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  1. You're not the only one, mamallama... I'm only 23 but Miranda Sings grated on my nerves in the worst way. Jim is a bigger person than I, I couldn't have done it.

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  2. At the time I wondered if he did it because he was through with those particular cards as they were doing the scene. I'm sure he doesn't keep them as souvenirs. :p

    Oh God no, can you imagine the stack he'd have? Over 100 per episode with over 180 episodes now… Yeah… Why? Though… Would be really neat if he did keep them or the scripts, auctioned them off and gave the money to a charity or something, just a thought. He would be the type of man to do something like that.

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  3. He might have used a tissue. Like I said, I only thought he stuck it on the cards and I was wondering why he would have done that.

    I doubt he would have, those cards seem to be his lifeline with his lines, but I did laugh at him putting them all over the set when he had to film, I wonder if they ever clean the set and find piles of old line cards from him… 

  4. I was just remembering a moment from the taping--I don't know if any of the others saw this or can confirm it.


    At one point when Jim was walking around chewing gum and reading his notecards, just before they went to tape the scene, it looked to me like he took the gum out of his mouth and stuck it to the top card and then put the cards somewhere in the kitchen, like on the counter next to the fridge, I think.


    Now, I don't remember which scene this was because there were 2 scenes with the guys in the living room and 2 scenes with Penny and Sheldon in the apartment.  Before one of the Penny scenes is where he bit himself, and I don't remember what he did with his gum in that moment, but I don't remember whether he was chewing gum between scenes more than once.


    I remember that before one of the scenes with the guys he stuck his cards under the seat cushion, so that wasn't where he had his gum.  Maybe it was after he bit himself.


    I wish I could remember.  I don't know why I'm obsessed with that moment...


    I do remember him chewing gum and spitting it out, but I didn't realize he stuck it on his cards, I thought he stuck it to a tissue he had in his hand, but my eyes could have deceived me.

  5. I have found a brand new method of getting through articles and textbooks and research papers for school: I just read them in Sheldon's voice! I can hear him in my head giving these lectures LOL.


    Maybe Jim should read or narrate audio books for his next project. We would all be learning a lot of new things!

    Hey I thought I was the only one that did that! Yay I'm not a weirdo  :icon_cheesygrin:  Works even better if you add in the sarcastic comments he'd be making while reading it.

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  6. Thanks tbbtfanamanda. I should have said I was driving down from Calgary, Alberta--I know all about unpredictable weather! Lol. And we've visited Glacier before (Waterton on my side of the border); gorgeous. We go through Great Falls on the way--what's there to see in your city?

    Honestly, NOTHING. The nature is pretty, if you want to drive around to see the different dams, some are absolutely breathtaking, but other than that, there aren't many things to see/do in GF. It's a college town and a military town, we have the air force base. Bozeman is much better honestly haha :) Either way enjoy your trip!

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  7. I'm here!

    I didn't have time to do anything today because I got into town late. I'm going to head down to see Jim's Star in the morning, then the tour, then the taping!


    I went to see the star yesterday, most definitely awe inspiring. Kaley's is only about a block up, if you're planning to see hers as well, on the 6600 block. Walked the entire walk yesterday and my legs are killing me, good luck!!

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  8. Stopped by the area in LA for the screening of Home today, caught a few glimpses of Jim from across the street, not very good, but still there! There were SO many people, I was glad to see such a huge turnout! 

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  9. I live in Montana, have almost my whole life. I live in Great Falls, a bit of a ways from Bozeman, but have visited a few times. Though it's a bit out of the way, the National Parks, Glacier and Yellowstone, are really worth a shot. Glacier is fading fast (though that's a LONG way from Bozeman) and you kiddos may love it. Also, the MSU campus in Bozeman usually offers some informative and fun things, I would check that out as well! Hope you enjoy the trip, and bring warm clothes, our weather is REALLY unpredictable!

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  10. This might have already been asked, but the premiere of Home in LA on 3/22, is that open to the public at all? Trying to figure out if my friend and I should push our LA trip a day earlier to make it. 

  11. Since my friends and I will be camping out all day (hotel the night before, complete with "The Hotel Agreement"), we'll be bringing a cooler of food/drinks.   Maybe it would be fun if we had a potluck with other members? 

