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  1. You're not the only one, mamallama... I'm only 23 but Miranda Sings grated on my nerves in the worst way. Jim is a bigger person than I, I couldn't have done it. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Oh God no, can you imagine the stack he'd have? Over 100 per episode with over 180 episodes now… Yeah… Why? Though… Would be really neat if he did keep them or the scripts, auctioned them off and gave the money to a charity or something, just a thought. He would be the type of man to do something like that.
  3. I doubt he would have, those cards seem to be his lifeline with his lines, but I did laugh at him putting them all over the set when he had to film, I wonder if they ever clean the set and find piles of old line cards from him…
  4. I do remember him chewing gum and spitting it out, but I didn't realize he stuck it on his cards, I thought he stuck it to a tissue he had in his hand, but my eyes could have deceived me.
  5. Hey I thought I was the only one that did that! Yay I'm not a weirdo Works even better if you add in the sarcastic comments he'd be making while reading it.
  6. Off topic here, but I figured if anyone could help me it'd be you guys. I have been searching for the source of this gif set for months, is it a video, a photo shoot? Any help?
  7. Honestly, NOTHING. The nature is pretty, if you want to drive around to see the different dams, some are absolutely breathtaking, but other than that, there aren't many things to see/do in GF. It's a college town and a military town, we have the air force base. Bozeman is much better honestly haha Either way enjoy your trip!
  8. I went to see the star yesterday, most definitely awe inspiring. Kaley's is only about a block up, if you're planning to see hers as well, on the 6600 block. Walked the entire walk yesterday and my legs are killing me, good luck!!
  9. Stopped by the area in LA for the screening of Home today, caught a few glimpses of Jim from across the street, not very good, but still there! There were SO many people, I was glad to see such a huge turnout!
  10. I live in Montana, have almost my whole life. I live in Great Falls, a bit of a ways from Bozeman, but have visited a few times. Though it's a bit out of the way, the National Parks, Glacier and Yellowstone, are really worth a shot. Glacier is fading fast (though that's a LONG way from Bozeman) and you kiddos may love it. Also, the MSU campus in Bozeman usually offers some informative and fun things, I would check that out as well! Hope you enjoy the trip, and bring warm clothes, our weather is REALLY unpredictable!
  11. This might have already been asked, but the premiere of Home in LA on 3/22, is that open to the public at all? Trying to figure out if my friend and I should push our LA trip a day earlier to make it.
  12. Same with my and my friend, Hotel close by the studios and there all day, we could try to find you guys.
  13. Random question, did you snag a guaranteed or a standby ticket?
  14. I have standbys, so I'll be in line ALL day, but I don't mind, I'm also spending the whole week in LA so it won't be a terrible terrible thing if I can't get in (though I may still cry).
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