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  1. Ship Zone

    Yeeees, pleeaasee!
  2. Ship Zone

    Oh Gosh, she's so cuttie!
  3. I love this!
  4. Yeah.. We have to keep in mind that Sheldon was with the ring! What is he thinking? What is the idea? I think the decision is not out of the blue.. But we only will know in season 11. I want Amy says Yes and after they show Sheldon's process of thought. IMO ShAmy are ready for this step (to be engaged).
  5. Ship Zone

    I don't know.. You have to remember how this man likes to slap Amy's ass ..
  6. Brazilian girl here!! Feliiz e próspero ano novo!
  7. You're great!! Thanks so much for all the spoilers!!
  8. Ship Zone

    I really enjoy it! Please go on!
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    Yes. It's what i will tell you, hehe
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    Thank you so much!!
  11. Ship Zone

    Please, where is? I just saw few parts about the episode and the opinions.. Isn't there a complete one?
  12. Ship Zone

    And his half-smile like I did a good job, kk
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    Tem nesse site: http://www.spoilertv.com/search/label/The%20Big%20Bang%20Theory
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    Pleeeasee! To me too
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    Dont do this to me.. Please, share