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  1. Well if sheldon's shirts have any significance...he was wearing the yellow train shirt in the beginning tag scene at yesterday's taping. Then in the later scenes he was wearing a dark (i think black) one. Speculate away hehe
  2. Just to clarify, in the taping from the ep last night, when penny mentioned to Sheldon that they can all kind of live together..she made sure to mention its temporary just for the time being so it may start off that way but it will eventually lead into the couples living separately! I'm assuming once shamy are back together, that's when they will truly implement the separate living arrangements
  3. i so wish there could be an episode where they all look like this..like a parallel universe ep where they were all friends/dating in high school or something haha that would be cool to see but until someone invents time travel...that will never happen haha shame :/ they were all so cute as kids though hehe
  4. is there a way to watch the ITAS interview online now? i still haven't watched it and its killing me!!
  5. not to mention, they used the clip of the kiss but in reverse in the promo as well so not even the way it'll look in the ep (but we all know it looks better in reverse haha)....its like 'shamy edit' makers are working at channel 9 sneaky sneaky sneaky haha
  6. oh yea my tweet might be included in the #bbtsuperfans section...i had to sign a thing for WB saying i give them permission to use my tweet fingers crossed it got included!!
  7. i'm reading Lena Dunham's book 'Not That Kind of Girl' and its fantastic haha i just love her so much!!
  8. ostrich (glenn, sheldon's battle ostrich)
  9. just seeing how happy he is when signing speaks volumes about how much he enjoys doing the whole theatre gig...its really what he loves at heart i mean tv acting is great but it can be quite isolating when your working week in week out cooped up in the soundstage but with the theatre you get the whole energy and buzz and audience interaction every single day at work...must be so refreshing for him
  10. do you know what date the 200th episode taping will be??
  11. thats a good idea I'm gunna need help with all the ticket stuff coz its all new to me haha i think ill take the tuesdays off though when its important tapings like the 200th ep and try and make it to those
  12. i'm so excited coz i just moved to the area about a month ago (I'm living about a 10min walk away from warner bros up pass ave if you know where that is haha) and i walk past warner bros gate 2 (the entrance to tapings) every single day to get to college unfortunately Tuesdays i have to be at school till 6:45pm so I'm gunna try and make it to as many tapings as possible though on days off and holidays and such! I'm also starting to get to know this specific area so well so if anyone needs any help with directions or what have you...i'd be happy to help! can't wait for season 9 to finally get to make it to some tapings :D
  13. its like looking at a parallel universe shamy haha...feels the same when looking at their instagram pics when they're dressed in costume too...i love it :D
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