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  1. Did she call him ? I thought he called her ? Going to have to rewatch.
  2. Sheldon doesnt care about stranger's feelings. If the reason he rejected Annabelle Tipton was becuase he wanted someone else... he would have said so.
  3. Sheldon doesnt want Amy or any girlfriend. What he wants is a fangirl. Until he learns to give as well as take he should remain off the market. Also "short , dully and needy" describes Leonard. So yeah opposites attract. Honestly I like Emily. She's the kind of girl I would date. BUT she's not really compatible with Raj. I expect Raj would have broken up if he wasnt so scared, both of her and off being alone.
  4. Yeah, they do. Like most people in real life. Misfits cant be mean and judgmental ? Since when ?
  5. I'm hoping to God that's not going to be the new running time. That's a whole scene missing !.
  6. Oh in my my case I didnt mean the bolt snapped I mean the wrench broke.
  7. To me the surprising thing is the number of posters here who apparently dont know any real life newlyweds who have to stay in different places because of circumstances. A lot of people are acting like Penny and Leonard are breaking some law of nature by staying in diff apts. And they arent even doing that fully since Leonard and Penny are going to be moving back and forth.
  8. Still an upgrade from guest star. And it means that the Showrunners want to keep her for the full season at least.
  9. According to the Internet Emily's actress has just been upgraded to Full cast member .
  10. I was shocked as hell when it happened to me. Damn thing sparked when it broke. Normal temperature though
  11. I've had a lugnut so tight it caused the spanner to break. The solution turned out to be not to push or pull it, but to kick it down. So even Howard just hanging on the Stop sign wouldnt be enough
  12. The difference Penny isnt treating Leonard badly. Sheldon is treating Amy badly. Deliberately or not Amy is still being taken for granted. Leonard does only one position ? Does Penny make him feel bad for that ? Nope they try again...and again ...and agian
  13. I dont know. Sheldon is taking longer than a turtle to realize he cant keep acting only for himself.
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