    Same with my and my friend, Hotel close by the studios and there all day, we could try to find you guys. 

  12. Oh yeah, I'm sure once it gets near to the time I won't even think about needing a smoke, it's the time leading up to that time. We're just standby's, so we're gonna be there almost all day, that's what I'm dreading. :) I'm hoping I'll be too excited to smoke, who knows, maybe it'll be the jumping off point to me quitting, God knows I've been trying forever.

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  13. I too am a smoker and once you are assigned your numbers I wouldn't go out for one. While waiting outside before you go in the parking garage area there is actually a section for smokers by the picnic tables. Just ask the people on line near you if they mind holding your spot

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    Great, thanks so much. I have 2 friends coming with me who don't smoke, so they'll hold my place no problem. Was having a mild freak out thinking I was going to be stuck all day without one… Me, nervous, no cigarettes…Not a good idea haha.

  14. This wasn't the best episode, but it did have some redeeming qualities. The Howard/Bernadette thread had me tearing up a few times. As having lost a parent recently, I know how Howard felt, especially with avoiding driving her, it hit home and made my heart ache a little for my dad, but the humor in it was spot on, not over the top to ruin the sincerity of death, but just enough to avoid a weep-fest like I (shamefully) had last episode.


    The zombie story line felt like filler. I'm sure they didn't want to cut the other characters out, and they had to do something, but it wasn't as amusing as I'd hoped, perhaps they could have done a haunted house type hunt, with the zombie pursuing them, as opposed to one room with him chained up, I think that might have been more pleasing for the characters as well as the viewers.


    The Shenny storyline was sweet. I am vehemently against the romantic Shenny shipping, and regularly argue with my IRL friends about it. I felt this episode hit home as to what the writers see their relationship to truly be, and Kaley and Jim were very sweet. I agree with a previous poster about them being a little OOC, but I think that was the point, to show some deep vulnerabilities that both characters possess, but can't show when around their larger social circle. Sheldon's admittance of weakness was very important. He touched on it a little when he and Leonard were in the clothing store, but this hit home, I feel, to explain that Sheldon is a human, and does feel things just like the rest of the group does, even though he does his best to hide behind it.


    Overall, not a bad episode, but I am looking forward to next week.

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  15. Question for you guys who have been to tapings before. I am a smoker, and while I know once IN the studio I won't be able to smoke, is it permitted outside while we're waiting in line? If I step a bit away from the groups of people, or are there designated areas that I'll have to walk to to have a cigarette? Just wondering so I can plan to bring or not bring my smokes with me.

  16. You guys can also take a look at some of the classic train sights that Sheldon mentioned when his mom came to town. I know that every time Dana and I drive by the Carneys in Studio City, we talk about how we need to actually go there someday.

    I was thinking about something like that, doing kind of an entire TBBT sightseeing day, going to see places they've mentioned in the show. I'd like a peek at the actual CalTech campus in Pasadena, but I don't know if the school will be on Spring Break at that time, I know my University is.

  17. Hey, so this is random, I'm taking a course at my university on Classic Literature (can't stand it but it's required ((HOW is classic fiction going to help me with psychology OR physics?)) Anyway, I recently was required to read a book called Notes from the Underground by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. He's a Russian author more well known for books such as Crime and Punishment and The Brothers Karamazov. This book is like peeking into a very old fashioned Sheldon's diary. It's eerie, actually, how similar the unnamed narrator is to our modern day Sheldon Cooper. Incredibly intelligent, arrogant, socially inept and awkward, etc. etc. Some of the quotes even sound like something the writers would have Sheldon say, to a degree. For example, "... that there was no one like me and I was unlike anyone else. "I am alone and they are everyone," I thought-- and pondered." This reminded me quite a bit of the recent episode in the clothing store, when Sheldon finally does his version of breaking down and admitting he is human, with feelings, and notices when his friends are mean to him. This is just a small excerpt, I essentially went through the entire book with my mind reading in Sheldon's voice (complete with snarky comments and the occasional Bazinga! thrown in.) Has anyone read this book? Am I crazy? Or do you agree? Do you know of any other books that this happened to you with? 

