter 38. Thank you for your patience. I hope you will enjoy it.
  11. Hi Everyone. I'm so sorry if some of you have been worried about me. I am still alive, thank heavens, and hanging in. I will admit, the past six weeks or so have been awful for me. I've been hospitalized twice; first with a bleeding issue (sorry) that resulted in an MRI which showed I have two tumors in my uterus/right ovary, and the second with a nasty case of bronchitis that came out of nowhere and nearly did me in. I was on three different breathing meds, steroids, antibiotics, and oxygen. I was pretty terrified for about a week, as I could barely breath and I could NOT get rid of the congestion in my chest. A CT scan revealed my lungs were clear, and for those of you that know I suffered a pulmonary embolism last August, that was a relief. The majority of the congestion was in my pulmonary (chest) bronchial tube and it made speaking difficult. I had to use up most of my vacation time out sick from work. I've missed everyone dearly, and want you to know that I am nearly done with chapter 38. I didn't have the mental or physical energy to write for awhile, coupled with being depressed over the anniversary of my mother's death back in early April. It hit me pretty hard this year, and I needed a break, given the subject matter with Amy and her father coinciding with the chapter. I only have their conversation to finish, and the chapter will be done. Once again, I'm sorry for not only the delay with the update, but with making you worry. I can't believe we are once again on hiatus. Where has the time gone? We have two chapters of the story left after 38; chapter 39 and an epilogue. PLEASE have patience with me and do not fear I've abandoned the story at the end. I would never do that. I just need a break, as my health has been an issue for the last seven months. The one bright spot, is that I was able to come off of my anticoagulant. Luckily, I never suffered any side effects while on it, but the fear of bleeding out if hurt was always in the back of my mind. My engery is sapped lately. Thank you all for sticking by me, sending me notes of encouragement and checking up on me. I truly appreciate it. Love to you and hugs. xoxoxo Jo Anna
  12. Please, please, please...just let Mary treat Amy with respect if/when they share scenes. I couldn't bear another Meemaw situation. I know that Mary got the ring for Sheldon, and that she generally has a good opinion of Amy. But so did Meemaw, as evidenced by her sharing her cookie recipe with Amy BEFORE the breakup. And while we're talking about family, WHERE IS AMY'S??
  13. Everytime I look at this, I feel like crying. It is simply lovely. Thank you so much, Regina. xoxo
  14. What struck me as so awesome about the Shamy tag scene, was how 'intimate' the scene was. They were alone, on the couch, near the fire, raining outside, drinking wine (in as much as they were still playing the game - alone, without Lenny). And they were so flirty and happy. They have grown so much since the beginning of the season, and it's a great thing to see.
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