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  1. whole thing is ridiculous, in real life Penny would never marry Leonard, she'd marry a tall athletic tennis Pro...
  2. Told you so. Millions of men liked her hot and with long blonde hair. We don't want to watch Ellen.
  3. I counted the laugh tracks for the last couple episodes and it is up to over 100 an episode now.. (around 5 a minute). Used to barely hit 80. They must be getting desperate to convince us this season has been funny.
  4. Get a pen and paper. Mark down each time you hear the laugh track during the show. Usually it's after ever sentence, anytime Sheldon makes a face, etc. etc. We've all been brainwashed to think this stuff is funny. Watch some of the Youtube videos of the show with the laugh track taken out, it is painfully unfunny and awkward.
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