  18. tbbtfanamanda, I would love a list of ideas.  I have a few ideas in mind, but I will have limited time.  I also don't really know what there is that I might do except for the obvious.


    I know Jim is supposed to get his Star in the Walk of Fame this spring, so if it happens in March before the 25th, I'll definitely go looking for it!  Otherwise, I'm not sure what I want to prioritize.


    I THINK (and I'm not 100% sure on this, but I think…) It's not until later this year, after the show wraps taping… But I need to do more research on that, maybe someone will know more than I do on that? I know Kaley's is there, I'm definitely visiting that and taking some pics. I'll have my dog with me most of the time, so much of what I'm doing needs to be in public, dog friendly areas (can't leave home for a week without my silly mutt!) 


    Anyway, some of the things I found that I wanted to look at (no idea if you'll find them interesting, I'm just kind of weird)… 

    There's a cool comic book store I want to try and find, called Secret Headquarters Comics, address listed as 3817 W Sunset Blvd, LA.


    There's of course the Walk of Fame, and Rodeo Drive, the obvious tourist stops. 


    I plan on trying to make a trip to the Santa Monica Pier, I've heard it's always gorgeous and bustling with activity, I just need to get a muzzle for my dog, he's a pittie cross and they have muzzle laws in Santa Monica. :( 


    There's the Travel Town Museum, which has tons of trains (I'll have my son with me and he's a fan of anything with wheels), plus it's a cool museum, that's in Griffith Park…


    And the La Brea Tar Pits. That costs money, but I've heard it's a really interesting experience.


    And of course the Museum of Death, that's on 6031 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, CA… 


    The Science Museum in LA, it's free, unless you want to go to the IMAX, that costs some.. 


    There's an abandoned Griffith Park Zoo structure open to the public, I love old stuff like that, so…


    And there's the Evergreen Cemetery, I figured it might be fun to go look at some celebrities grass, see a bit of history.

    There's walking trails up to the Hollywood sign that I'm planning on taking the day after the show, scenery is gorgeous, I've heard. The trails start behind the Griffith Observatory.


    And of course there's pretty much the whole Los Feliz area of LA, lots of big name celebs live there (Including Jim!) so I'll probably take a walk through that area of town, see the gorgeous houses, maybe play ISpy with a few celebs.


    I'll be in the LA area from the 22nd until the 26th (finalized hotel reservations today YAY), so I've given myself a little time to play around with things to visit.


    If I ever get to the USA, then the murder musuem sounds like something I wanna go and see




    That's the website for it. There is a cost of admission, but I'm a weirdo and find that sort of stuff fascinating, so it's well worth the price in my opinion, I was considering some of the bus tours, but they're way expensive, and I can just walk around and find most of the houses they talk about on my own if I want to go that route.

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  19. Since I now have a guaranteed ticket for 3/24, I'm contemplating some activity on Tuesday morning--maybe the WB tour, I can afford it, or maybe even just driving out to the beach, since I haven't been there since the 70s.  Maybe just poke my toe in the ocean, if I can...


    I'm going to have to do some serious research, I guess.  I was debating whether or not to rent a car, but it kind of depended on the ticket.  If I'd gotten a standby, I probably wouldn't have bothered because I would have spent Tuesday morning lining up early.

    But now I have some leeway, so...what to do, what to do...? :)

    I know I'm going for the full week, so I can stand in line all day, but the next day my friends and I are planning on seeing some of the less… I don't know, cliche? sights? The murder museum for one, seeing as we're all a little crazy, and one of the Universal tours, or just City Walk, to save money. I have a whole list of things that I've got ideas for doing,  if you need ideas, I can give you the list. :)

  20. Super excited, managed to snag 3 tickets (standby, but I wasn't even expecting that!) for the 3/24 taping. Planning a week long trip to LA around it, but I'm so concerned we won't get in. We're planning on getting there super early. Any idea on the best time? I've heard people saying 10:00 or later, but I'm concerned, with the popularity of the show, that'll be too late and the line will be enormous.

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  21. Hey all, I'm new here, been stalking the forum for a while and decided to finally make an account. :) I'm from Montana, huge BBT fan, and hope to connect with like-minded folks here! I got lucky enough to get tickets for myself and two friends to the 3/24 taping, hope to see some of you guys there!

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