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  1. Tem outras tbm.. lembro de já ter surgido esse levantamento de BR por aqui haha! About TBBT, I totally agree with you! Missing so much the "Supportive boyfriend Sheldon Cooper"
  2. Eu falo português também, haha! Mas eu, realmente, não participo todo dia, rs.. Agora, leio tudo sempre, só não costumo comentar.. #VocêNãoEstáSó
  3. I'm so jealous of you! It is midnight here and I work tomorrow :'(
  4. Yeah.. We have to keep in mind that Sheldon was with the ring! What is he thinking? What is the idea? I think the decision is not out of the blue.. But we only will know in season 11. I want Amy says Yes and after they show Sheldon's process of thought. IMO ShAmy are ready for this step (to be engaged).
  5. I don't know.. You have to remember how this man likes to slap Amy's ass ..
  6. Brazilian girl here!! Feliiz e próspero ano novo!
  7. You're great!! Thanks so much for all the spoilers!!
  8. Yes. It's what i will tell you, hehe
  9. Please, where is? I just saw few parts about the episode and the opinions.. Isn't there a complete one?
  10. And his half-smile like I did a good job, kk
  11. Tem nesse site: http://www.spoilertv.com/search/label/The%20Big%20Bang%20Theory
  12. Please, send to me too! I promise not to spread either. Thanks a lot
  13. I found another site. Try this: http://www.minhaserie.com.br/novidades/24782-sheldon-e-amy-juntos-pelo-thanksgiving-trailer-do-episodio-9x09-de-the-big-bang-theory
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